Between husband and wife, there are three things that are even more "disgusting" than divorce, one of which is to choose to leave.

Between husband and wife, there are three things that are even more "disgusting" than divorce, one of which is to choose to leave.

Marriage is walking hand in hand.

A couple can live together for a long time without love and respect.

husband and wife are bored, love can be shallow, can not be deceitful.

Don't do these three things between husband and wife, even if they can't last long. Otherwise, they will be despised and lose their last dignity to each other.

husband and wife quarrel, do not "target" each other's parents

parents are the ones who gave birth to us and raised us. It is not easy to raise us, and it is even harder for parents to grow old.

as a child, don't scold each other's parents even if your marriage is not good.

two people are living a bad life, complaining about each other's parents' poor conditions, and always comparing each other's family wealth with others, which in itself is a sign of incompetence.

when adults form a marriage, they live a life of two people. Even if each other's original family is not very rich, don't always talk about it.

Don't blame your parents and say nasty things, otherwise it will make the other person more disgusted and the relationship more ossified.

it is a skill to live a good life, but it is not a good life. Even if you dislike him on the other side, don't say that the education of the parents of the other side is not good enough.

Don't scold your parents, leave some leeway in your mouth to avoid repentance later!

Don't use force if you don't like it again.

Marriage is not a battlefield, not a battlefield, but a life-and-death struggle.

there is a problem of violence between husband and wife, and even if it is each other's fault, it will eventually become your fault.

do not use force, or the damage caused will be irreparable for the rest of your life.

Don't use force. If you lose your self-cultivation, there will be mistakes even if you are right.

do not use force, when you raise your hand to each other, it will be difficult for each other to turn back!

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the use of force will not be convinced, but will only make the other party feel aggrieved, resent you, accumulate too many complaints, and hurt both sides of each other.

the use of force in marriage is the most contemptible thing!

if you are out of line in your marriage, don't fight backwards

some people fall in love with others in marriage, knowing that they are at fault, but put all the blame on each other.

find fault with each other and complain that they are not doing enough.

some people, obviously without love, no longer have the most basic decency. Magnify the other party's mistakes infinitely, the marriage does not want to continue, complain that the other party has not done enough.

even if you succeed in doing so, you can't live with it for the rest of your life.

Love is love, not love is not love, do not put the reason for the breakup, all the other party's responsibility, this is unauthentic behavior.

Love does not exist, but the person you love used to be wholehearted to you, giving the best years of youth to each other. Don't ask us to be grateful, but please don't fight backwards.

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