Can you make it out of final week alive?

Can you make it out of final week alive?

Come in and die.

what is the most frightening thing in college?

Yes, it's exam week.

I dare say that neither high achiever nor low achiever can escape its range.

if you feel confident to get out of this, you might as well keep reading.

shooting begins.

first shot:

you may be procrastinating forever.

the dormitory boss has stayed up all night for the third night in a row.

I couldn't help asking, "Don't you sleep?"

he said with a sad face that it was too hard to finish three examination papers the night before last, two ppt last night, and now there is still a translation of 2000 words.

I patted him on the shoulder and said cheer.

but I know it's all self-inflicted.

I heard him say "one more round of Masters and do your homework" more than once.

as a result, if you don't feel good about losing, just say you'd better win one before you go, just one.

followed by a three-game losing streak.

when I finally get the first win, it's time for dinner again. Let's wait until after dinner.

but I'm no better. As long as I don't have deadline, I will always look like a loser:

if I'm in a bad mood today, I'll do it tomorrow. It's important to keep a good mood.

I feel a little tired. I should have a good rest so that I can have the energy to do things tomorrow.

We always say that we are procrastinators and lazy cancer sufferers. It seems that if we say so, we will feel less guilty.

but when the girl you like is standing downstairs, when someone gang up, it's called fast, and all the cancers are gone.

HM? Still want to lie to yourself?

second shot:

forming a team is a bigger trouble.

Group homework is one of the things I hate most.

because I don't live with the boys in the class, when the final teacher yells "group by dormitory", I will be the one left over.

it's really annoying to have to rub around the group every time to see if there are any seats available, and then have the nerve to ask, "can you add me?"

I didn't expect that I could still be the object of envy.

that day, Mandy was writing a speech in the dormitory until the wee hours of the morning, complaining to me:

"for those torn dormitories, it is a nightmare to be forced into a group.

because he was the one who was excluded, all the simple and easy work was "assigned" by that small group first.

what is even more helpless is that they never discuss how to do it together in person or in a group, but have already talked about everything in private.

wait until the day before deadline, will come to point, saying that this is not good, that is not good.

you never know what you're missing and what you're not doing well enough, and you'll get caught and told off.

such a group is not as good as one.

third shot

even if the group is on the team, it is hard to avoid meeting pig teammates.

there was a girl in the group who was also the minister of the student union and several societies.

every day is not in a meeting, or on the way to a meeting.

I want to ask her out to discuss it in exchange for "I'm busy".

when she was ready to do ppt, she said she had been busy recently.

when she was about to give a lecture on presentation, she skipped class in order to hold an activity.

Group homework has become a burden to him.

it was obviously an assignment for a group of four, but it was done by me and the other two from beginning to end.

in fact, team members who are not busy are not necessarily any better.

as long as you don't mention it, they will never think of this assignment;

the so-called discussion is just that I unilaterally transmit ideas to other people;

all they care about is whether their student ID finally appears on ppt.

that so-called four-person group assignment has really become my own business.

fourth shot

this is a big bet on the "key".

in addition to examining the final assignments of the class, what is more worrying is the kind of examination class, which is closed.

so in the classes before the exam, everyone put away their cell phones and carefully captured every key point that might be revealed.

high achiever Zhiyuan told me that he once ate a 1000-page book on internal medicine three times before an exam, but finally failed.

because of missing the key points, those who stayed up all night before the exam were all futile, and their results were not as good as those of the luckier low achiever.

in college, textbooks are very thick, and teachers don't like to follow books in class, but embarrassingly, the contents of exams are always hidden in books.

so low achiever handed over his fate to the key points that might appear in the teacher's mouth, while high achiever bet on the key points with a "sense of examination."

bet on the code, full of joy;

bet wrong, willing to lose.

the fifth shot

A semester has passed, which seems to be one step closer to graduation.

when I came back to school after my holiday last year, I knocked on the door of the dormitory next door as usual and wanted to chat with punk.

as a result, I waited in the dormitory all afternoon without waiting for him.

Wechat couldn't help looking for him, and he replied

"I'm ready to graduate, so the school won't let seniors live anymore."

I ran next door to take a peek, only to find that insideThe beds are all empty.

after that, I hate the final week even more.

because its arrival reminds me that

another semester is coming to an end, which means that someone else is leaving.

also means that I am one step closer to graduation.


you can't escape. You're doomed to be devastated.

because apart from the 60 points on the examination paper, there are so many things that can scare us in the final week.

Feel perfectly fashionable in country themed bridal dress. Buy the dress you always dreamed of now.

as soon as it comes, it reminds you to overcome yourself, deal with relationships, and face all kinds of accidents.

but no matter how well you do, you can't escape the pursuit of time.

the exam is just the weakest opponent in this duel.

Please take a breath and get ready to run for your life.

good night.