Chongqing pregnant woman crazy cut 32 wedding dresses, was angrily scolded by the whole network: her fault, not just impulsive …...

Chongqing pregnant woman crazy cut 32 wedding dresses, was angrily scolded by the whole network: her fault, not just impulsive …...

Adults should learn to pay for their emotions.

recently, the news of "32 wedding dresses cut by pregnant women in Chongqing" has gone viral.

it turned out that because she was pregnant and out of shape, Ms. Jiang in Chongqing suddenly said that she would cancel the wedding and asked the wedding shop to return the 3500 yuan deposit she had previously paid.

but the wedding shop had a long agreement with Ms. Jiang that the deposit would not be refunded.

and these deposits have been paid to the host, camera and other staff, so the wedding shop refused to refund the money.

for example, Ms. Jiang can change this money into the cost of taking pictures of her baby in the future, or transfer it to her other friends in need.

but Ms. Chiang disagreed and insisted on refunding the deposit.

after being rejected by the merchant, Ms. Jiang, in a rage, went to the wedding dress store with scissors and cut 32 wedding dresses.

in the process, the shop assistant on one side saw her with scissors and dared not come forward to stop her, so they could only keep reminding her:

"these (wedding dresses) are tens of millions." You have to think about it. "

after listening to this, Ms. Jiang did not care at all. Instead, she replied overbearing: "tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands are fine. You dare to bully me."

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the wedding shop had no choice but to call the police.

in the end, the police determined that Ms. Jiang's broken wedding dress was worth 67400.

but instead of apologizing, Ms. Jiang refused to compensate for the whole money, and her husband even threatened, "just sue her!" Not a penny can be lost at the moment. "

the incident fermented to the Internet, causing a lot of indignation among netizens.

in the face of accusations and curses, Ms. Jiang knew she was wrong and had no choice but to reply, "I'm pregnant. Please forgive me. "

such a statement is really hard to agree with.

"emotional instability during pregnancy" cannot be used as an excuse to cut out the wedding dress, and the word "pregnant woman" should not be used as an excuse to escape responsibility.

Adults should learn to take responsibility for their actions and pay for their emotions.

if anyone is weak, he can do evil, he can be vexatious, and he must be given preferential treatment. is there any fairness in the world?

if you indulge blindly, those who "do evil" under the guise of "I am weak and I am justified" will only become more arrogant.

some time ago, a delivery boy in Shanxi crashed into a BMW in a retrograde direction.

according to the situation at the scene, the traffic police decided that the takeout boy was fully responsible.

the kind-hearted car owner sympathizes with the delivery boy's life and says he is willing to bear the cost of repairs and just let the delivery boy apologize.

unexpectedly, the takeout boy claimed to be a vulnerable group and refused to apologize.

such a shameless face that even the traffic police could not bear to watch: "if you are so uncooperative and do not admit your mistake, you will repair the car for the car owner."

hearing this, the takeout boy reluctantly said, "I was wrong, all right?"

but before he left on an electric bike, he said angrily: "I ride an electric bike anyway, I will always be a vulnerable group."

you are a vulnerable group, so you don't have to take responsibility?

obviously, from beginning to end, the takeout guy didn't think he was wrong, and apologizing was just a last resort.

in his eyes, because I can only afford electric bikes, I am a vulnerable group, and you drivers should give way to me.

I have to say that the distortion of moral kidnapping of others in our own poverty is really infuriating.

do you remember the old man who died suddenly when he stole eggs in the supermarket?

when the old man was buying eggs in the supermarket, he secretly took two and stuffed them into his pocket.

when checking out, the salesperson found something in his pocket and stopped him.

unexpectedly, in the process of communication, my uncle suddenly fell to the ground.

the supermarket staff hurriedly called an ambulance and sent my uncle to the emergency room. Unfortunately, he could not be rescued in the end.

because the old man has passed away, the supermarket does not want to pursue the responsibility of the old man because of humanitarianism.

but a magical scene happened.

Uncle's family actually took the supermarket to court, claiming a total of 380000 yuan in all kinds of expenses!

they think that the sudden death of my uncle is due to the coercion of the staff.

the implication is obvious:

that is, no matter whether it is wrong to steal eggs, a person has died in our family, so we should ask for compensation.

this robber-like logic simply refreshes cognition.

have you found it?

there are always some people in society who take it for granted: "I am weak and I am right, and you deserve to be strong."

after they encounter problems, they always emphasize their weak status and try to win the sympathy of the public.

in their eyes, there is no right or wrong, only I am poor, I am weak, I am old, so everyone must tolerate me unconditionally and let me take advantage.

but for what?

it is the duty, not the duty, of the strong to help the weak.

it's the first time to be a human being, so why should everyone spoil you?

there is a very impressive segment in the popular TV series "Twenty without doubt".

when Jiang Xiaoguo, a college student, saw that his classmate Wang Wei had difficulties, he borrowed 300 yuan to go out..

later, Xiao Guo had a problem with his mobile phone. He wanted to change his phone, but he saved money for a long time, but he was almost there.

after learning that Wang Wei had won a scholarship of 4000 yuan, she decided to ask for money.

unexpectedly, Wang Wei had no intention of paying back the money at all, saying that she had to use the scholarship to buy herself new shoes and clothes to prepare for the recent interview.

when the two sides quarreled, Wang Wei, who borrowed money and refused to pay it back, became more and more reasonable:

"for you, this money is an entertainment expense for buying a mobile phone.

but for me, it is the stepping stone that can change my fate.

I have no background and no connections. I just want a good set of clothes. "

obviously Jiang Xiaoguo was kind enough to help his classmates, but obviously Jiang Xiaoguo was the one who suffered losses, but in the end he was misunderstood as an aggressive and selfish villain.

the return of TV dramas to life is even more chilling.

after "Brother Big clothes" Zhu Zhiwen became famous, relatives, friends and neighbors swarmed to him to borrow money.

you can lend more than 1 million yuan, but you can't get a penny back.

when he went to ask for the bill with a pile of IOUs, he was not only unable to get the money, but also cursed and stingy.

later, when the reporter interviewed the villagers when they could pay back the money, some villagers asked, "he can't spend all his money. We're helping him spend it. Why should we pay it back?"

it is only natural to repay debts. But in the eyes of some people, you have become his "bad head" brand cash machine.

like the old man who beat people up on the subway.

he asked the young man to give up his seat, and after being refused, he slapped each other in the face to vent his dissatisfaction.

like the woman who doesn't want to stand in line.

because she was stopped by a 9-year-old girl while jumping the queue, she was so angry that she beat up the child.

like the man sitting in the middle of the road.

when he saw someone stop and asked him if he needed help, he unexpectedly reached out and asked the owner for money. He would not leave without paying.

you see, most of the time, when the world goes bad, it begins by indulging the bad of the weak.

in March last year, the case of the sudden death of an old man stealing eggs in the supermarket was settled.

the court held that the behavior of the supermarket belonged to persuasion within a reasonable limit and fulfilled the duty of salvage. There was no causal relationship between the death of the elderly and the supermarket, and the supermarket did not have to bear any responsibility.

after reading the court's decision, netizens shouted "good judgment".

"the era of who is weak and who is right, who dies and who is right is finally over."

Yes, weakness is not a reason, death is not an excuse, when something goes wrong, you should be reasonable, not muddy.

I have no responsibility, that is, I have no responsibility. I can't take responsibility that doesn't belong to me just because you are unreasonable.

I quite agree with this sentence:

the so-called fairness means not only that the strong do not bully the weak, but also that the weak do not bully the strong. "

in this world, no one's money is blown by a strong wind, and no one has the right to ask the strong to be magnanimous.

it is true that Chinese people pay attention to benevolence and righteousness, but benevolence and righteousness should not be above the law.

before the law, there is no "reason for the weak", nor "the dead are great".

it is the fairest thing to do that whoever is to blame is to blame.

, I hope that when you and I sympathize with the weak, we can also maintain our principles and sobriety, and do not let our goodness become a weapon for the bad guys.

I also hope that more and more people will be more grateful and take it for granted when they accept the help of others.