Count on others, and you lose.

Count on others, and you lose.

Count on others, lose yourself; rely on yourself to become a winner.

Dong Qing once said: "you always remember that it is safer to rely on others than to rely on yourself."

if you hold the steering wheel in your own hand, no one can control the direction you are going.

Nobody can change the way you live if you are good at yourself.

our parents who love us will grow old one day.

those who accompany their loved ones inevitably run the risk of going their separate ways.

the children under Chenghuan's knees are also slowly growing up, independent and far away.

in fact, people can only rely on themselves in the end.

No one is your permanent backer

emotional mentor Tu Lei said: "Women, you must cherish yourself, because a man's love can be taken back at any time."

Love often begins with appearance, but marriage is the final value.

A love program once broadcast such a couple.

when boys and girls fall in love, they are opposed by their parents.

the reason is that boys are generous and girls are average.

the parents of the husband feel that they are not a perfect match, while the parents of the woman are also worried about "climbing up" and their daughter is aggrieved.

but the boy identified the girl and even said, "Don't marry unless she does."

after marriage, the boy continued to work hard in his career, becoming more successful and mature.

Girls only paint and dress up at home.

her mantra is: "you are responsible for making money to support your family, and I am responsible for being as beautiful as flowers."

when the boy encounters difficulties at work, he wants to talk to her. It is also "talking to a chicken and a duck".

the boy wanted her to go out to look for a job, but the girl refused as "too tired" and "too difficult".

out of sync, two people communicate less and less; they do not understand each other, so that there are more and more contradictions.

finally, I got to the point of divorce.

the girl thought she had found someone she could rely on for the rest of her life, but what she waited for was a divorce agreement.

how passionately I loved at first, how determined I am to leave now.

in the first half of my Life, Tang Jing said:

"when two people are together, the one who makes rapid progress will always get rid of the person who stands still, because people's instinct is to explore more about the connotation and extension of life."

No one is your patron forever, and marriage is an equal exchange.

if it is not a close match, if there is no value match, marriage is not a safe haven.

placing one's own happiness on others and putting the fate of one's life in the hands of others is in itself a precarious castle in the air, a desperate and dangerous bet.

Marriage is the same, and so is life.

you are your own noble person

spending the money you earn is the most dignified; living on your own is the most successful.

expect others, always flowers in the mirror, moon in the water, seemingly beautiful, but vulnerable to a single blow;

counting on others is not only a beautiful fairy tale, but also wishful narcissism.

Dreams are fulfilled by themselves; life is fulfilled by oneself.

I have a cousin whose parents have stayed in their hometown all their lives, who have never seen the world, and have a younger brother at home.

my cousin first works with others to do wholesale clothing business. Later, I rented a front house and worked on my own.

No matter whether it is windy or rainy all year round, I go out at four o'clock in the morning and go home at eight or nine in the evening.

when there are customers, she observes their ages and preferences and collects their needs.

in her spare time, she studies fabrics, styles and markets. The clothes she chooses are both fashionable and unobtrusive.

several years of work experience, my cousin wrote it down in her notebook, and her intentions made the business better and better.

in life, she lives frugally. No matter how late or tired she is, she always cooks for herself and prepares dry food for the next day.

Choose from peach prom dresses to perfectly illuminate the spirit of vogue. Let them endow you with a demonstration of refined taste.

years of hard work helped my cousin gain a foothold in the big city. She bought a house and took over her parents and brother.

my younger brother also works with my cousin, and the life of the family has changed a lot.

some people say, "you are as lucky as you work hard."

No one's excellence comes from it, and no one's success comes from waiting.

if you want to be distinguished in front of people, you have to suffer after them; if you want to enjoy all your hardships, you have to go through hardships.

A song sings: "Life is a nameless river. I live deep or shallow; life is a glass of colorless wine, bitter or sweet."

in the adult world, no one can protect you from the wind and rain; only you can deeply understand the pain that falls on you.

No matter how well our parents take care of us, they can't avoid all the risks for us. We need to work hard to realize the beauty of life.

you are your own noble person; you are your own support.

count on others, and you lose

Yu Hua said: "No road in the world is repeated, and no life can be replaced. Everyone is experiencing a life that belongs only to himself."

each has his own ups and downs, and each has his own ups and downs.

you have to understand for yourself what you should suffer and what you should suffer.

Don't expect others, adults should have it.Wake up.

my friend Zhao Fei started his own business and made small achievements.

at the beginning, there was a lot of business and many friends, either to drink or to socialize with that one, and accumulated a lot of contacts.

in the past two years, with the economic downturn, Zhao Fei's small company is also struggling to support.

despite the dismissal of several employees, the high rent and maintenance of the company's daily expenses still overwhelmed him.

Zhao Fei called his friends one by one and asked them to help introduce business, or other projects and ways out.

Zhao Fei, who is full of confidence, came one disappointment after another. He poured out his grievances:

"I usually look very righteous, and I can't count on anyone at a critical time."

between friends, there are also people who send charcoal in the snow, but most of them are icing on the cake.

between relatives, it is kind to be able to help, and it is not wrong not to help.

Don't expect too much of others at any time; don't bet on others under any circumstances.

No one can stand others to take blindly, and no one is willing to give all unconditionally.

No one wants to pay for you all the time, and no one wants to clean up your mess.

to count on others is to put yourself in a humble position, looking at people's faces, and extremely flattering.

counting on others will only make you suffer in the end.

Wang Xiaobo said: "Life is a slow hammering process."

who is not running with tears, sad at the same time and strong at the same time.

some people complain that their fate is unfair and that they do not have a good family as their background.

some people complain about bad luck and lack of wealth and connections as resources.

it's always easy to complain, it's always easy to put the blame on others.

very often, we will lament that "the world is cold". In fact, we have put our dependence in the wrong position and put our hopes in the wrong direction.

persistence in the low ebb is the most valuable, and the struggle in a difficult situation is the most moving.

count on others, lose yourself; rely on yourself to be the winner.

encourage each other.