Don't say anything when you're angry, don't argue when you're angry, don't lose when you lose, and don't decide when you're in trouble.

Don't say anything when you're angry, don't argue when you're angry, don't lose when you lose, and don't decide when you're in trouble.

You have what kind of life you have as you get along with your emotions.


someone asked General Eisenhower, "what kind of opponent scares and headaches you the most in your life?"

Eisenhower said frankly, "it's my own emotions."

in particular, when negative emotions appear, what you say and do is easy to get out of your control, but you regret it when you think about it afterwards.

what is more exasperating is that the next time negative emotions appear, it will still be the same.

agree with this sentence: "everyone's mood is like a war with himself."

in this life, people must learn the skills of getting along with their own emotions: do not speak when angry, do not fight when annoyed, do not lose when defeated, and do not make up their mind when in chaos.

Don't say anything when angry

as the old saying goes, "in delight, there are no characters; in anger, there is no answer."

Don't make promises to others when you are happy; don't talk to others when you are angry.

because when people are angry, they are most likely to say hurtful words.

Kou Naixin once shared his short stories of fierce words.

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she talked about a boyfriend and thought she could trust her for life, so she wanted to get married.

after his father knew about it, he felt that her boyfriend, Huang Guolun, had divorced and had children, and felt that he was unworthy of his daughter, so he strongly opposed it.

Kou Naixin's attitude is so determined that he wants to marry each other.

so the two men quarreled.

Dad roared, "if you get married, we will sever the relationship between father and daughter!"

Kou Naixin does not show weakness: "break, break!" When do you think it's better to start? You told the family! Or should I tell my family! "

Dad was so angry that he was almost sent to the hospital for first aid.

after that, she super regretted and hated herself for using angry words against her family.

when a person is angry, in order to cheer himself up, he will attack others with the most vicious words.

but words in anger, like a spear to the heart, hurt the heart.

even if it is pulled out later, the scar still exists.

Confucius said, "Don't vent your anger, don't make mistakes."

get along with others, when angry, do not vent your anger on others, when not going well, do not lose your temper on others.

Don't attack others with words when you are angry, it is a lifelong skill to practice.

Don't argue when you are annoyed


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, share what you are afraid of.

once, he drove a nine-meter six-van and drove normally on the highway.

suddenly a six-meter-eight van swung in front of him and slammed on the brakes.

because of the close distance between the two cars, he also braked quickly, but his car had a high center of gravity and was almost thrown off the guardrail.

this annoyed him so much that he rushed up parallel to the van, ready to scold him, but the other party ignored him.

so he used his car to go to another van. While turning to the right, he pressed the other side with the volume advantage of the car, and the other side leaned to the side of the road when there was no way.

when the other party leaned closer, he squeezed a little bit; when the other side slowed down, he also slowed down.

in this way, it continues to the provincial toll station a few kilometers away.

after he was angry, he planned to get out of the car and wanted to teach him a lesson.

in the video, he saw that his car was like a mountain, turning the steering wheel on the minivan countless times, each time getting harder and fiercer, with a feeling of forcing people to death, which was very scary.

he immediately regretted that he just wanted to get angry and save face, and didn't want to hurt each other.

it is a super stupid act to fight regardless of the consequences in order to vent your anger.

Don't get red-faced and aggressive because of temporary right and wrong.

although he won the momentum, he lost the pattern.

in fact, not to argue when annoyed is not to admit it, but a kind of low-key wisdom.

Don't lose when you lose

on the Internet, a netizen complained:

he says he has interviewed almost a dozen companies in the last two weeks.

I like his job, but I don't want to go because of long distance or insufficient salary.

but his favorite company, the other side politely refused: "go back and wait for the news."

it happened to be light rain that day. I felt super bad when I came out of the interview unit. I was very depressed and felt like I was useless.

agrees with this sentence: "the measure of a person's ability is not how many failures he has experienced, but how many failures he has endured and destroyed them."

Life is unhappy, nine times out of ten, it will inevitably affect the mood and make people depressed.

the hardest thing is to have the courage to face failure and dare to start again.

once read a short story.

there is a person who likes writing very much, but after submitting the manuscript, the result is nothing.

slowly, some of his short stories can be published, but the reading volume is poor.

his friends around him advised him: "change your profession, it's not writing material."

later, he wrote a novel, which was still rejected after he submitted it.

unexpectedly, the book sold 2.3 million copies.

he is Stephen King, the author of Carrie, an epoch-making horror novelist.

on the road of life, sometimes I try my best.Strength, only to find that failures and setbacks are the normality of life.

in fact, there is no need to worry about temporary frustration and tiredness and give up moving forward.

likes the saying: "A man with a will never fails, but never compromises."

can withstand the frustration of the present and have the strength to resist the wind and rain in the future.

when you lose, it is a compulsory course for one to move forward.

make up your mind when you are in chaos

have seen such a video.

when the takeout clerk went to a restaurant to pick up the meal, he found that the meal was not ready, so he was a little irritable and urged.

the shopkeeper replied: wait another three minutes.

but three minutes later, before the meal was ready, the takeout clerk scolded impatiently.

the shopkeeper felt he was wrong and apologized.

but the takeout man did not relent, scolding and smashing the table with his helmet, causing spices to be spilled all over the table.

the shopkeeper couldn't bear to watch, so the two men quarreled.

when the takeout man got excited, he picked up the potato scraper on the table and hit it.

as a result, the shopkeeper's fingers were scratched and his head and abdomen were bleeding.

in the end, the takeout man was detained for hurting others.

the little things that only need to wait patiently, but because of impatience, it turns into a tragedy, and the loss outweighs the gain.

when people are impatient, it is easy to act impulsively and do things they regret.

instead of regretting it, let yourself wait a few seconds to ease your mood before making a decision.

be emotionally stable and give yourself a chance to think calmly so that you won't fall into an emotional trap.

as the saying goes, "those who are restless accomplish nothing; those who are calm and calm gather themselves."

when things happen calmly and calmly, we can build a calm heart and face everything without fear or disgrace.

author Liu Na once said: "emotion is a gun. When we pull the trigger of emotion, the muzzle is actually aimed at ourselves."

because, in the end, all the bad emotions are paid for by themselves.

negative emotions, will affect a person's judgment, and then affect the behavior, behavior then affect the habit, and the habit affects a person's life.

in fact, you have what kind of life you have as you get along with your emotions.

if you don't say anything in anger, you will reduce the harm to others.

if you don't argue when you are annoyed, you will reduce the punishment after impulse.

if you don't lose when you lose, you will reduce the obstacles on the way forward.

if you don't make a decision when you are in chaos, you will reduce the chances of failure.

May you and I both learn the skills to live in peace with emotions, be the masters of emotions, and learn to take control of our lives for the rest of our lives.