Find a reason for everything from yourself.

Find a reason for everything from yourself.

Good at introspection, can fall a lot less, take a lot of detours.

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all living beings are not perfect, and people are bound to make mistakes.

if you don't pass the buck when you make a mistake, first look for the reason from yourself is a person's upbringing rooted in his heart.

instead of passing the buck, it is better to reflect on yourself and correct your mistakes.

the reason why a person can make continuous progress is that he can constantly reflect on himself and do things with a perfect attitude, so as to achieve success and surpass himself.

introspection is an upbringing rooted in the heart

what is your first reaction when you encounter a problem?

do you shift the blame to external factors, or do you think of your own problems first?

when you encounter a problem, instead of passing the buck and complaining, it is better to reflect on yourself and find the cause from yourself, so that the problem can be solved more quickly.

often thinking about your own mistakes is a kind of upbringing rooted in the heart.

the young man was very anxious because he was afraid of losing his job when he knew he had made a mistake.

but his manager was not furious.

the manager thinks that the responsibility cannot be entirely blamed on his subordinates, because he has also signed the loan issuance bill, and his subordinates are just not sure about the situation, and they should also bear some responsibility.

what kind of person he is can be reflected by the manager's attitude in dealing with problems.

in interpersonal communication, the person who does not blame others or shirk his responsibility when he encounters problems, but can reflect on himself, must be an educated person.

very often, we cannot reflect on ourselves three times a day, as Zengzi said, but we can reflect on ourselves in time when something goes wrong, instead of blindly passing the buck.

being good at introspection and growing up in mistakes is a compulsory course for a mature person.

in real life, there are many people who like to shift the blame to others whenever something happens.

this is not so much a human instinct as a sign of ill-breeding.

never take the initiative to reflect on yourself, not only without any help, but sometimes it is easy to cause contradictions.

Laozi said, "when Great Way is implemented, it is not to blame others."

only those who know how to reflect on themselves can be kind to others.

not passing the buck and reflecting on yourself all the time is a rare upbringing for a person.

self-examination can only be self-evident

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Heine once said:

"reflection is a mirror that can clearly show our mistakes and give us a chance to correct them."

"Mirror" allows us to see our own shortcomings, and take the initiative to find reasons from ourselves, humbly review ourselves, to correct our shortcomings, so as to make ourselves better and better.

Qi Baishi is a famous master of calligraphy and painting in our country. Even though he was already famous in his later years, he was not carried away by praise and did not forget to reflect on himself.

one day in 1952, the poet Ai Qing visited the 88-year-old Qi Baishi with a painting from Qi Baishi a long time ago and asked him to identify the authenticity.

Qi Baishi carefully took out a magnifying glass and looked at it for a long time. It was really his own work when he was young.

he recalled the scene when he made the painting and immediately wanted to exchange the two paintings he had just finished with Ai Qing.

Ai Qing quickly put away the paintings, hugged them in her arms and said, "even if you take 20, I won't change them."

after this incident was over, Qi Baishi began to reflect on himself.

he couldn't help sighing:

"now people think highly of me, and even I am a little complacent. When I saw a painting I painted ten years ago by Ai Qing that day, I felt very deeply. Today, compared with before, the retrogression is really too great."

since then, he began to practice the most basic painting skills, painting red every day, never slack off.

think of the wise and think of each other, but when you see the unvirtuous, you will examine yourself.

introspection is not only an ability, but also a realm, which can change a person imperceptibly.

in many cases, discovering one's own shortcomings is more important than discovering one's strengths.

it is said that "if a wise man has a thousand worries, he must make mistakes". No one is perfect, and no one is perfect.

nine times out of ten, life is not what you want. No matter in life or at work, we always encounter all kinds of unpleasant things.

put all the blame on fate and others, but never look for a reason on your own.

people who cannot reflect on themselves will never make progress, regardless of success or failure, they need to constantly reflect on themselves and sum up experiences and lessons.

if a person loses the ability to reflect, he will not see his own problems, let alone save himself.

introspection makes us know ourselves more clearly.

successful people cannot do without introspection

think of the sentence: "if everyone could reflect decades in advance, half of them would make themselves a great person."

this reminds me of a story that happened in the Xia Dynasty:

the princes led Hu's troops to invade the capital of Xia. Xia Yu sent his son Boqi to resist, and Boqi was defeated as a result.

his subordinates thought that the other side was defeated by tricks, and they were very unconvinced and persuaded Boqi to continue the attack.

but Boqi said:

"No need. I have more soldiers than him and the land is bigger than him, but I am defeated by him. This must be my reason.

it may be that my moral character is not as good as his, and my method of leading troops is not as good as his. From today on, I must try my best to correct it. "

since then, Boqi has urged himself to get up early and train the army himself every day.

people who are virtuous and respectful should be appointed. In order to get virtuous assistance, he even came to the door for advice.

A year later, Hu not only dared not invade again, but voluntarily surrendered.

if you don't achieve the desired results when you do anything, don't blame others. You should first "seek after yourself" and see if you are not good enough.

so it is said that successful people cannot do without introspection.

introspection is a life attitude that knows how to be responsible for yourself, and it is also one of the most important factors for one's success.

Kazuo Inamori said: "only those who reflect every day will hone their minds."

if you really face up to your mistakes, accept your shortcomings, and reflect on yourself every day, you will find that

Life is really different!

emotional master Tu Lei said: the greatest power of mankind is not creation, but introspection.

Life is long, and there will inevitably be troughs. If you don't know how to introspect, you will only keep falling down. Only introspection can make people avoid making mistakes again and again.

A great man is great not because he will not make mistakes, but because he knows how to reflect on himself all the time.

if you are good at introspection, you can fall a lot less and take a lot of detours.

May you and I both have the consciousness to reflect on myself three times a day and strive to become a better person.