I am one of the most important things.

I am one of the most important things.

You are the most important thing.

the past is always mentioned

"sunny days"

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at that time, when I was in second grade, I could not resist the temptation of online games, and it took me four o'clock in the morning to bring the hot legend to my E disk.

I remember that I picked up a folder called "WINDOWS", which means: "I am a system file, don't delete me."

so he spent more time at 4: 00 in the morning, incarnating into a warrior with a Yanyue knife, a novice in a wooden sword in cloth, beating the scarecrow's mage with fireball, and killing everywhere in the game.

so in order to play games, I began to learn "actor's self-cultivation" from the second grade. In the computer, I can even be a good boy and a baby in the bubble hall. But as soon as I got back to class, I became the "always second" math class representative who never got the first place in the exam and never got out of the top three.

my cousin took me into the black Internet bar, which was not as dark as later people described, but had a fresh and refined feeling. In the open lobby, there are two cabinet-type air conditioners sitting in the corner. The floors are all warm yellow tiles, and there are more than 20 computers in the square. The only drawback of

is that none of their screens are LCD screens, but cheaper "big buttocks".

I used to be a loner. I fought alone in Bubble Hall and legends. I never knew what "teamwork" was, nor did I know "team spirit".

my cousin took me to sit down and watched me open a bubble hall skillfully and enter my account password. He was surprised for a few seconds.

he shook his head and said, "Brother, this is out of date."

then he taught me to click on a game called "CS1.5", which is a shooting game from the first perspective. After entering, you have to choose to stand in line, with "thief" on one side and "policeman" on the other. No matter how much he persuaded me, I firmly became a "policeman". That afternoon, I bought the B31 for the first time, threw out a grenade for the first time, and learned to squat through the ditch in the warehouse for the first time.

for the first time, I became someone else's teammate.

I don't know that a few months later, all my friends played the game of CS1.5, so I found a group of teammates who followed me.

as the "math class representative" who came into contact with this game earlier, I naturally became the MVP of every game.

every time they would follow my instructions, and after I looked back at the thieves' computer screen, I shouted out a location, and then four grenades would be thrown there, taking them by surprise.

in fact, MVP is not the most important thing. The important thing is to win the game as captain with my comrades-in-arms. I feel very honored.

growing up, we are no longer satisfied with fighting in the warehouse.

I switched to CH3C in Warcraft with a group of friends who played CS for the simple reason that the skills in it were so cool that no sixth grade boy could resist.

so it took us nearly a year to change from a "rookie" to an "old bird", and even put up a team name "LTW" as if it had happened. I called it "LTW_01", and they were 02030405.

as a captain, you must make more efforts than others.

so I began to carry out my own practice plan on the third day of the Lunar New year, playing computer for three hours a day in order to practice the speed of money transfer. At that time, the fastest record of the Archmage was 3: 48, but I had stabilized at 4: 05 and even tried 3: 57 several times.

I am a well-deserved town record holder.

in addition to CH3C, we will also play Datang unparalleled, because there, the pleasure of group war is unparalleled.

although we are young, we have a tacit understanding to the extent that we know what each other wants to do without talking. When playing a team game, when to pull hate cover, when to treat, four-person game, but like only one person is playing.

I like the feeling of being needed, so I will give the good equipment to my buddies and keep the bad ones for myself. From time to time, some people don't understand and ask me, "Why don't you keep it for yourself?"

I smiled and didn't answer, because for me at that time: brothers are much more important than game equipment.

and I believe they are willing to give me their best equipment as long as I want.

at that time, one of my favorite words was: "I am the most important thing."

this is a Cantonese sentence, which means: no matter what happens, I will carry it.

I don't know if it's the rebellious period.

after I was in junior high school, I began to forget the real fun of the game and began to win or lose with them. People began to compete to show the operation, do not listen to the command, no one cares about the opponent, only care about their own data is beautiful.

so the team spirit is gone, the tacit understanding is gone, and even the fun is gone.

at that time, I would always play games with them while talking to them. once my mother knocked on my door and turned off my power directly, leaving only the words: "you are not allowed to play games anymore."

I refuted her loudly: "Why?"

she said something I still can't forget: "do you know how much you scolded them just now?" I want to record your words and make you ashamed to death. "

I sent a quick message to the screen.Stay for an hour, then turn on the power, log in to QQ again, and see their message:

"where has your TM been?"

"did you know that you killed me?"

"Why don't you come back?"

"Brother gay?"

"reply as soon as you're online, let's play a game first."

I thought for a long time before typing those words with difficulty: "in the future, if I say one more curse, I will buy you soda and please supervise me."

they replied, "Psycho."

but the youth of men, how can there be only games?

there are also studies, family ups and downs, all kinds of class conflicts, and favorite girls.

so as I get older, I spend less and less time playing games with them. Although we meet each other every weekend before graduating from high school, our lives are really drifting away.

this one didn't go to high school, so he chose to work directly.

that one got the key point and can only go home once a month.

I went to school in the next town, and there was more and more pressure on the college entrance examination.

there is also a stinking boy whose girlfriend forbids him to go in and out of Internet cafes and forbids him to eat midnight snacks, so there are even fewer opportunities to meet.

and I, the "honorary captain", can't stand the attack of time. I just don't exist in name only, and I can't even organize a collective all night once a year.

later, we grew up to be able to swagger into Internet cafes with ID cards.

but people can't get together anymore.

A rare midnight snack has become a "complaining work meeting", with everyone taking advantage of the wine to scold the cruelty of life. Every time I dare not talk more, because there seems to be a gap between us, I went to write the official account and became a freelancer, while they are still tortured by their superiors.

in the past, I used to give them all the good equipment, but now I secretly lead a "good life". To be honest, I am a "captain" at all.

of course I know it looks more like "showing off" than "thinking about them", but I just feel guilty.

it's sad and realistic.

until last month, I had another midnight snack with them.

at that time, I was facing all kinds of troubles. At home, at school, and professionally, the question of "whether to compromise or not" made me dizzy. I don't know why, although there is less and less overlap in our lives and each has good friends, when I encounter problems, I immediately think of their brothers.

I remember when I collapsed in the big stall, and I asked them loudly, "am I easy?"

they didn't talk either, but patted me on the shoulder and motioned to have another drink.

it suddenly occurred to me why every time we eat midnight snacks together, it becomes a "complaining work meeting". Because we stubborn people will only complain about life in front of us who know each other.

as soon as they return to their respective lives, they have to pretend to be strong again.

We drank until three o'clock that night, and I don't know who mentioned, "you know, Datang has a new career."

Datang is second to none. We have been in operation for seven years, we have played games for six years, and we have made a new career.

I think of the days when we used to play video games all night together: endless meritorious service, fierce help, and fighting together after eating midnight snacks on weekends.

when we heard the news of our new career, we seemed to be in high spirits when we were slumped in our chairs.

I asked everyone, "go to the new clothes?"

everyone replied, "Let's go and kill all night."

so everyone drank the last bit of wine, and then staggered close to the Internet cafe. The network administrator was afraid that we would make trouble and confirmed again and again that we were here to play the game.

the new class is called "Lingyunzhai". It looks like a Sagittarius class, but it also has a war pet. This allows him to be the main output when combined with the snow wolf, and can also be used as a group healing aid when combined with the flying eagle /magpie.

this is very much like my style, either in or out.

but the first time I entered the game, I shouted:

"I'm the assistant, and don't rob any of you with me."

(you can drag pictures left and right)

I used to think of myself as a captain and told them, "there is me in everything." only when I look back on everything before, I find that I have them in everything.

when I play in the group, I can be the captain because they are willing to listen to me.

I always heard my father say that brothers are the ones who have worked hard together;

but I always feel that after playing games together for so many years, we are not brothers.

those who are passionate, warm-blooded and even unreconciled, only those who are in it will understand.

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thanks to their willingness to tolerate my stubbornness and support me regardless of right or wrong, I was able to become their captain.

so there are many of them, and there are unparalleled in the Tang Dynasty.

before I wrote this article, I thought I had forgotten my past feelings, but "the past is always reminded when I forget". If it hadn't been for the unparalleled update of the Tang Dynasty, I was afraid that those memories would have been sealed.

I hope you can also become my comrade-in-arms.

good night, friends.

illustration | "Sunny Day"

Music | I dOnt want to lose your love-Bobby Caldwell

Editor | Zhang Jingshi Chen Lian


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