I can stay with you without pretending to like me.

I can stay with you without pretending to like me.

It's good to break it off like this.

I was about to go to bed when I set my alarm clock in the early morning, and my phone rang.

for a long time after 12:00, there will be no new news on the phone. The avatar that popped out also disappeared in the dialog box for three months.

like an electric shock, his head unconsciously flashed through every "two o'clock in the morning" three months ago. He always said that he was in a bad mood, and I always wanted to help him solve his problems.

I guess I covered it up so well that he didn't find that I was a very impatient person.

he said, "I haven't talked for a long time. Are you free?"

that's right, it's been a quarter since the last chat, and of course he doesn't know that I don't stay up late recently.

I pushed away the quilt I had just covered, sat up and went back and forth to him: "go ahead."

in the past two months, I will occasionally pick up my cell phone and ask him, "Why do you suddenly stop talking?"

but I didn't ask this question until he showed up again.

because I know that when a person suddenly disappears without warning, he or she is either dead or doesn't need you.

oddly enough, I haven't completely given up in the three months since he disappeared.

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I haven't met a boy who takes good care of details for a long time.

the first time he said he would come to me because I was in a bad mood.

one minute he said he was eating midnight snacks, and the next minute I heard him driving a small video game and asking where I was on Wechat.

We didn't know each other at all at that time, so I didn't answer him, so he drove around the school.

when he finally bumped into me and shouted my name behind me, he found that I had a friend with me.

when I was in a bad mood, I only said two words to him. One sentence was "what are you doing?" One is "good-bye".

when I got to the dormitory, I politely replied to him that I had gone back, don't worry.

he said, "I know. I was going to talk to you just now, but then I thought that you already have friends with you. I will disturb you." But the road you took was relatively dark, and I was afraid that you two girls would not be safe, so I followed you far away. I only left when I saw you enter the dormitory. "

then he told me a lot of jokes and brain teasers until I laughed and called him stupid.

he said, "I'm glad you're smiling. I'm glad you're happy."

later I found that he was also unsociable and had a lot of troubles.

so I began to listen to his troubles as he made me laugh, and then racked my brains to comfort him.

but there was still no breakthrough between us, and then he disappeared without warning.

in the past, whenever I changed the cover of moments, I would receive his likes. I even thought he was opening my moments all the time.

but I don't know from which night, we no longer chat, don't comment on moments, and don't even like ordinary people.

when he suddenly appeared this time, he told me that he met a girl a few months ago and felt good and got together. But now it should be called ex, and the breakup is because the girl accused him of not being nervous enough.

he said, "it's a little down. I don't know who to call." It's hard to talk about love and hobbies, but you don't like it enough if you reply slowly on Wechat. "

I joked: "you answered me very quickly at that time."

he replied in a second: "to her, not so much like you, this is the truth."

at that moment, I stared at the phone screen for a moment, and I felt vaguely sad: I like me more, but I can also be with girls who "like me more". What's the meaning of "like more"?

it was not until this moment that I suddenly gave up on him.

gradually, "you are the best, my favorite is you" no longer moved me.

because that means I'm not the best. I've been abandoned.

he doesn't just like me, and he doesn't think of me at all when he's having a good time. Only when he's depressed will he think that there's someone here to kill time.

it seems that I am just the one who was taken out to ease his grief after he was frustrated with someone else.

and I finally understand that if I'm not with you, I can be with someone else; I gave you a box of lemon tea and you were not moved to tears, so you can buy chocolate for someone else to try; if you can't make an appointment on Saturday, you can ask someone else on Sunday.

this kind of person is smart enough to know that you can go back and ask for the second place if you can't get what you like best. stop your loss in time so that you won't miss more.

but I really don't like it.

yesterday we had a hot chat, but today we suddenly disappear.

when I slowly cooled down the goodwill and confidence I had just accumulated, he came back on a lonely and depressed night and told me, "I still think you are the best, and I like you better."

but 'like' will not be remembered only when you are sad and depressed, let alone after every breakup.


Joey Yung's "Love No. 16" begins with a sentence: "when you want a playmate next time, when your cell phone is out of power, I'd rather you don't come to this girl who has lost power."

later she sang

"it turns out that even if you love me most, for a while, the ranking changes every two days"; when you change so casually, who wants to kiss again.

Joey Yung runs around like a fool in MV, happy and frustrated, active and frustrated.

she went everywhere to find the person who said he liked her, and finally that person came back, and she laughed super happily.

but MV ended up with a line of subtitles: "Love, is that so?"

Love is temporary and casual. If you don't like it more than you like it, can you replace it with "general love"?

remember when I joked to a boy, "are you bored?" Why do you always talk to me? "

he replied: "there are many people who can accompany me."

I didn't understand it at that time. I thought he was showing off and sulked.

later someone told me: "in fact, he is saying that I am not bored, and it is not that no one can accompany me, but I only want you to accompany me, no one else can."

I can't help giggling.

you see, the real "like" is irreplaceable.