"I don't want you. Just go."

"I don't want you. Just go."

If you make a choice, you can't regret it.


when I said the breakup, I did the math in my mind and found that I had been with him for less than 40 days.

he didn't ask me why I broke up, and I don't know exactly why I broke up.

maybe it's because I'm waiting for him on every date.

maybe it's because he only takes me to the corner every time I take a walk.

maybe it's because I didn't get a reply until the next night for every good night.

said so much, maybe it's because I don't think he likes me that much.

when I was talking about where to eat the other day, I looked at the ground and said carelessly, "forget it."

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he still knows me well, knowing that I'm not talking about this meal, but this relationship.

without being in a daze and without doubt, he replied somewhat blandly: "well, good."


after that, life still goes on, leaving someone to live the same.

I just don't know why. When my friend asked, his eyes still turned red.

she said with some emotion, "you always say that he doesn't like you enough, but is it possible that you don't like him that much?"

I looked at her and she explained, "after all, if I really liked it, I wouldn't say break up."

I was a little lost in this sentence, and then I didn't remember anything she said, only one sentence: "so there's nothing to be sad about."

it turns out that people who break up first have no right to be sad.

so he silently deleted all his moments and put away all his losses and grievances.

then stop listening to his favorite Eason Chan, pay no attention to his favorite chocolate cake, and no longer care about his favorite Warriors.

like nothing happened, I had a good time in front of friends and friends every day.

after all, it's your own choice, so there's nothing to be hypocritical about.


later, I don't know why, I got into the habit of staying up late.

A messy tweet was opened late one night, and the soundtrack was Eason Chan's "Insomnia all over the World".

I suddenly remembered that we once shared a headset on the bus, and the music played at that time was all Eason Chan.

then I can't watch anything, listening and crying.

my awakened roommate asked me what was wrong. I dare not say that I thought of the person I broke up with, so I cried and scolded, blaming the tweet for being too poignant.

I thought that the reason why I lost control this time was because I was in a flood of emotion in the middle of the night, but my friend said that when I saw him showing his love in moments, I still couldn't help shaking.

my friend turned out the picture and showed it to me. I only glanced at it and dared not look too closely.

but I saw it anyway.

he, who was still resistant to the camera at that time, smiled naturally in the photo.

I was still a little silly before, wearing the T-shirt I gave him, but I was no longer around.

my friend smiled and said, "I didn't expect him to come out so soon after he was dumped by you."

the string in my heart snapped off, and this sentence poked me so badly that I finally burst into tears.

Yes, I broke up first.

but you know, I always feel like I'm the one who got dumped.


Hello Nico has a song called "A strange afternoon in a strange room". The lyrics read: "you always hug me and say you like the temperature. But you didn't say you love me. I don't think you dare. "

at that time, I saved his other number. Wechat reminded me that I had a new contact. Only then did I realize that he had two WeChat accounts, but he never told me.

what makes me sad is that his WeChat moments are updated more frequently.

Yes, when you are happy with him, he will hold your hand, hug you, and say I like you.

but I feel so strange. I always feel that liking someone is not like this.

and I seem to have forgotten these things, but I was really sad when my friend said he didn't expect him to come out so soon.

it seems that from the beginning, I am the only one who can't get out.

the person who broke up first can't really be the one who likes better in this relationship.

the more I think about it, the harder I cry. My friends are frightened by me and ask me what's wrong and how I am.

I didn't say anything and shook my head.

Let me cry for a while.

Let me be sad for once, and maybe I won't be so sad.


the final lyrics of "A strange afternoon in a strange room" are simple: "Honey, it's my turn." I don't want you. I don't love you anymore. Go. "

this lyrics have been repeated many times, either for that person or for yourself.

and the hot review reads: "you go." Before I cry. "

good night.