It's your life when you get up!

It's your life when you get up!

You have a destiny wherever you spend your time.

"Taiping Imperial View" said: "getting up early is not before the crowing of chickens, and getting up late is not after sunrise."

Roosters crow at 1 to 3 o'clock in the morning, and sunrise at 5 to 7 o'clock in the morning.

so the best time for a person to get up is between 3: 00 and 7: 00.

many people are used to staying up late and ignoring the most precious morning.

the plan of the day is in the morning. If you get up early and get up late, you have a very different destiny.

if Luyao were alive, December 2 would be his 72nd birthday.

when he wrote the 1 million-word novel "the ordinary World", his mornings began at noon.

under normal circumstances, he would write at his desk until dawn, and it was early to go to bed at two or three o'clock. Usually someone else got up before he fell asleep.

when I woke up the next day, it was already noon, ate some steamed bread and pickles, picked up my pen and began to write, refreshed by coffee and cigarettes.

the life of reversing day and night, sleeping late and getting up late finally destroyed his body.

stay up late, let us have the illusion that we have grasped life, but it will only destroy your spirit and even cause irreversible tragedy.

our body is like a machine. People who don't know how to work and rest regularly are burning their own lives.

there is a saying in "Zhuangzi let the King": "work at sunrise, rest every day, be carefree between heaven and earth and be complacent."

follow the laws of nature, live your own rhythm, go to bed early and get up early is the best health.

in fact, many unhealthy routines can be improved slowly, and many misfortunes can be avoided.

as long as you can go to bed early and get up early and maintain a good routine, you will have won at the starting line.

the life of getting up early really makes a lot of money

Family heirloom says:

"when one is in high spirits in the early morning, it is of great benefit to study at this time, and it is very useful to do things at this time."

getting up early can lift your spirits and make you feel happy. it is also the peak period of efficiency in study and work, and you will get twice the result with half the effort.

while you are still obsessed with how long you stay in bed, those who self-discipline and get up early have already started a wonderful day.

Liang Shiqiu, a literary master, wrote in his book: "I will insist on getting up early, no matter in winter or in extreme heat."

in order to get up two hours earlier, he goes to bed two hours early every night.

although the sleep time is the same, but early to bed and early to get up will obviously become more energetic.

Liang Shiqiu often takes a bamboo chair and starts writing under the eaves before the sun comes out.

when the sun filled the whole yard, he stopped to have a rest.

in this state, in less than a month, the book he wanted to translate was happily completed.

sometimes when the weather is fine, Liang Shiqiu gets up early and walks in the quiet streets.

listening to the twittering birds, breathing the fresh air, watching the busy people wake up gradually. His heart was filled with joy.

insist on getting up early, then read books, exercise, everything becomes easy, and your life will change as a result.

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there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen: "if you get up early, you will get up late."

the earlier you get up, the more you can control the pace of life and enjoy the pleasure of self-discipline.

and if you can get up one hour earlier than others, a month is 30 hours, you can earn an extra 360 hours a year, that is, a full 15 days.

Don't underestimate this little bit of time, this is how the gap between people widens.

the life of getting up early is really profitable, and the life of hanging up will be opened from now on!

what time do you get up? it's your life

Nan Huaijin once said:

"the man who can control the morning can control his life. If a person can't even get up early, what do you expect him to do on that day?"

Morning is a microcosm of the day. You live your day as you get up; you live your life as you spend your day.

as the saying goes, major events in the world must be done in detail, and our life is the sum of countless little habits.

and the habit of getting up early, contains amazing power, will bring you great changes, but also bring you more good luck and surprises.

Haruki Murakami is a faithful practitioner of early to bed and early to rise.

make coffee, have a snack, and immediately concentrate on writing.

A series of well-known novels were born in the quiet morning.

the small habit of getting up early is not only a low level of self-discipline, but also a standard for success.

every time you get up early, it is a new life. Insisting on getting up early is the first step to change yourself.

Franklin said, "I have never seen a man who gets up early, diligent, cautious and honest to complain about a bad fate."

you have a destiny where you spend your time.

when you are still dreaming in bed, early risers have already started morning exercises, morning reading, and work, winning at the starting line.

and the world is secretly rewarding those who insist on getting up early.

there is a saying in the warring States Policy: "the last part is the most difficult to complete."

the road to success is not crowded, because very few people can persevere..

and the transformation of life often starts with the small habit of getting up early.

Today you choose to get up 30 minutes early to bathe in the morning light, which seems like an inconspicuous change.

but during this time, you have overcome laziness and met a new self.

so, don't waste your time dreaming, go to bed early and get up early to change yourself, so that you can get the gift of fate.

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