Men miss someone crazily, not in frequent contact, but.

Men miss someone crazily, not in frequent contact, but.

Being concerned about, caring about and thinking about is itself a kind of happiness.

the first sentence of Faye Wong's "I do" is:

missing is a very mysterious thing, like a shadow, silent and silent in the bottom of my heart.

when a woman misses a person, it is often beyond words, even if her mouth is silent, it can turn into two tears.

Men hide their thoughts very secretly. They are not good at words, but that doesn't mean they are not affectionate.

when a man misses someone crazily, he doesn't get in touch frequently, but …

plough yourself deeply

the word "man" is taken apart to see that one is "field" and the other is "force".

Men in ancient times had to plough the fields hard to support their families. Most modern men do not need to go to the ground, more to reflect a responsibility.

Action is determined by thought. If a man only says but does not do, looking for all kinds of reasons and excuses to evade evasion, then no matter how many sweet words there is no sincerity.

when a man has strong feelings for a woman, he will want to give her the best through his own struggle, so that he can be happy and satisfied every day.

I saw a piece of news not long ago: a man was involved in a car accident and his lower body was stuck.

while accepting the rescue, his wife called, and the man said to the rescue workers:

"Don't talk yet. My wife called me. She's pregnant."

after hanging up the phone, the rescue continued, and he implored the rescuers to say:

"easy, it's all money. My wife is going to have a baby soon. I have to take care of it."

remember that when you think about a person, you can ignore yourself so much.

Fromm said: loving someone is not just an emotion, it is also a decision, a judgment, a commitment.

he is not necessarily romantic, but he must have a sense of responsibility; he may not make a lot of money, but he must be ambitious; he may not have any ambition, but he always wants to give you a better life.

he may not burst out vigorous passion all the time, nor will he take bold vows, but he will understand the responsibility, dare to take it, and work hard to "plough the field" for you.

contact you actively

singer Ella once said that if a man asks "what are you doing", he is clearly saying "I miss you".

Men tend to be reserved and introverted, even if they don't say "I miss you" bluntly, but his thoughts flow everywhere in the words.

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in 1926, Lu Xun went to Xiamen and was separated from his wife Xu Guangping. Lu Xun always described his life in great detail in his letters to his wife.

"Today the tooth was mended, and it only cost five yuan."

"after eating one and a half yuan's supper, I went to bed at 11:00 and slept from then on until 12:00 the next day."

because of the cold weather, Xu Guangping sent him winter clothes, and Lu Xun wanted to reply to her.

"the vest has been worn over the blouse and it is very warm."

Lu Xun will tell Xu Guangping about even small things.

details determine feelings, and some seemingly insignificant little things constitute the expression of whether he loves you or not.

all the initiatives in the world are out of concern.

just because a man may not stick to you all day long doesn't mean he doesn't miss you.

A man may not say "I miss you", but his "talk about it" has exposed his true thoughts and given you insight into his heart.

the person who takes the initiative to talk to you and asks you "what are you doing?" I don't know how many thoughts, concerns, and likes turn into a "what are you doing?"

often tell people about you

Psychology says: "when a group of people laugh, everyone will look at the person they like."

like the best look, but so:

all eyes are you, all words are you.

Huo Qigang became a "fan brother" immediately after he first met his wife Guo Jingjing.

for Guo Jingjing's competition, Huo Qigang must be there with photography equipment to help.

he proudly announced at his last variety show: "she is used to winning gold medals!"

although he is a rich third generation and has many honorable titles, Huo Qigang always introduces himself as "Guo Jingjing's husband."

people who really miss you will always reveal the evidence that they love you in every detail.

always talk about it, even if you are not always by your side.

Zhou Guoping said:

"Love is a kind of never-ending yearning, where there is love, there is concern, and there seems to be no reason to care, almost neurotic."

there is no kind of concern, which does not cost time and energy. Only sincere love can give birth to thoughts and thoughts like a river of spring water.

Life comes and goes, mostly in a hurry.

but there is always someone who regards us as a treasure.

our joys and sorrows have touched their heartstrings.

being concerned about, caring about and thinking about is itself a kind of happiness. This friendship, this person, we should all cherish.