Middle-aged women want a happy marriage. You must take a look at these nine suggestions.

Middle-aged women want a happy marriage. You must take a look at these nine suggestions.

The marriage of middle-aged people is the beginning of romance and happiness.


there are books


what is the marriage of a middle-aged couple?

use a line from the movie A sigh, which is:

"I hold your hand, just like the left hand holding the right hand. It feels like it's gone, but it's hard to separate.


in a short sentence, it makes clear the marital status of how many middle-aged couples.

I've thought about it, but I can't leave it.

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they turn husband and wife into "brothers" and change their marriage from happiness to making do.

some people say that marriage, from a utilitarian point of view, is a very low sex-to-price ratio for women.

they go from loving themselves to putting their family first, from paying attention to themselves to putting their family first.

walk to middle age, taste bitter, sweet and sour, leave


all we have is the chicken feathers of life.

and women want to live a happier life, these nine marriage tips, you must read.

divorce does not mean failure in life

there is a problem with Zhihu:

"what does marriage bring to women?


A high praise replied: "not everyone is suitable for marriage, this is the first thing to be clear."

Marriage is a small matter, which is the second thing that needs to be made clear.


with the continuous improvement of contemporary women's consciousness, they gradually understand that love is not the whole of women, and divorce from women is neither a declaration of failure, let alone the end of happiness.

Life has a long way to go. Marriage, no matter whether it is good or not, is only an experience in the journey of life.

it can neither define the length of life nor determine the quality of fate.

and more important than that, is every moment that lives for itself.

Yi Zhongtian once said: "if you go in the wrong direction, stopping is progress." Love is the same, if you go to the wrong love, leaving is the best choice. "

meet the wrong person, choose to let go and stop the loss in time, is responsible for yourself, but also responsible for the marriage.

stick to the bottom line and know how to restrain desires

once heard a saying: "Life can not be satisfied everywhere, even most of the time, it creates all kinds of troubles for us."

this sentence also applies in marriage.

just like getting married on a whim, marriage is a long stream.

when the sweetness fades away, the firewood, rice, oil and salt that return to life, those who used to throb in the heart, will also become insipid with time.

desire, like an invisible knife, permeates the daily marriage life bit by bit.

and all we have to do is to maintain a clear bottom line, no matter how close the relationship is.

as Mo Yan said: "people live a lifetime, have respect and fear, the behavior will be restrained."

We do not deny that marriage life needs novelty, but marriage is more of a contract and a moral constraint on each other.

keep the bottom line and restrain your desires. only in awe of marriage is the greatest respect for each other's love.

only by keeping the bottom line can we reach the end of happiness.

Don't always talk about "I can't live anymore"

the Menninger Foundation, a famous American psychotherapy institution, once put forward the "90 and 10" principles:

when a partner quarrels, 90% is emotional catharsis, 10% is to solve the problem.

I think so.

in marriage, it is inevitable for husband and wife to get along and quarrel.

Don't hurt each other's feelings because of your anger; don't hurt each other because of your impatience.

Smart women, even if they are angry again, never talk about "living beyond their means".

because they know that it is not outsiders who can really hurt each other, but the people around them who are most worthy of being cherished.

writer Lu Xiaoman said in "moving on with the Day": "there is no one in this world without injury, no matter when you have to believe that you are the only one who really heals yourself."

when people reach middle age, they learn to control their emotions and understand each other. Don't win a quarrel and lose a marriage because of a moment of emotion.

No matter how loving you are, you should also leave room for each other

the hostess of the movie "I want to be good with you" regards marriage as a cage of love, monitoring her husband's life every day, and everything about each other must be within her sight.

when her husband slightly disobeyed, she forced herself to commit suicide. although her husband compromised for love again and again, he could not hold on to the end.

at the end of the story, the husband left only one sentence, "Please don't love me", and then left.

before marriage, there is passion only when it is vigorous; after marriage, plain and light is true.

Love can be the icing on the cake, but it can't be the only one in marriage.

an actor once said: "in marriage, the most important thing is to stay awake all the time. Both husband and wife should have their own independent space."

when there is a distance in marriage, happiness can never be separated.

give love a breathing space, so that we can be more tolerant of each other.

talking well is the beginning of a happy marriage

"the greatest charm of marriage is how deep a connection can be reached between two people who are not related by blood.


the seemingly trivial quarrels in marriage are in factIt's a mutual exploration between husband and wife.

Harmony but difference is the alchemy stone of marriage, and quarrel is the catalyst for the breakdown of marriage.

even if he was favored and blessed by the world at first, he would not get his white head if he quarreled constantly after marriage.

speaking well is not weakness, but wisdom, the way to run a marriage.

Don't be impatient when something happens, calm down before you open your mouth, solve the mood first and then solve the problem.

Don't pay attention to the little things that can be laughed off, and don't stick to the truth that makes sense.

most of the happily married women have learned to pretend to quarrel and give up their emotions.

communicate without emotion, it's easy to say bad things, and there's no marriage that can't break up.

only by knowing how to trust your partner can marriage last long

there is a topic on Zhihu:

"do couples have to discuss everything?


one replied, "the big things need to be discussed, and the little things go with it."

negotiation means respect, laissez-faire reveals trust.

in this world, no one's marriage is a 100% match, there is only mutual loyalty and trust.

Claire in the American TV series House of Cards knows very well that her husband Frank is an ambitious man, but she does not hesitate to become the woman behind her husband.

Clare married Frank with all her contacts and resources, along with herself.

this trust makes her marriage happy and makes each other's careers successful.

Hu Bingyan wrote in the "five unique": "one leaf a pursuit, persistent love, snuggle know hot and cold, accompany and cherish the truth."

A good marriage is not about binding each other, but about keeping watch and trusting each other.

add a little romance to life

"Marriage is like carving jade, not whose jade is better, but who spends more attention."

marital life is good or bad, husband and wife can not be separated from each other's romance.

giving each other a little surprise once in a while can not only add spice to the couple, but also make each other's feelings sweeter.

especially for middle-aged couples, without the "freshness" of youth, a little romance is particularly important.

present a bouquet of flowers and a gift on your birthday; on a special day, leave the daily chores of the family and feel the world of two for once.

you know, there is no eternal shelf life in marriage. Only by working hard can life become more and more interesting.

add a little interest to life and create an "unexpected" little romance, which not only retains a sense of ritual in life, but also makes husband and wife life more romantic.

respect each other financially

on one occasion, when Deng Chao invited a friend to dinner to pay, he found that his bank card balance was insufficient.

when he called his wife, Sun Li said to himself, "Sorry, I forgot to call you for living expenses."

this answer was highly praised by netizens and felt that it not only protected Deng Chao's face, but also gave him enough respect.

in life, many women hold the financial power of their families, but strictly control their husbands' wallets.

this result not only makes the husband lose face, but also gives others the impression of being "stingy".

in fact, there is nothing wrong with women managing money, but at the same time, they should also give their husbands corresponding "financial freedom".

often check the balance in the card, usually give more pocket money, when he has a certain financial strength, the happiness of family life will be improved.

give each other face outside

in daily life, many couples do not know how to save each other's face on the outside and do not understand each other's concessions on the inside.

tit for tat, blaming each other.

this kind of marriage life, even at the end, will only become a "resentful couple".

the best relationship is for the wife to show weakness and the husband to be reasonable.

do not criticize and abuse the husband in front of others, nor rebuke the husband for a trifle.

when a person knows how to save face for his partner, the relationship between husband and wife will be happier.

A man has a face and a tree has a layer of bark.

Smart women are away from home and always know how to take care of the overall situation.


they are weak at the right time, giving face to their partners while making concessions.

act coquettish when you should be coquettish, and be tough when you should be tough.



people understand that to save face for their husbands is to save face for themselves.

once heard a saying: middle-aged marriage, there is no love, only family affection.

the middle-aged people at this stage have lost their passion in the past, their feelings tend to be dull, and many people also slowly spend their lazy days in their lives.

for women, long time companionship makes


We are more familiar with each other's every move and understand each other's words and deeds.

this kind of life is not only a test for women, but also a hone for marriage.

A little more understanding, less complaining; more patience, less strength.

because a happy marriage never depends on luck, when women are willing to show the other side of themselves, life will take on a new look.

the second half of the marriage is about the wife.

Let yourself get along with each other in a different way and make a little difference to each other's lives when you reach middle age.

when you are willing to change appropriately, you will find that the marriage of middle-aged people is the beginning of romance and happiness.