Never look down on anyone.

Never look down on anyone.

If you don't look at others, you can only be disappointed by yourself.

once read a fable:

the lion was asleep, a mouse ran past its nose, and the lion was awakened.

he raised his paw and pressed the mouse on the ground. The mouse begged for mercy and said, "Lion King, if you let me go, I will repay you later."

the lion looked at the little thing, laughed and disdained, but still raised his paw, and the mouse ran for his life.

one day, when the lion was looking for food in the forest, he fell into the net laid by the hunter, and the lion was trapped in it, unable to move, and could only make a desperate moan.

the mouse who heard the noise flashed out of the grass, bit off the net and saved the lion.

Liang Zhongchun said in the camouflage: "anything can happen to anyone. Never look down on the small potatoes around you."

the ruler is short and the inch is strong.

as a man, never look down on anyone.

look down on others, and trouble comes

it is said in the novel Sea Wolf:

"everyone thinks of himself as a diamond, but to others, he is nothing but an allotrope of a diamond: charcoal."

it's a joke to take yourself too seriously.

A lady led her son into the garden below the famous enterprise and sat down on the bench.

there is an old man pruning flowers and trees not far away.

the lady took out a paper towel from her satchel and threw it on the freshly cut flowers and trees.

the old man looked at the lady in surprise, went over and picked up the ball of paper and threw it into the garbage basket.

but as soon as the old man picked up the scissors, the third ball of paper towels fell on the bush in front of him.... In this way, the old man picked up six or seven rolls of paper thrown by the lady.

the lady pointed to the old man who trimmed the flowers and trees and said to her son, "I hope you understand that if you don't study hard now, you will be as futile as he is in the future, and you can only do these humble jobs!"

the old man put down his scissors and said to the lady, "Hello, madam, this is the company's private garden. According to regulations, only employees of the group can come in."

"of course, I'm the department manager of this company, and I work in this building!"

the lady proudly took out her work permit and shook it at the old man.

the old man made a phone call, and the personnel supervisor came in a hurry and stood respectfully in front of him.

the old man said, "I now propose to remove this lady from her post!"

"Yes, I'll do it right away", the supervisor agreed immediately.

it turns out that the old man is not only the gardener, but also the president of the company. The lady slumped on the bench and realized that she had underestimated the old man.

people who think too much of themselves tend to despise others.

people cannot be judged by their appearance, and the sea water cannot be measured! The person you despise for a moment may be too high for you in the twinkling of an eye.

Aesop once said, "Don't look down on anyone, because no one is too timid to retaliate for their own insults."

looking down on others is like digging a hole and burying mines for your own life, and the trouble is not far away.

the ruler is short and the inch is strong

there is a poem that says: "Mei Xusun's snow is three-thirds white, but the snow loses plum's fragrance."

the situation has taken a turn for the worse, each with its own victory.

the donkey and the white horse went into the mountain together.

on Pingchuan Avenue, the white horse rose to its feet and soon left the donkey behind.

the white horse turned around and shouted at the donkey:

"look at your slow appearance, when can we reach our destination? You black donkey, what a mediocre! "

when the donkey heard the reprimand, he was not angry, but still walked leisurely.

after entering the mountains, the road became rugged and the speed of the white horse slowed down imperceptibly.

Bai Ma saw that it was very easy for the donkey to walk along the path of sheep intestines and asked, "Why are you walking faster than me?"

the donkey replied, "the difference between speed and speed is just the way they are good at."

Bai Ma felt very ashamed when he heard this.

Han Yu said, "there is a specialty in the art industry, that's all."

some people do well, but they just give full play to what they are good at.

A story was recorded in Shuo Yuan Juan.

the King of Qin sent Ganwu to the State of Qi to cross a big river by boat.

when the boatman knew about his itinerary, he said to him, "the distance between the river is so narrow that you can't cross the river on your own. How can you convince the king of Qi?"

Ganwu replied:

"that's not true. You don't understand the reason.

things have their own advantages and disadvantages. Prudent and kind subjects can assist kings, but they are of no use in fighting with troops.

A good horse can travel thousands of miles every day, but leaving them at home and letting them catch mice is not as good as a wildcat.

Ganjun and Moye are world-famous swords. If craftsmen use it to chop wood, it is not as good as an axe.

now I row with oars and advance and retreat freely, but I am not as good as you, but if you convince a king with a thousand chariots, you will not be able to match me. "

Boatman, convinced.

the so-called mediocrity is justPeople in the wrong place.

what you are good at is unmatched by others, and what others are good at, you can only look up to envy.

ruler has its shortcomings and an inch has its strengths.

Huang Bo said: "this era will not stop you from shining, but you can't cover anyone's glory."

Heaven and earth do not give birth to useless people, and everyone can shine in a familiar field.

people should not overestimate themselves, let alone despise others.

keep a low profile before you can

win good treatment

Zeng Guofan once said, "humility is a noble appearance."

there is a moving video on Douyin.

the production manager greets the security man warmly when he commutes to and from work every day.

the colleague said inexplicably, "is it necessary to be so respectful to an old janitor?"

the manager smiled and said, "everyone is a colleague, everyone deserves respect, and the company does not work well without any position."

one day, the manager wanted to know the inventory of a product and went into the cold storage alone to take an inventory. At the end of the day, the warehouse attendant symbolically shouted twice to confirm that there was no response and left the lock.

when the manager realized that he could not get out, he found that the mobile phone had not been brought in, and he was no longer able to get in touch with the outside world.

she shouted in despair and slammed the freezer door to no avail. She curled up in the corner and slowly lost consciousness when she heard someone calling her in her ear and carrying her up.

it was the security guard who saved her.

it turned out that when the security man saw everyone leaving from work and did not see the production manager, he felt something was wrong, so he began to look everywhere, and finally found her in the freezer.

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when the manager went to thank the uncle with something, the uncle said, "you saved yourself. If you hadn't greeted me every day, I wouldn't have found out that something had happened to you."

in interpersonal relationships, in fact, everyone has a scale in their hearts, and they don't want to lose in a relationship, nor do they want to take advantage of anyone for no reason.

in a landmark where there is no dispute of interest, the rule of human nature is: if you are good to me, I will be good to you.

if you respect me a foot, I will give you a foot back; if you look at me highly, I will treat you well.

Zhang Tingyu, a famous minister of the Qing Dynasty, once said: "when it is full, it is easy to become a disaster, and modesty is always blessed."

posture, the more you can win the kindness of others.

never look down on anyone

Chen Daoming once said:

"those who go up the mountain should never look down on those who go down the mountain, because he has had a good time, and the people on the mountain should not look down on those at the bottom of the mountain, because they will climb up."

all men are created equal, only the division of labor is different, never look down on anyone.

No one is more advanced than the other. Birds eat worms when they are alive, but they are eaten by worms when they die.

No one is more powerful than anyone else. One tree can make thousands of matches, and one match can burn thousands of trees.

No one is more important than anyone else. No matter how expensive the delicacies are, the lack of two yuan a pack of salt will make it less delicious.

change the track, the stage, the rules, you may not be able to win.

it is arrogant for a man to overestimate himself for the rest of his life.

it is foolish to look down upon others. Only by looking down on others can we see ourselves clearly and understand others.

Don't be arrogant above others, treat others as human beings; don't be discouraged under others, treat yourself as human beings.

, may you live a life that is neither humble nor arrogant and carefree.