People are at a low ebb, don't talk to anyone

People are at a low ebb, don't talk to anyone

When you become strong, the whole world will be kind to you.

someone once asked the writer Bi Shumin, "how did you get through the low ebb of your life?"

her answer is: "wait quietly."

everyone will go through the trough, in the low ebb of life, we will be lost, sad, helpless, and even desperate.

at this time, the most important thing is to learn to be silent.

only by being silent can we make the confused oneself awake and let the impetuous heart return to peace.

it has been said that there is a kind of black bear that goes to sleep in caves when winter comes and does not come out of the hole until spring blossoms.

because it knows that food is scarce on cold days, and it is white everywhere, it is dressed in black and has nowhere to hide.

the same is true of life, every trough is like a winter.

rather than looking around for comfort, it is more important to learn to live through the night alone.

not long ago, his friend Xiao Yang was dismissed by the company in disguise, which dealt him a heavy blow.

when he left, he couldn't help complaining to his well-connected colleagues.

but as soon as he opened his mouth, his colleague interrupted him and said, "Dude, I'm a little busy at the moment. Why don't we have dinner some other time?"

Xiao Yang suddenly lost the desire to tell.

he swallowed back the words on the edge of his mouth and smiled bitterly, "it's all right, you're busy first."

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when he got home, he wanted to seek comfort from his wife, but heard her complain about his incompetence.

he could only hold back his sadness and silently went into the bathroom to smoke a cigarette.

Xiao Yang said that he had never been so sad as at that moment.

as the saying goes:

"99% of what happens to you every day means nothing to others."

when you are at a low ebb, instead of complaining to others, you might as well be your own ferry man.

Life will not show mercy to you because you cry out pain.

others will not carry a heavy load for you just because you complain about it.

writer Martin once said:

"every strong man has spent a period of time with no one to help, no one to support, no one to ask for warmth."

people in the trough, learn to be silent, is the best precipitation.

Dong Qing, a famous host, has also faced the trough of life.

in 1998, Dong Qing was invited to host a new program, "meet Saturday."

because Dong Qing's host style is pure and lively, she shines brilliantly in the program and is loved by many viewers.

in 1999, in order to make a better development, Dong Qing moved to the newly established Shanghai Satellite TV.

when the result arrived, I found that my work was just a simple serial host.

the first warm blood in exchange for idleness.

although the situation was somewhat bleak at that time, Dong Qing did not argue, quarrel or complain.

she uses silence instead of depression to cultivate and precipitate herself in silence.

she began to study A Dream of Red Mansions and Tang and Song poems at home. At the same time, she was admitted to East China normal University, majoring in Classical Literature in the Chinese Department.

during this period of study, Dong Qing not only accumulated a lot of knowledge of ancient Chinese, but also helped her sort out the way forward.

this led to the wonderful presentation in the Poetry Conference and the Reader.

like the sentence of the writer Sanmao very much:

"there is time for people and things in the world to come and go. We just need to make ourselves look our best and wait quietly."

people in the trough, silence, is a kind of low-key, but also a precipitation of accumulated strength.

for the strong, every trough is a rare training ground on the road ahead.

someone on Zhihu asked, "what is the reason why you are becoming more and more silent?"

one of them replied:

"sometimes you are misunderstood but don't want to argue;

sometimes you are picked on but disdain to fight back.

sometimes, it's not that you don't know, but you just don't want to say it, so you choose to be silent. "

"after ten years, we all owe you an apology."

not long ago, the Tokyo Olympic Games ended, and the topic of "owe Liu Xiang an apology" once again appeared on the hot search:

"48 races, 36 championships, but only two withdrawals are remembered."

in the face of these belated apologies, Liu Xiang, who had been silent for many years, came out and responded with a smile:

"it's all right. People grow up." I can understand some of the things I said when I was young. "

once, no matter how strongly reprimanded Liu Xiang was, Liu Xiang always kept silent.

even at the peak of public opinion, he never explained a word for himself.

Sun Haiping, the coach at that time, said in an interview:

"after Liu Xiang retires, we will invite him to some activities, but he politely refuses. Liu Xiang is becoming more and more silent in public. "

people inevitably encounter many moments when they are misunderstood and questioned in their lives.

after much experience, you will understand that instead of obsessing over the opinions of others, you should choose to be silent and be yourself.

study hard, exercise, study, and make yourself better is the best response to those questions.

Nietzsche once said: "whoever will eventually be famous will remain silent for a long time."

Silence is to give yourself back to yourself, to knead magnanimity into the years.

when a person understands silence, he has a strong and open-minded heart.

what is swallowed is grievance, and what grows out is a broad mind and pattern.

French writer Camus said:

"I don't expect life to be smooth all the time, but I hope I can be its opponent when I encounter difficulties in life."

there are many people who always want to turn to the outside world for help during the trough, but forget to strengthen themselves in order to fight hard with life.

instead of complaining everywhere, it is better to be indifferent to the heart; instead of worrying about it every day, try to be bearish.

in silence, be open-minded; in silence, accumulate strength; in silence, find yourself.

keep things quiet and carry your own sufferings.

, when you become strong, the whole world will be kind to you.