People with mild depressive symptoms are likely to say these "mantras". I hope you haven't said any of them.

People with mild depressive symptoms are likely to say these "mantras". I hope you haven't said any of them.

As long as people live healthily and love sincerely, they are the greatest wealth.


Today, the pace of life is so busy and fast that it can no longer return to the situation sung by the song "slow from the past".

people have to sell their body and mind to work and stress, their emotions accumulate, their hearts become more and more dull, and it is easy to fall into a state of mild depression.

if you do not detect and get rid of negative emotions in time, the symptoms will continue to worsen, and some even go to the road of suicide.

people with mild depressive symptoms tend to talk about these "mantras".

if you often say, be vigilant and take timely action to adjust your state of mind.

"I'm really useless"

A depressed patient once recorded the thoughts that haunted his mind all day:

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"I'm stupid. I'm always scolded by the leader for doing wrong things. I don't earn much money and I can't find a partner. I'm almost 30 or accomplish nothing. My parents are old and I'm a good failure."

one of the early symptoms of depression is self-denial, self-loathing, always feeling that you are a failure and that you can't do anything well.

as one psychologist said:

if a person often looks at himself in a negative way, it is very dangerous and it will destroy you.

A friend of mine, Xiao Wen, started as a receptionist after graduating from college and worked hard for five years and became the head of the department.

not long after taking office, the company's performance plummeted, and she was not immune to massive layoffs.

she had to look for a new job, interviewed dozens of companies in a row, but failed, either because she was married and childless, or her salary was too low.

Xiaowen was so hit and anxious that he began to doubt himself. She shut herself at home, saw no one and didn't go anywhere.

I am in a daze all day long and occasionally shed tears.

sometimes she can't stand it, so she writes articles on the Internet to record and vent her emotions.

unexpectedly, a month later, a netizen left a message saying, "your words have made me more knowledgeable", and a sentence gave her great encouragement.

three months later, a magazine approached her and asked her if she was willing to contribute. Since then, she has had a way out, and now she supports herself by writing.

people who have been hit hard often see only their own shortcomings and fall into a dead end of self-denial, unable to extricate themselves.

the book Micro habits suggests that the best way is to develop small and good habits.

when it is easy to make, you should take the initiative to affirm your every progress, give yourself a certain reward, and change your life little by little.

most of the pain in life is actually wrestling with yourself.

learn to accept your imperfections, let yourself go, don't collapse in repeated self-remorse, and be depressed in sorrow.

"Life is boring"

when a person obviously lacks energy, is prone to fatigue, is not interested in many things, and holds a negative attitude towards many things,

feel that life is boring and have no hope for the future, which is likely to be a sign of mild depression.

in many cases, bad work and emotional frustration are just in a bad mood, which does not necessarily lead to depression.

but if your mood is depressed and lasts for a long time, affecting your normal life, you should be vigilant and take timely action.

in the movie under the Sunshine in Tuscany, the heroine Frances had an affair with her husband at the age of 35.

the husband said to her mercilessly, "I never loved you."


for a moment, the heroine could not accept it, her mood gradually collapsed, she lost her expectation of life, and she was not interested in anything.

seeing her in this state, her best friend immediately booked her a ticket to Italy.

with fatigue and pain all over, she got on the plane. In the picturesque Tuscany, Frances rekindled her enthusiasm and hope for life, and the scars in her heart slowly healed.

when you feel that you have been in a bad mood for a long time and your life is bleak, go somewhere else.

listen to different types of music, change your mood, travel to other places, release yourself, chat with friends, talk to heaven and earth, and get rid of loneliness.

even in the low ebb, don't give up on yourself; even if life is hard, have fun in it.

try to find a way to be happy.

"have no appetite and don't want to eat"

people with mild depression are often characterized by insomnia, easy to wake up, loss of appetite and even weight loss.

especially the loss of appetite, suddenly lost interest in all the food, no matter how hungry do not want to eat, no appetite, or eat a few mouthfuls.

these performances can not be ignored, once serious, it will be life-threatening.

one suggestion is to exercise.

after exercise, I suddenly feel physically and mentally healed, the appetite increases greatly, and the body coruscates vitality, bringing people hope and love for life.

Sister he in the community was also depressed for a time because of excessive work pressure. Later, she decided to change into sportswear after work and go for a run on the playground in the community.

she said that sweating, blowing the wind, the pressure of work and depression dissipated as the sweat evaporated.

after running, my appetite increased, I slept comfortably, and the next day I was full of strength to fight life.

DuffinQi said, "exercise is the source of all life."


although life is difficult, exercise is the cure for everything.

when you focus on exercise and fitness, your mood is far away from the hustle and bustle, and you will feel a little bit better and feel a little bit happier.

the tide of life goes up and down. When you are at a low ebb, adjust in time so as not to let the negative emotions last too long.

learn to embrace your injured self and make yourself happy. No matter how busy and tired you are, you should take good care of your body and mood.

I agree with a saying: "those who please others are many, and those who please themselves are king."

Life is too short to believe in the utilitarian criteria of society. No matter what you have and what you have lost, the most successful thing is to make yourself happy and be happy.

people are the greatest rich as long as they live healthily and love sincerely.