Poverty is the sign of growing up.

Poverty is the sign of growing up.

Fear of poverty is the first step in growing up.

I stood in front of the shelf in the bakery and hesitated for a moment, took out my phone and opened my calculator to quickly calculate which is more cost-effective, the "four fifty-six tablets" or the "five fifty-eight tablets" in another store.

my mother hasn't paid my living expenses for a month and a half. I'm probably too busy to forget, and I'm stubbornly unwilling to ask for living expenses.

so I have to rely on a few hundred yuan of part-time work to survive.

for eating, my standard is not delicious, not like, but cost-effective.

A few days ago, I was talking about why today's young people are unhappy. Among the five options of being single, exam, ugly, fat and poor, fear of poverty has been unanimously affirmed.

because for people in their twenties, money represents more and more things.

before officially entering the society, there seems to be nothing wrong with asking parents for living expenses.

as soon as I reached the age of 20, I suddenly had a strong desire to be independent, and suddenly I felt that it was extremely embarrassing to ask my parents for money.

when you have to ask your family for living expenses every month, your parents still don't quite understand the care behind you.

since then, the cost of living has become a delicate connection between us and our parents, and sometimes even the reason why we have to be "obedient".

We still rely on it and are anxious to get rid of it.

so many college students think more about how to make money than study hard.

when you thought you could take care of yourself in high school, it was called independence.

when I was in college, I suddenly felt that as long as I was still supported by my parents, I was not independent.

We admire and envy those who can make a living on scholarships, travel on their own money, and even give red envelopes to their parents and household expenses in turn.

We joke that he is so rich, but what he really envies from the bottom of his heart is his "independence" and "growth".

it's realistic to say that money is the sign of "growing up".

now I am more and more afraid of poverty, more and more "greedy", because I am greedy for the independence and growth represented by "money".

some people ask me why I want to be independent so much, why I want to be separated from my parents, and whether I hate my parents.

I can't help remembering that a new Starbucks opened near my home a few days ago.

when my parents passed by when they went out for a walk, my father thought that he would always hear the young man mention it, so he gritted his teeth and tasted it. Who knew it would cost more than 50 yuan to order two cups. At first, he comforted himself that it would be delicious, but after drinking it, he found nothing special.

I have been feeling sorry for the more than 50 yuan that night, saying again and again that I feel at a loss.

I'm a little ashamed.

after I went to college, the most common thing my parents said to me was: "Don't save what you eat. Be nice to yourself. You don't have the money to ask your parents for it."

but they are fussy about themselves, reluctant to eat and wear.

every time I get paid, I will give red envelopes to my parents.

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and every time they give me more money as red envelopes for all sorts of nonsensical reasons like "celebrate your first salary".

my parents find all kinds of bad reasons to give me back the money, and they feel sorry for spending dozens of yuan, because they know too well that I don't have the ability to take care of myself, I can't be independent, and I still need to rely on them.

I am more and more greedy for money and want to be independent more and more in the hope that they, who have been worried about me for so long, can stop worrying about 60 or 70 yuan and live more comfortably for themselves.

but for adults, making money is only the first step, and the most important thing is how to put the money in the right place.

remember that I had only 7 yuan left on me at that time, and I finally had to "inadvertently" remind my mother that it was time for living expenses.

she was surprised: "what?" I transferred you to Alipay. I told you before, did you forget? "

it suddenly occurred to me that there seemed to be such a thing. Because my mother was used to transferring money to a bank card, I ignored Alipay.

my mother's next reaction took me by surprise: "Oh, blame me. I should have asked more times. You have no money to spend, right?" Blabla

she seemed to feel a little guilty at that time.

because she knows that what she wants to do is not to "call me the money", but to "guarantee my quality of life".

so it was obviously my fault, but she was bitter about it, and even thought it was her fault.

it suddenly occurred to me that many people cry poor at the end of every month, some people save money to buy their favorite items, while others wonder where the money goes.

wasting money on important people and things is the first condition to make one's life better and more responsible.

so I also began to keep accounts and manage my finances, because I want to make good use of every account.

but halfway through, I gave up.

now there are too many payment methods, including Wechat and Alipay, and occasionally swiping by credit card. It's really troublesome to keep accounts.

until I met NetEase Rich APP.

it is simply the gospel of the lazy.

it can automatically synchronize all major bank cards, credit cards, Alipay, Wechat and cash. I no longer have to write it down one by one with a headache, and then I have to look back and wonder if I missed that one.

and each consumption will be automatically classified after synchronization, such as shopping, catering, etc., to form an intuitive report, which can sort out a month's bill in five minutes and help you identify your personal consumption preferences.

it really lets you know quickly and clearly whether or not your money is spent on important people and things.

for those with "some spare money"As far as students are concerned, it provides a variety of investment information advice to enable you to better plan and use your own funds, and it is also a very good entry point if you want to try to invest.

NetEase rich APP also has many personalized features.

there is a very interesting function, which is "receivable" and "cope". There is a very intuitive reminder for collecting living expenses, borrowing money from friends, borrowing money, and so on.

hide part of the amount, bring a variety of capital expenditure categories, Pacific Insurance security level and other intimate features waiting for you to use.

starting with a good accounting software, it's time to take care of your wallet:)

good night.