Return to zero (depth good text)

Return to zero (depth good text)

If you want to live thoroughly and walk smoothly, you must learn to return yourself to zero all the time.

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some time ago, my friend complained to me about such a thing.

his company just transferred a senior leader, and as soon as he came up, he killed the plan he had carefully prepared for two months.

my friend was very unconvinced. With his years of seniority and experience, he had full confidence in this plan, so he argued with him.

the young leader was not angry, but smiled and said that the consumer group was changing every day, and the plan was too old to cause a new splash.

my friend never forgave and swore that he had never missed.

the leader still smiled faintly, but still did not adopt this plan in the end.

the stubborn friend did not listen to the leader's advice and secretly used his own plan in the process of project implementation.

he thought to himself that as long as the final effect was good enough, the leader would not say anything.

my friends feel wrong and are afraid of being thrown out by the leader, so from time to time they will secretly and openly count their contributions to the company over the years in the office.

originally, the boss was still depressed about the loss, happened to hear him complain like a woman in the tea room, and fired him on the same day.

my friends sigh and keep sighing that life is too difficult.

I smiled and said to him, it's not that life is too difficult, but that you don't understand these four directions of life, so you should return to zero in time.

experience returns to zero

when I was a child, everyone heard such a story:

A donkey, carrying several bags of salt across the river, accidentally fell off the bridge and fell into the river.

the salt melted quickly in the presence of water, so the donkey felt much more relaxed.

and get the experience that when things pass through water, they can lose weight.

A few days later, the donkey carried several bags of cotton across the river. He remembered what happened last time, so he jumped into the water on purpose.

as a result, the cotton absorbs water and the donkey drowns.

writer Weina said:

"Life is like a ship walking in the sea, all experience is blank in the face of tsunami.

if you think one old captain is enough, maybe the next sea breeze will sweep you to the other side of the sea. "

Life is always changeable, and you never know what will happen tomorrow.

maybe it was calm one second and thunderstorm the next.

maybe the day before was still, and it was full of devastation in the twinkling of an eye.

you think that by clinging to experience, you can feel like a fish in water in this society, but the world is changing every minute.

some people on the Internet say that experience is like investing in stocks, it is very valuable at some point.

but after a certain moment, the value of experience will be reset.

there is no shortage of good swimmers for drowning, and there are also good ones for those who fall from horses.

clinging to experience will only make people rest on their laurels and make it difficult for people to move forward.

empty cups can only hold water, computers can run more smoothly after clearing the cache, and if you want to accommodate new content in life, you need to know how to empty the experience in time.

Zero achievement

in the movie Jiang Ziya, King Zhou was named "God of Marriage" and was in charge of marriage in the world after the scuffle between heaven and earth subsided.

but when Jiang Ziya tracked the fox demon to the boundary of King Zhou, he found that he was still addicted to the former great merchant empire.

while drinking, he kept shouting: "my beloved princess, my kingdom."... "

looks crazy and confused, no longer like a normal person.

even if he gets the chance to become a god, what he thinks about is still the old days that people admire.

the glory of the past has now become his demon. If he can't let it go, he is doomed to stop.

looking back on life, it is a journey to climb a mountain. With each step, you will see a different scenery.

if you are blinded by the temporary scenery and stay in the same place, you will never be able to see a broader and beautiful scenery.

truly wise people know how to press the return to zero button on their past achievements in time.

an old man once asked Deng Yaping, "where do you put your medals and trophies?"

Deng Yaping replied, "my parents set up a room at home as an honor room and put all the medals, trophies and certificates I have won there."

the old man smiled meaningfully: "you should put it away, because it's all a thing of the past."

the past cannot be traced back. Don't let the success of the past become a burden of the present.

Snakes need to shed their skin in order to grow, and crabs take off their shells in exchange for stronger protection. If the former glory is not given up, it will be difficult to cast new success.

return yourself to zero regularly, because you can go further only if you travel light.

emotion returns to zero

I have heard such a story:

there was a man who was shut out a lot in the early days of his start-up, and no one paid attention to this unknown boy.

the client waved to him as soon as he was told, and to outsiders he looked like a doormat.

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but he always had a bright face, a gentle smile, and could not see any sulk.

until once, a friend accidentally visited him and found him at home with a hammer and a number.When a piece of wood was "jingling" to make handmade furniture, his friend was very surprised and praised him for not showing.

he explained: "every time I am in a bad mood, I make a handmade furniture and watch the nails piece together the wood little by little. The complete works are born one by one, and my unhappiness and anger are emptied."

the world of adults is always full of pressure and bondage.

A person's true maturity is not to suppress emotions, but to know how to release emotions at the right time so that all negative emotions can be returned to zero.

when you are depressed, put on your headphones and listen to a healing song and read an interesting book to relax your body and mind.

when the work is almost unbearable, face the mirror, give yourself a smile, and then continue to work hard.

when life is about to collapse, you will go out and look at the people who struggle for life in the street, and you will have the courage to continue.

there is no threshold that cannot be crossed, no mountain that cannot be climbed.

instead of immersing yourself in a lot of negative emotions, let go of everything and give the soul a rest.

nine out of ten unsatisfactory things in life, learn to release emotions properly so that they can not be swallowed up by haze.

emptying your heart, there will be plenty of room for happiness.

pay back to zero

A reader once said this when he left a message in the background, and he agreed with him:

"giving is like a pebble thrown into a pond, and the return is inevitable, that is, ripples, and the pebbles thrown will never come back."

if you always keep the "good" you give to others in mind and talk about it, you will fall into a whirlpool of pain:

"Why are you doing this to me when I'm so nice to you?"

"Why do I pay ten cents and you don't even return five points?"

have seen such a movie plot:

A husband came home from a tired day and turned on the TV to watch his favorite football game.

the wife was furious because she had been preparing their dinner for a long time, but the husband couldn't take her eyes off the TV picture.

her husband turned a blind eye to her giving, which made her both aggrieved and annoyed.

some people say that the best relationship between people is:

"all my efforts are willing, and I am determined not to mention it.

I would appreciate it if you would return the favor. If you are indifferent, I will not be discouraged. "

A person's life is to give, to have, to lose and to get.

if you always accumulate your efforts bit by bit in your heart, just so that you can settle at a certain time, such a relationship will only make the other party tired and make you live forever.

time is in a hurry, life is only a hundred years, why haggle, let the heart too heavy burden.

learn to let go of your worries and let your pay go back to zero, which is not only to remove the heavy burden for your own life, but also to give your heart a place to live.

Life is short, life is always glamorous and lonely, good and bad intertwined.

if you want to live thoroughly and walk smoothly, you must learn to return yourself to zero all the time.

as actor Jiang Shuying said:

"A section of the road, when you lose your way, try to return everything to zero, pack up and start again;

A song, when you forget the elegance of lyrics and songs, try to return everything to zero and recycle the single;

A life in which when you don't feel hope, try to return everything to zero and let go of those disturbing actions to meet the sun of tomorrow.

in our lives, we are faced with the choice that every time we stand at a crossroads, it is actually an extremely precious opportunity.

as long as you learn to return yourself to zero and stick to it, you will eventually find that every time is a new growth. "

share with you.

, for the rest of my life, I don't want to be vigorous, but I don't want to give up; I don't want to be rich, but I want peace in my life, and I want to live a wonderful life in this unkind world.