Six habits for managing emotions

Six habits for managing emotions

Living a good life at the moment is the best compensation and kind treatment for life.

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Don't get angry

everyone's life is full of unpleasant things.

sometimes it is difficult for us to control ourselves and can't wait to pour out all our grievances and resentments right away.

especially when a person loses his temper, it is like a full balloon, even if it is pierced lightly by a needle, it will explode immediately.

whenever you calm down, you will find that losing your temper will not only do you no good, but will also make the situation more and more awkward and tense.

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usually we lose our temper, as if to express our dissatisfaction. In fact, the more irascible the mood, the more it reflects the inner helplessness and powerlessness.

the weaker a person is, the more he loses his temper and avoids the problem.

but the really strong know how to devote all their thoughts and energy to solving problems instead of venting negative emotions.


do not blame

when we encounter troubles and difficulties, we always blame others.

in fact, the more people who blame, the less responsible they are, the less responsible they are, and the more difficult it is to win the support and trust of others.

No matter what goes wrong, you should first find your own fault.

because only when we learn to find our own shortcomings, do not do well enough, and even reflect on our own mistakes, can we better correct them and better sum up the experiences and lessons of each time.

when we first look for problems from others, we are just shirking our responsibilities, which is not conducive to solving the problems we encounter, but also intensifies the conflicts with others.

A person who often reflects on himself will make fewer and fewer mistakes.

at the same time, only a person who often reviews himself is qualified and confident to point out the shortcomings and mistakes of others.


not entangled

when it comes to bad people and bad things, most people always want to fight for right and wrong.

the more you argue with an unreasonable person, the more you waste your breath.

for people with no qualities, the more you argue with him, the more unhappy you will be.

people who don't know the rules, the more antagonistic you are to him, the more trouble you will bring to yourself.

sometimes, to learn to stop losses in time is not to be timid or cowardly, nor to admit that the other person is right or wrong, but that there is no need to fight.

there is a saying: "when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares at you."

Why waste time and energy for things that are not worth it or worth doing, and even bring unnecessary trouble and disaster to yourself.

sometimes, a person does not entangle, not to let others go, but not to consume himself, but also to protect himself.


Don't complain

the writer Sanmao once said:

"complaining about life once in a while may be a catharsis of some kind of emotion, but it is not wise to complain habitually without seeking change."

in our lives, we will encounter many things that go against our wishes.

complaining is a human instinct, but not complaining is an ability.

complaining about any problem is not only pointless, but also can't turn things around for the better.

whether it is good or bad, when it happens, you must first learn to accept it, and then find a way to change the part that can be changed.

once you complain, it proves that you have given up everything and the opportunity and possibility to get better.

in fact, many things are not absolutely good or bad.

learn to change an angle, a different way of thinking, a different attitude, life will show the original good side.


not competitive

everyone's life is not as perfect as a straight line.

We always pick the wrong people, do something wrong, and even miss some important opportunities and opportunities.

maybe we often think, if only we hadn't, if only we had a choice, if only we could do it all over again.

in fact, there is no regret in life to sell medicine.

some people miss it when they miss it, and they do something wrong when they do something wrong.

the more you compete with yourself, the more you torture yourself. The more you mess with yourself, the more you will be swallowed up by bad emotions.

you should always know that there is no choice that will lead to a perfect life.

since there are always regrets and defects, there is no need to struggle, those who have been unable to turn back and go back to the road.

Don't just fall into the mood of self-remorse.

after all, living a good life now is the best compensation and kindness to life.


not impulsive

everyone's mood is sometimes like a fire.

when you feel you can't control yourself, learn to take a deep breath for a few seconds, learn to calm yourself down, and then face and deal with the problem.

Don't be impulsive with each other, and don't let yourself be impulsive, let alone let your emotions go.Get out of control at will.

maybe you just said something angry, but the consequences are very serious. Maybe you just said some cruel words, but it may bring endless trouble to yourself. Maybe you just said something radical, but in the end you will pay a heavy price for it.

, as long as a person faces the problem calmly, he can handle things well and jump out of the quagmire or pit of bad mood.