Smart people's way of life: reading, saving money, enjoying solitude

Smart people's way of life: reading, saving money, enjoying solitude

Learn to enjoy being alone so that you can enjoy your life.

the famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy said in his masterpiece Anna Karenina:

"Happy families are all alike, and each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

in fact, this sentence is common in many aspects of our lives.

when one person's life is getting worse and worse, ten people may have ten different reasons.

but if you get to know people who are getting better and better, their lives tend to be strikingly similar.

in this era of hustle and bustle and everyone's pursuit of free personality, the way smart people live consists of these three things: reading, saving money, and enjoying solitude.


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although many people talk about reading, there are very few people who can really read and calm down to read.

does not mean that you have read a few online novels and turned a few pages of successful books, even if you have read a book. At best, it can only be regarded as browsing, not reading.

in today's society, the pace of life is many times faster than it was ten years ago, and we are more and more accustomed to fragmented information acquisition. short videos take only 15 seconds, an article is only a few hundred words, and a movie is opened and fast-forwarded, maybe in 20 minutes.

it's already too hard for you to sit down quietly and read a book word by word.

Modern people's reading, the pursuit of short and fast, the pursuit of information increment, the pursuit of sensory stimulation, so suspense reasoning novels are popular, love sweet pet articles are very popular.

but those masterpieces and obscure humanities and social science books are often placed in the corner of the bookstore and no one is interested.

Reading is not utilitarian, nor is it that you wrap your own business card, but you are nourishing your soul. Reading does not make you rich, but it can make you live a fuller, richer life and get closer to your inner self.


I once saw a survey report that said:

45% of the post-90s generation have substantial debts, with an average debt amount of 120000, accounting for 1850% of monthly income, which means that it takes the person nearly 19 months without food or drink to pay off his debts.

Today's merchants are very accurate about the minds of consumers. Various installments, credits, and preferential measures emerge one after another. Advertising slogans are so hyped that they can have a new lipstick if they pay dozens of yuan a month. If you pay more than 1,000 a month, you can get the latest iPhone.

it seems that the exquisite life in the advertisement is readily available, and you only need to pay a little every month.

under such brainwashing, overspending has become a habit of many young people, and they have become the most contradictory group of people in this society. It looks gorgeous, but in fact it is heavily in debt.

exquisite poverty, this new term is to describe this group of people who are trapped in the consumption trap.

A person who does not know how to save money and does not have any concepts or plans for consumption, expenditure, income, financial management, etc., is very difficult to live a good life, the future is full of uncertainty, and your ability to take risks is basically zero.

people who are really smart realize the importance of existence early on. They don't spend too much, let alone get themselves heavily in debt.

most of the time, the more sober you live, the better your life will be. it's not natural luck, it's what you deserve.

enjoy being alone

Smart people all know that low-quality social interaction is not as good as high-quality solitude.

when your social interaction no longer brings you happiness and energy, but rather consumes your energy, you should know that you should give up, otherwise you will only get more and more tired in the days to come.

Don't go to those meaningless dinners, parties and events if you can. When you live to a certain age, you should understand: it's not that the more people you know, the better your life will be.

on the contrary, if you invite too many people into your life, it will inevitably be crowded.

when you lose the focus of life and life, you will gradually become numb, confused and no longer know what you want and how to do it.

spare your heart and time and enjoy your time quietly. When you are alone, you are close to yourself and it is easier to listen to your inner voice.

when you are alone, you are free, no makeup, no camouflage, no need to think about how to say this sentence, and no need to worry about not taking good care of you. You are your own, you can have a good rest, absorb nutrients, and do what you like.

learn to enjoy being alone so that you can enjoy your life.

there are thousands of ways for a person to live his life well. As long as it is suitable and you like it, your way of living will be the way of smart people.

, enjoy life, enjoy your life.