Suggest selling retired search and rescue dogs to dog butchers? My dirty words are on the tip of my tongue.

Suggest selling retired search and rescue dogs to dog butchers? My dirty words are on the tip of my tongue.

Such people are not stupid, but have a bad heart.

every day, I will be so angry by some human behavior that I can't speak.

the day before yesterday,

@ China Fire Protection

sent a Weibo message about a private message received by their official account.

Please do a good job in psychological construction ahead of time, which is really exasperating.

stand on the so-called objective point of view to speak his great truth, but every word reveals the word "sick".

some dogs have been strictly trained to become small soldiers on the rescue front.

and some people have enjoyed basic compulsory education, but even the most basic human empathy has been lost!

what is infuriating is that there are not a few people who hold the idea that "killing and eating meat is the maximum value".

in their minds, dogs are animals, and even if they save a lot of lives, they are still animals.

finish its

after work, it is best to be squeezed out of the last bit of residual utilization value.

but how can their value be determined by those of you who have never raised it, trained it, or even seen it?

although they are all dogs, not as smart as humans, not as advanced as human evolution, the completion of search and rescue missions is also driven by long-term training instincts.

but isn't their social value much greater than these so-called higher humans who only know how to "eat"?

more recently, they were found at the rescue scene during the flood in Henan last year.

I saw the news two days ago that all the 67 search and rescue dogs have passed away.

the last one, Bingjie, left three months ago.

he is a Spinger search and rescue dog. He was just over 1 year old when he took part in the rescue, and his trainer was only 24 years old.

now the first girl saved by it has been admitted to Beijing normal University.

and the 14-year-old it, because the search and rescue left behind the sequelae of leg injury and cardiopulmonary injury.

in the last few months of life, he is even unable to walk at all and can only be held by the instructor.

on October 2, 2021, Bing Jie died of complications of senile disease.

also fresh in my memory is Shen Hu, a search and rescue dog in the Wenchuan earthquake.

he is a German shepherd.

in Beichuan disaster area, 15 people were rescued in 14 days.

because it is difficult to drink water in the search and rescue, inhaled dust, lost more than ten jin, but also got bladder stones, heart and lung function was also damaged.

in 2016, Shen Peng, a retiring trainer, applied to the army to adopt Shen Hu.

at that time, Shen Hu was 10 years old and had reached the age of retirement.

as a result, no trainer retired from the army that took away the search and rescue dog precedent, setting a precedent for Shen Hu.

after Shen Peng brought Shen Hu home, he took good care of him. The moments are all Shen Hu's daily life.

on September 29, 2019, Shen Hu, who was getting worse and worse, suddenly fell ill and left on his way to the hospital.

Shen Peng couldn't let it go for a long time.

on May 12, 2020, Shen Hu returned to the Nanjing Fire Brigade where he worked in the form of a statue.

Shen Peng wept with the statue of Shen Hu in his arms.

I think, as an ordinary person with normal emotions.

seeing these stories and these pictures, it is impossible not to be moved!

in the minds of many people, dogs are not friends of human beings, they are just ordinary species of nature.

but these dogs spend their whole lives trying to save the lives of people they don't know.

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even if you don't think of it as a friend, you can't think of eating it.

obviously should be wagging tail with the host spoiled character, but to obediently stand in their own post, can not be out of line.

therefore, when we see that the working dogs have regained their liveliness after retirement, we are very happy for them.

like the map of search and rescue dogs in Wuhan, there has never been a false alarm in 9 years of search and rescue work, and has won third-class meritorious service.

it officially retired in August 2020 and was adopted by the first trainer, Zhang Kui.

when he first left the army, Tutu still had wounds that had not healed at the time of rescue.

but only two months later. Zhang Yan said: it is very clingy now, and it has learned to tear down the house!

netizens have said: too happy for it, this is the most gratifying ending.

I know that some people will definitely say that eating dog meat is not a heinous thing, and there is no need to hold on to it just because a netizen's argument involves search and rescue dogs.

We don't discuss the topic of "can we eat dog meat" that can't convince each other day and night.

Let's narrow it down to "search and rescue dogs".

that's a rescue dog!

for us, although there is no emotional connection to get along with each other day and night, there is a projection of life-saving feelings.

as long as aPeople with normal emotions will never associate them with killing and eating meat.

not to mention maximizing benefits.

if you have this idea, then I can only say that you should first think about what you have to do to maximize the benefits of society.