Thank you for not treating me as a "bad guy."

Thank you for not treating me as a "bad guy."

Don't despise the fools around you.


I once played the "bad guy" when I was a freshman.

the department is going to shoot an experimental program, the entrance of the subway in the university town, falsely claiming that he has lost his friend and left his cell phone and bag with his friend, hoping that passers-by can borrow it to make a phone call.

what if passers-by are willing to borrow their cell phones?

add another play, my friend has hitchhiked out of the university town, hoping to borrow some money to take a taxi.

I didn't have much hope for the experiment at first.

borrow a cell phone? Maybe.

when it comes to money, I think most people are sensitive.

I stood nervously at the entrance of the subway looking for a target and decided to target a girl who was more talkative.

A lovely girl came face to face and looked at each other for two seconds. I was about to walk over. She seemed to feel something and walked away quickly.

I still aim at girls without giving up, but maybe girls are naturally sensitive and have failed several times in a row.

there is only two steps away from me. I didn't even finish saying "Hello" when the other person just left.

the experiment couldn't go on all the time, so my sister suggested to me, "Why don't you try it with a boy?"

things are miraculously starting to go well.


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when I said I wanted to borrow my phone, except for one or two people who refused, others hesitated and agreed.

I dialed my sister's phone according to the preset plot and walked away with the phone according to the instructions on the phone.

at this time, most people will follow nervously to make sure that my phone and I are within their control.

hang up the phone, and I continue to ask for a loan.

after talking about money, the attitude of passers-by has obviously changed.

most people changed their faces slightly and showed me the small change they had in their pockets. some people said they went out without their wallets and walked away quickly.

I thought I would always be embarrassed and not get any help.

but unexpectedly, most people still lend me a helping hand in various ways.

A passer-by responded tactfully.

he said he could call a taxi for me, then borrow my phone and ask my friend to pay for me at the drop-off point.

in the experiment that day, I was panicked by some refusals and touched by some help.

I was particularly impressed by one of the boys.


after I stopped him by the side of the road, I nervously forgot my words. I didn't even say why. I asked, "can you lend me your phone?"

he gave me his phone without any hesitation. After dialing the phone, I skillfully walked away, but he was still in place and didn't follow me.

Sister simply issued instructions: "you go a few meters further."

seeing that I was ten meters away, he was still quietly waiting in place.

the play always goes on. I went back to return his cell phone and asked carefully, "my friends have left. I have to go to them. Can you lend me some money?"

without hesitation, he gave me all the change in his trouser pocket, 12.50 yuan and asked me, "is that enough?"

seeing that I stood still and did not answer, he probably thought that there was not enough money and I was embarrassed to open my mouth. He opened his schoolbag and took out his wallet: "will twenty more be enough?"

I was so surprised that I blurted out, "aren't you afraid I'm a bad guy?"

he smiled: "you don't look like a bad guy."

at that time, I thought he was naive and unvigilant, but in the interview afterwards, he gave his own answer.


"it's dangerous for a girl to get separated from her friend. I think I can help if I can. Even if she is really cheating money, I only lost dozens of yuan, if it is really able to help her, I am very happy. "

he smiled and said, "I didn't follow her because I wasn't afraid that she would run away with my phone. I thought I could outrun her." I think she went far away to make a phone call because there was something inconvenient for me to hear, so I didn't follow her. "

after the interview, I choked up and kept saying "Thank you" and "Sorry" to him.

I'm sorry I lied to you anyway.

Thank you for not treating me as a bad person.

We are always on the lookout for the world.

so I never blame people who choose to ignore. That's not indifference. I prefer to understand it as a kind of self-protection.

it's just that the experiment that day made me realize one thing: there are still many "fools" in this world who are willing to let their guard down.

Edit press.

this is a real "experiment report".

I remember that I once met an old woman at the entrance of the subway. She was carrying a bag, said it had been cut, and asked me if she could borrow some money to go home.

later, a friend encountered the same "routine" on the subway. She posted to her moments to realize that she had been cheated, and there was a message saying that she was stupid.

I couldn't bear to comment on this paragraph: "We will do a lot of wrong things out of kindness, such as being cheated, such as hurting others because of the wrong form." But goodwill is right in itself, thank you. "

I say this because I have seen too much goodwill that has been erased in criticism.

from childhood teachers and parents' teachings, friends' experiences of being cheated, and the malice spread on the Internet, we do gradually begin to know how to make ourselves "safer".

it's just the price of this security, sacrificing a large part of your goodwill.

but as long as someone is willing to be stupid, there is room for flexibility.

good night.