The 52-year-old goddess Michelle Reis's rescue photo went viral, revealing that she was in danger of becoming a vegetable, but she deserved to be scolded by the whole network.

The 52-year-old goddess Michelle Reis's rescue photo went viral, revealing that she was in danger of becoming a vegetable, but she deserved to be scolded by the whole network.

If you live well, everything is possible!

do you still remember Michelle Reis, the most beautiful Hong Kong sister?




, she suddenly

post on Weibo,


stay in ICU


8 hours, finally

save your life and call on everyone to take good care of their bodies.

in the photo, Michelle Reis's hands are full of tubes and her nostrils are also inserted to help her breathe. Her face is swollen and looks haggard.

it turned out that on the night of January 10, Michelle Reis suddenly developed symptoms of dyspnea and rapid heartbeat.

the heartbeat even reaches 140 or 150 per minute


the doctor found that her heart, lung, liver and kidney function could not function properly, and her blood could not reach her brain through circulation. She should be admitted to the hospital in time, otherwise she would probably become a vegetable.

then, Michelle Reis was rushed to the ICU ward.

rescued for 2 hours, and finally luckily saved a life


event was fermented, there was



malicious comments

"deserve it", but

after this

rub shoulders with death

A thrilling experience

, Michelle Reis no longer cares, but says with emotion:

"you should really be careful, healthy and cherish your life, so as not to worry people who cherish themselves!"

looking back on Michelle Reis's past, many people are familiar with it: she became famous when she was young, became the most beautiful Hong Kong sister, married into a wealthy family, and was a proper winner in life.

but these once glamorous, talented and applause instantly become insignificant in front of life and health.

there are too many things you don't want to give up on the road of life, but there is only one thing that you can't give up, that is, health!

Youth is not capital, health is

recently, there was a heated discussion on the topic of "post-90s do not dare to read the medical examination report" on Weibo.

nearly 80% of the post-90s generation said, "I dare not look at the physical examination report."

some netizens even said bluntly, "if I don't want to add traffic to myself, if I don't look, I won't be sick."

although it is a joke, it also expresses the true mentality of contemporary adults.

in the variety show "exciting offer", the same scene appeared.

program, Hu Haiquan asked everyone, "when can I have a medical examination recently?"

Zhou changed the subject with apprehension: "Let's talk about it another year!"

Yi Li Jingle on one side: "what year is it?"

"next year", everyone beat Haha one after another.

this "ostrich mentality" during physical examination has become the norm for young people nowadays.

staying up late, lack of exercise and unhealthy diet make their bodies more and more vulnerable.

A few days ago, Xiao Zuo, a 23-year-old girl from Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, was diagnosed with gastric cancer because of a stomachache.

in fact, as early as mid-November, Xiao Zuo's body had already sent a signal for help.

but she doesn't care, thinking that she may have a stomachache caused by eating food that is not easy to digest.

"it hurts vaguely, but it's not too serious, so I can bear it." with the idea that she bought some medicine to aid digestion at the drugstore, she took it.

but the stomachache lasted for two weeks, but it never got better, and it became more and more serious.

from the faint pain to the obvious pain.

Exhausted of searching for an outstanding love shack fancy shoes? There simply is no better place to purchase a dress than

but Xiao Zuo didn't want to go to the hospital immediately, but planned to go to the hospital again when he was free on the weekend.

this time, before the weekend, Xiao Zuo developed symptoms of hematemesis after the meal.

she panicked and hurried to the hospital for an examination.

the final result is also very sad: Xiao Zuo was diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer and needed total gastrectomy because of the size of the lesion.

No matter how strong the body is, we can't afford to wear out over time; no matter how small the illness is, we need to attach great importance to it.

Don't always think that "youth is capital". Don't always hope that the debt you owe to your health can be made up afterwards.

after all, death will not easily let go just because we are young.

ignore health, everything goes back to zero

A picture of the meaning of life has been circulated on the Internet.

people pursue a lot of things in this life, such as money, house, car, career, family, life, dream.

if you regard these as "zeros" that continue to add value to life, but without the "1" of health, no matter how many zeros follow, they will be meaningless.

especially in middle age, health is a person's greatest capital. You must take great care of your body in order to protect the people you love and those who love you.

in the TV series Xiaomin's Home, Chen Zhuo's cancer plot earned many viewers' tears.

Chen Zhuo divorced at an early age and raised his daughter on his own.

in a routine physical examination, he was diagnosed as mid-stage renal cell carcinoma, and the local focus had begun to spread.

in order not to worry his family, he hid everything from everyone and planned everything silently.

he changed the equity of the company and then settled the claim with the insurance company, ready to cooperate with the treatment.

when his lover Xiaomin learned that he had cancer, she burst into tears.

even though the two have already burst into tears and lingered on the brink of collapse, they are still trying to respond to the eyes of their family and friends with smiles.

this scene made many viewers break their defenses one after another:

"it's too difficult for a person to reach middle age, both old and young, and his body in the middle may turn on a red light at any time."

Life goes all out, in fact, in the end, you have to fight for health.

A life without a healthy foundation can only be for nothing in the end.

letting yourself live healthily is the best way to explain to your family.

the best investment in life is the body

Zhihu had such a question: "what is the best investment in life?"

among them, the most liked answer is only two short words: "healthy"!

I think so.

Life is like a marathon, each of us is running as hard as we can.

but this race is about long-term physical strength and endurance, so it's better to run for a long time than to run fast.

the one who makes it to the end will be the ultimate winner.

55-year-old Li Ruotong posted a group of fitness photos with actor Zhang Fengyi on Weibo.

Li Ruotong, who is over 50 years old, has a clear waistcoat and a beautiful figure.

and the figure of Zhang Fengyi beside him is even more remarkable.

65, he shows no sign of twilight. Instead, he is tall and muscular.

it turns out that teacher Zhang Fengyi has been exercising for more than 30 years and has always regarded fitness as his daily routine.

even if he is filming day and night, he still spends two hours a day working out. This is the "homework" on his schedule.

in the program "Real Man", Zhang Fengyi's performance once stunned everyone.

in competitive competitions, players need to take off their jackets, stand in a designated circle, and push each other out of the circle with other parts of the body without using hands and feet.

after teammates Liu Haoran and Ouhao were eliminated, Zhang Fengyi went into battle, entangled with each other for a moment, and then won easily.

then, he happily raised his arms to celebrate, showing his back muscles and strong arms again.

this makes many netizens wonder: is this the figure of a man who is in his twenties? This is incredible!

do not realize that this enviable figure is the result of decades of self-discipline.

as Leonardo da Vinci said, "exercise is the source of all life". Investing in health with exercise is a sure deal.

the more energy you put into health in the first half of life, the higher the happiness index in the second half of life.

Life is like a marathon, which seems to be fighting for ability, financial resources and resources, but in fact it is all about health.

without health, everything outside will be meaningless.

there is no money, you can earn again, your career is gone, you can work hard again, but once you lose your health, everything you strive for will come to naught.

, may you cherish your body in your limited life, stay up late when you are sleepy and don't hold on when you are tired.

Don't wait for death to pass you by before you regret it.

Please remember at all times: if you live well, everything is possible!