The best blessing: kindness (good text in depth)

The best blessing: kindness (good text in depth)

Peace of mind is the true meaning of life, kindness is the greatest blessing.


Mr. Nan Huaijin once said, "you can tell at a glance that people have noble spirit."

this is true. A person's face and language is the business card of walking the world.

although some people are gorgeously dressed, they look bad, haggle over everything, and virtually lose their blessings.

in fact, the greatest nobility of a person is kindness, and the best blessing is kindness.

have a good face and family harmony

the ancients said: "the appearance of Comte, but the way is from."

in life, the depth of self-cultivation and the level of virtue can be seen in the face.

people who are wise and virtuous always have a kind face and smile, even when they encounter annoying trifles.

such people tend to be kind to others and have a harmonious family.

in ancient times, there was a peasant household. During the Spring Festival, the wife took out the money she had saved for a long time and asked her husband to take to the streets to sell meat. On the way to the market, the money was lost accidentally.

on the way home, the husband was still humming without the slightest sign of worry.

the neighbor was puzzled and said, "if you didn't buy meat, aren't you afraid of your wife complaining?"

the husband smiled and said, "my wife has a kind face and never loses her temper."

if so, when his wife heard this, she just laughed at him for being careless, so she stopped worrying about it.

it is precisely because the wife has a kind face, does not care about things, and has a good state of mind in case of trouble, the husband and wife will be harmonious and the children will be filial.

later, their family became more and more prosperous and became the richest man in the area.

Goodall said, "phase comes from the heart."

A person is kind-hearted, tolerant, considerate, does not blame, does not complain, will naturally have a dignified appearance, stretch his eyebrows and eyes, and often smile.

unwittingly, it creates a friendly magnetic field that makes people want to get close. At the same time, it affects the people around you, so as to have a happy life and a harmonious family.

speak kindly and eliminate troubles

the moral Sutra. In Chapter 8, it is said: "be kind and benevolent, and be kind and faithful."

means: when getting along with others, be kind to others; when talking to others, be kind.

most of the troubles in life come from interpersonal relationships.

speak kindly, know how to think of others, consider the feelings of others, do not argue, do not lie, do not evaluate, not only respect others, but also avoid unnecessary troubles.

once upon a time, a Taoist priest and his disciples went down the mountain to give almates. while drinking tea in a teahouse by the side of the road, a beggar came forward, framed the chief Taoist and found the silver money he had put on the table.

after hearing this, the Taoist said kindly to the beggar, "take this money as compensation for you." Then he gave the beggar ten coins.

the disciple said inexplicably, "he is obviously a liar, why didn't the master expose him?"

the preacher said, "since you know his purpose, what's the point of talking more?"

the Taoist in the story understands the beggar's mind, but does not expose it, and gives away his money, reducing unnecessary disputes.

it is hard to see the whole picture of life, a little more gentle concern, less malicious accusation, more warm language, less sharp argument.

in this life, I will live at ease, peace and joy.

the heart is kind, and all diseases do not give birth to

Zhang Peiren, a famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty, once said, "when people are always happy, their hearts are filled with qi and the five internal organs are safe."

the world is a mirror. People who are clear-hearted, kind-hearted and kind-hearted will also shine out a better world and a healthy body.

A person with peace of mind and calm atmosphere can often stay away from depressed mood.

someone asked Zhang Zhishun, a centenarian Taoist, "what is the secret of keeping good health?"

Zhang Daochang said: "to be kind and kind to others is the best way to maintain good health."

this is exactly what happened to the Taoist master's life.

when he was young, in order to see a doctor for the children in the village, he was often too busy to sleep for a few days. Even if he was misunderstood, he did not complain.

after being over 100 years old, in order to help more people understand the Dharma, they have shared their experiences many times without reservation.

it is this big pattern and great boldness that enables him to have a good state of mind and be awe-inspiring.

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as the ancients said, "you don't lose your place for a long time."

A wise man is always true to his heart, does not lose his nature, does not lose himself, and pleases himself when he treats others kindly. if he always has joy, he will be in good health and prolong life.

A writer once said, "the greatest blessing in life is nothing in the mind, no illness, and the company of the family."

I have a deep feeling that when I reach middle age, I have experienced all kinds of ups and downs and watched everything impermanent. Then also understand that peace of mind is the true meaning of life, kindness is the greatest blessing.

with a smile and a kind face, the family will be in harmony.

only when you think of others and speak kindly can you reduce your troubles.

with good thoughts and kind thoughts, it is difficult for a hundred poisons to invade.

May we nourish our hearts with good thoughts, treat the world with kindness, have a blessed face and live a happy life for the rest of our lives.