The best fortune teller in the world! (classic)

The best fortune teller in the world! (classic)

Three minutes of destiny, seven minutes of man-made.


Qingcheng Mountain, a Taoist shrine, has a famous couplet:

everything is man-made, don't say everything is fate.

the environment is created by the mind, and a step back is naturally broad.

Life is a process of understanding while walking. Everything in the world has its own rules. Many people believe in fortune-telling and think it works. In fact, it is just the cooperation of people in the unconscious.

people often say, "three minutes of destiny, seven percent of man."

in the final analysis, the most powerful fortune-teller in the world is not fate, but man himself!


the most effective fortune teller in the world is called cause and effect

reap what you sow, reap what you sow.

whatever you plant, you will reap.

sow good for good, and evil for evil.

after decades of life, I gradually find that, somehow, everything has cause and effect.

all blessed places are never separated from the heart.

be kind to others and help others, and happiness will come naturally.


the most eternal change in the world is called impermanence

Life is impermanent, impermanence is constant.

you never know what will happen next.

at this time, we are in high spirits, and maybe the next second will be a complete failure.

I'm in a mess at this time, and maybe the next second will be a twist.

the world is unpredictable.

since it is unpredictable, it is better to remain indifferent.

No pride in gain, no depression in loss.

in this way, life can be free.


the cheapest happiness in the world is called Suiyuan

the ancients said: misfortune and good fortune depend on each other.

good things and bad things are opposite to each other, but they transform each other.

disaster is not necessarily honed by heaven.

it is plain sailing, but it may not be in the mirror.

if you want to understand this, one will know how to go with fate.

Let nature take its course and do its part, life will naturally taste the taste of happiness.


the most effective cosmetology in the world is called Heart width

the Buddha said: things change with the heart, and the environment is created by the mind.

all things are in people's hearts.

put the salt in a glass of water, which is bitter and salty.

put it in a tank of water, but it has no taste.

if you put it in the lake, it can be ignored.

A person's life is nothing but a state of mind.

relax your heart and everything will be open to you.


the safest way to make money in the world is called abstinence

the ancients said: he who is contented is rich.

Life does not necessarily need to be rich, as long as you can control your desires, you are rich.

the human heart is limited and the desire is endless.

learn to control desires and suppress inner demons.

so as not to let themselves run, so that their income will not be able to make ends meet.

Wang Yangming said, "if you reduce one point of human desire, you will regain a point of justice." How light it is, how easy it is! "

only by controlling desires and knowing how to be contented can we reap a happy life.


the quickest relief in the world is called letting go

Master Hongyi said: put down your thoughts and take your time.

there are always many regrets in life, things that are difficult to achieve, people who are difficult to be together.

the manpower is limited, so instead of pursuing hard and making yourself miserable, it is better to let go decisively.

broaden your horizons and take life far away.

the things that are hard to give up at present will eventually disappear with time.


the most magical disaster relief in the world is called introspection

Confucius once praised his proudest disciple: no mistakes.

the same mistake will never be made again.

the ancients said: if you hear it, you will be happy.

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those who are really good regard it as a pleasure to reflect on themselves and find mistakes.

Life is a spiritual practice, reflection and correction is the fastest path of spiritual practice.

only by strangling small mistakes in the cradle can we avoid making big mistakes in life.

only by improving yourself from time to time can you change the future.


the most extraordinary merit in the world is called filial piety.

once upon a time, there was a man who wanted to worship the Buddha. He walked a long way, but did not find a living Buddha.

Finally, one day he dreamed of a fairy and instructed him to say: the living Buddha is the one who wears shoes upside down.

once upon a time, there was a man who wanted to worship the Buddha. He walked a long way, but did not find a living Buddha.

the teenager looked for it for many years, but couldn't find it.

when the mother heard that her son was back, she came to open the door in a panic. As soon as she put on her clothes, her shoes were all worn down.

when her son saw his mother wearing shoes upside down, he suddenly realized: "the two people in the hall are always living Buddhas, so there is no need for Lingshan to reign to the Blessed one."

filial piety comes first. Don't wait for filial piety.

go home with your parents more often when you are free, take them out to have a look, chat, eat and play together.

Let them know new things and enjoy this convenient era together.

filial piety to parents is not only the source of blessing, but also the most extraordinary merit in the world.