The best way for adults to end a relationship

The best way for adults to end a relationship

As he walked, he gradually realized that his view of love was hidden in the end of adult love.

Mr. Gulong once said:

"the most terrible emotion in the world is not hate but love. Because there is love, there is jealousy. It can not only turn people into nerds and lunatics, but also make people blind."

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when you think about it, it is not without reason.

when love is a thing of the past, some people struggle endlessly, resulting in themselves in prison, black and blue, missing out on the beauty.

and some people, no matter how many feelings are difficult, they do not ask to stay or complain, but just leave quietly and forget in the rivers and lakes.

as I walk, I gradually understand that his view of love is hidden in the end of adult love.

not willing to make peace, but only willing to reconcile

people have more or less regretted the quietly lost love in this life.

when this situation has become a recollection, and the sweetheart becomes a passer-by, it is useless to force him to stay and to force him to stay.

that year, Shanghai socialite Sheng Aiyi fell in love with her English teacher Song Ziwen at first sight.

but the Song family was far less well-off than the Sheng family, and this relationship was strongly opposed by Sheng mother, and used an excuse to transfer Song Ziwen to Wuhan.

before leaving, Sheng Aiyi gave him his beloved gold leaf and said to him, "I'll wait for you to come back" and waited bravely.

this wait is seven years.

Seven years later, I finally look forward to a lover, who has ever thought that he is already a husband.

the average person, after spending the best years in a relationship, will be unwilling to end up empty.

at that time, Sheng Aiyi had two choices: either make a scene with Soong Ziwen and ask for an explanation, or let go and not disturb each other.

after a serious illness, she chose to let go and turned to marry her mother's inner nephew, Zhuang Zhujiu.

later, Song Ziwen learned that the golden leaf was a pledge of love, and the sentence "I'll wait for you to come back" was not a casual remark.

maybe she feels guilty or wants to get back together again. Soong Ziwen once created an opportunity to invite her to dinner through the Sheng family.

but as soon as Sheng Aiyi saw Song Ziwen, he only said coldly, "my husband is still waiting for me at home." he got up and left.

afterwards, someone mentioned the matter and felt sorry for her, but she said with relief:

"Why do I bother to talk to him? everyone has their own lives, so there is no need to get into trouble again.

and he is triumphant, why should I curry favor with him? "

A relationship, if you can't go back to the past, you might as well be a stranger at the end of the world, and there will be no future.

but in life, not everyone can see through and leave so decisively like Sheng Aiyi.

there are many people who would rather break the net than stop here after they are separated.

as a result, the Qing Qing in the past has become a life-and-death struggle today.

there is a good saying:

"he has forgotten, why obsession with flowers, lonely old age; heart has sunk in the sea, why forget fish, deep-sea heart scar."

some people, as long as they have been in love, the fate has broken up, and there is no need to let the wrong people stay in life.

the writer Oscar Wilde said:

"I have to forgive something for myself.

because one cannot get up every night and plant thorns in the garden of the soul. "

to reconcile is not to forgive the injury caused by each other, nor to have affection for each other.

but, the heart is tired, the love is broken, the tears are dry, the pain is entangled, it is meaningless.

not as good as, turn around and forget, each is well.

won't make do with it, just pay attention to

Weibo, there was a topic once asked: "Why can't you make do with falling in love?"

below, there is a high praise comment: "I have only one life, and I cannot give generously to those who do not love."

I agree with you.

everything in the world has cause and effect. You will make do with your feelings, and your feelings will make do with you.

in the movie Veil, Kitty has been expected by her mother to marry a rich man since she was a child.

but the 25-year-old is still alone.

this let mother feel extremely disappointed, all kinds of cynicism to her.

at a ball, Kitty met Walter, a silent doctor.

Walter fell in love with her at first sight, but Kitty had no feelings for Walter except that he was a rich doctor.

her parents said he was a good marriage partner, so she married him in a hurry.

however, after getting along with each other after marriage, Kitty realized that she didn't know her husband at all, and the husband was not the other half of her ideal.

the current marriage life is not what Kitty dreamed of at all. Originally lively and active, she lost her hope for life.

make do with your feelings, make do with your marriage, and end up living a comfortable life.

in many cases, in order not to be urged to marry, you find a similar person and get married in a hurry.

in the end, I've thought about it, it's not good, if I want to leave, I can't.

you think it's about the same, but it's actually a lot worse.

when you live a lifetime, you can force yourself to eat food and wear clothes you don't like.

but the relationship is not.

once you choose to make do with it, you can't be particular about your feelings.

only by being fastidious can you meet an insipid person who can not only accompany you to enjoy romantic romance, but also walk through pots and pans together.

if you want to love well, don't take it easy.

as Cai Kangyong once said, "Don't make do with it is the best respect for life."

how short life is, how can feelings make do with it?

when we come to earth, we want to have meals with the people we love most, watch the flowers and enjoy the moon, and hug each other until we are old.

be the best of yourself and meet the right person

some people say:

"the best way to love someone is to manage yourself and give each other a high-quality lover.

instead of trying to be nice to someone, that person will love you desperately.

earthly feelings inevitably have a realistic side: you are valuable, and your efforts are valued. "

the true meaning of love is told in a few words.

in Vanity Fair, Amelia's attitude towards her beloved George is very uncomfortable.

Amelia and George made an early engagement at the behest of their parents.

from the day Amelia grew up, she took George as her whole life and missed him all the time.

she would stand at the window every day, waiting for him to arrive.

but the nicer Amelia was to George, the less George cared about her.

he seldom wrote to her and was reluctant to mention Amelia even in front of his friends.

but Amelia was not angry, but went home alone and went to bed.

sometimes, if you put up with it again and again in your relationship, you will not get calm and good times, but greater grievances and neglect.

like Amelia and George, no matter how bad George is to her, she never blames George, so in this relationship, she is doomed to live wronged.

when you no longer value yourself, you won't get the respect and attention of the other person.

began to care about themselves, the axis of life no longer revolves around George, but mainly about themselves.

dress up carefully, wear beautiful clothes, attend friends' parties, have their own social circle, and see the world outside the kitchen.

she no longer considered whether George was happy, but whether she was happy or not.

becoming Jane Austen, there is a saying:

"Don't lose yourself in front of anything, not even dogma, even the eyes of others, even love."

A love humble to the dust turns out to be a self-exhausting emotion.

it can not be exchanged for true love, nor can it be valued, but it will only be exchanged for disgust, and it will only make itself lose itself in many compromises.

if you don't care about yourself, who else will love you?

what kind of person you are, that's what you attract.

only when you live your best life will you have a chance to meet the best people.

the fate between people is deep and shallow. We always have to say goodbye to the wrong person in order to make room for the right person.

for some people, as long as they have been in love, they don't have to care about whether they stay or not.

some people, do not love, no matter how appropriate, do not make do with it.

when you make the best of yourself, someone will come for you.

as the writer Su Cen once said:

"I am ready to spend the rest of my life with you, and I am ready to leave at any time. This is probably the best view of love."


May you never be disappointed in the rest of your life, and may your loved ones love you, become the best of yourself, and rush to your own spring blossoms.

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