The deepest understanding after middle age: the smaller the pattern, the more things will be broken.

The deepest understanding after middle age: the smaller the pattern, the more things will be broken.

People with a rich heart can live out countless wonderful and countless postures.

when I was in college, I took a management course.

once, a professor over 50 years old talked about Maslow's level of needs in the light of his own experience.

he pointed to the picture and said to us:

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"people have limited energy and time in this life, so they can't do everything. You have to understand what is the most important, do not spend too much energy on the material level, pay more attention to take care of the family, to enrich the spirit. "

the half slope of life, the more alive, the more thorough, only then did I understand the profound meaning of what the professor said many years ago:

low material configuration, high family configuration and spiritual top configuration are the best way for a person to live.

low material configuration

Hemingway said that in an era of luxury and waste, what human beings really need is very few.

when you are middle-aged, when you filter out unimportant impurities, you are actually losing your burden.

, the fee adds up to 1000 yuan.

this is a considerable income for him, whose monthly salary was only about 60 yuan at that time.

although the economy has become well-off, his food, clothing, housing and transportation are still the same, not wearing good clothes and famous watches.

someone advised him to buy himself a brand-name shirt, but he refused, saying that "wearing a famous brand is a burden."

he devoted himself to his career and finally wrote works such as the course of Beauty and the History of Modern Chinese thought.

in this day and age, many people seem to dominate matter, but they are actually dominated by matter.

what we try our best to possess has become the greatest fetter of life, and there is no place for the soul.

the ancient Greek philosopher Epicotta once said that one's happiness in life should come from minimizing dependence on foreign things.

Global tax exemption Group, although a world-famous billionaire, has always adhered to a simple lifestyle.

he runs all kinds of luxury goods, but his shabby glasses are picked out from the grocery store and the $10 Casio watch is bought from a stall. He says the cheap watch is just as punctual.

he doesn't have his own car. He always goes out by bus and often holds all kinds of documents with a plastic bag in his hand.

this is Chuck Finney's simple way, without a dazzling array of things, physically and mentally at ease; without the desire to fill discontent, to live a simple and rich life.

psychologist Schwartz put forward a concept called "choice paradox":

Happiness means freedom and choice, but more freedom and choice does not lead to greater happiness.

on the contrary, the more choices, the less happiness.

in fact, everything around you is also a burden on you.

teenagers lust for material abundance, but when they reach middle age, they should learn to subtract from life.

get rid of unimportant things and live a focused life, leaving room for life.

High-end family

Lin Yutang said that the ideal family life is to have a wife who is smiling and Yan Yan and several lovely children who can run with him in the heavy rain.

later, with a lifetime of love, he turned his ideal into reality.

since his marriage, he has devoted almost all his time to his family except writing.

Lin Yutang often makes beautiful gadgets out of clay and candles and gives them to children as gifts. Whenever I have free time, I blow soap bubbles with the children.

when he was poor, he and his wife broke a penny in half. When life is safe, they enjoy life together.

the two also have conflicts, but every time Lin Yutang takes the initiative to coax his wife to laugh.

on the day of the golden wedding, Lin Yutang specially cast a brooch of "Golden Yuanyuan" and engraved it with the immortal poem "Old Lover" by Mus Whitcan Lilai, dedicated to his wife.

after half a lifetime, we will find that our family is our most important career, and the degree of intention to run a good family determines the temperature of a family's life.

No matter how much wealth is not as good as family harmony, no matter how great fame is not as happy as family happiness.

Cao Dewang, the king of glass, once had an affair, so he wrote to his wife and asked for a divorce.

Cao Dewang was silent for a long time after hearing his wife's reply.

instead of making a decision right away, he went out of his way to understand other people's marriage life, collected all kinds of marriage samples, and finally understood one truth:

there is no absolutely happy family, men must assume the responsibility of the family and make the family happy and glorious.

he gave up the idea of divorce and put his family first. He didn't change his mind for decades, and even wrote all his possessions in his wife's name.

Zhou Guoping once said that home is a small boat that will carry us through such a long time.

when I was young, I felt that the world was so big that I could go everywhere.

after middle age, I suddenly realized that home is the only destination in this life.

instead of focusing on running out, it is better to pay more attention to the family and raise the child.

spiritual top match

the movie Shawshank's Redemption has an impressive plot.

the main characterAndy was still refreshed after being locked up by the warden for two weeks for putting "Figaro's wedding" in prison.

it was a tough solitary day for others, but Andy thought it was the most comfortable two weeks for him.

Andy explained to his cellmates that because of Mozak's company, the music was in his heart and in his head, and it was the sound of nature, and it was a treasure that could not be taken away.

as the Austrian poet Rilke said, "when the soul loses the temple, Rain Water will drop on his heart."

to be born a human being, you need not only a shelter for the body, but also a habitat for the soul.

whether it is playing, painting, playing, playing, playing and singing, we should all have the same interest to enrich our lives and hearts.

Mu Xin once posted a sentence from Flaubert on his desk: "Art is vast enough to occupy a person."

for him, the world is just a place to stay, and the vast spiritual world is his place to wander.

in the 1960s, Muxin was locked up in a dark and damp air-raid shelter, eating sour steamed bread and moldy pickles every day. When the meal came up, it was covered with flies before the chopsticks were moved.

fate is so difficult, but Mu Xin looks up at the stars in the ditch.

on the paper on which he wrote his confession, he secretly drew black keys and played them beautifully on the silent keyboard.

he writes notes of thousands of words every night, has beautiful poems and profound philosophical thoughts, and swims freely in the boundless world of words.

when Mu Xin got out of prison, everyone thought he must be ragged and sloppy.

but in that snowy winter, the wooden heart waist board came out incomparably strong, smiling, very clean, very elegant.

Liang Wendao saw a picture of Mu Xin in his fifties.

there is not a trace of complaint or suffering on his face.

he was very surprised: "this is not like a man who has been in prison. What a strange man."

if the soul is desolate, life will be vulgar.

people with rich hearts can live countless wonderful and countless postures.

know how to nourish the soul, so that in this stereotyped day, we will not be assimilated by vulgarity and will not be overwhelmed by tribulations.

I have heard a saying that every piece of wood can become a Buddha, as long as the superfluous part is removed.

the same is true of life.

when people reach middle age, they cut down on simplicity, don't focus on material things, focus on valuable things, and live the life they want.

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