The first thing you do after getting up early exposes your character.

The first thing you do after getting up early exposes your character.

After a good morning, you can live a good life.

poet Tao Yuanming once said:

"if you don't start all over again in your prime, you can't do it again in the morning."

encourage us in time, but time waits for no man. "

every morning is the most important beginning of the day.

the state in which we get up is also the most real.

the first thing a person does after getting up exposes his character and determines what kind of person he is.


get up early and clean

there is a saying in Zhu Zi's Family motto:

"get up at dawn, sweep the courtyard and be tidy inside and outside."

many people are used to cleaning after getting up.

wipe the dust, clean up the sundries, tidy up the room, and make every part of the house clean and clean.

some people think that sanitation is too hard and unwilling to do it, but they do not know "how to sweep the world without sweeping a house."

there is a stay-at-home mother named Malihui Kondo who was selected as the "100 most influential people in the world" by time magazine because she is good at household hygiene.

she starts cleaning after getting up at five o'clock every morning.

in Kondo's view, a person's living environment is a projection of the inner world.

the living space is clean and tidy, and people's hearts will be relaxed and open-minded.

if the first thing you do after getting up early is cleaning and tidying up your home environment, then you must have a clear sense of order in your heart.

you love life and are good at creating your own comfortable space in a complicated world.


get up early to prepare breakfast

A fast-paced life makes many people busy all day long, not to mention breakfast. They may be busy all day with only one meal.

not only are you hungry, but an irregular diet can also put a great burden on your intestines and stomach.

skipping breakfast not only does great harm to our health, but also makes us miss the wonderful breakfast time.

those who are willing to get up early to prepare breakfast are well aware that breakfast is the button to turn on vitality.

A bowl of hot porridge with fried eggs, a cup of milk and slices of bread, or hand-made dumplings, dumplings and pickles.

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as long as the family sits around the table and shares breakfast, they can start a good day in fireworks.

people who can get up early to make breakfast value their health and cherish every moment of their lives.

they can be kind to every morning, have a good breakfast, have a warm heart, have a strong sense of happiness, and always feel the inadvertent luck in life.


get up early for exercise

Life is in motion.

Psychological research shows that exercise can not only improve mood, but also increase energy.

those who insist on getting up early for exercise not only have good physical quality, but also have a tough and optimistic state of mind.

Disney CEO Robert Iger, in his autobiography the Journey of a Life, mentioned that he gets up on time at 4:30 every morning and goes to the gym for an hour so as not to wake his sleeping family.

then walk into the office on time at 6 o'clock in the morning to start a busy day's work.

after a long period of early exercise, the 71-year-old man does not look old at all. He is tall and straight, his eyes are bright, and he looks more like a 40-year-old man.

Buffett once commented on Iger:

"he is always very calm, rational and reasonable."

people who get up early to exercise are energetic, bold, positive, younger and full of positive energy than their inactive peers. They are all long-term self-disciplined people.


get up early and keep reading

many people read books the first thing they do when they get up in the morning.

in the quiet study, read a book you like and absorb spiritual nutrients.

Han Dynasty Confucian Liu Xiang once said:

"Books are like medicine, and good reading can cure fools."

everyone's wisdom is limited when he is alive.

and reading can make up for the lack of wisdom, cultivate the mind, increase knowledge, and improve ability.

Yan Geling, a famous writer and screenwriter, was born into a scholarly family. since she went to school, she has formed a good habit of reading every day.

get up at five in the morning, spend an hour reading, and arrange other things for the day.

Yan Geling said:

"if you read more books, you will change one's habits of thinking and give yourself the best supplies."

those who insist on getting up early to study are practitioners of lifelong growth.

they are good at time management and are good at using fragmented time to read efficiently.


get up early to listen to music

people who get up early to listen to music are generally emotional and emotional.

after getting up early, they will play beautiful music to stimulate their still sleepy brains and start a new day.

people who like to listen to pop songs are delicate and naturally romantic. They are good at capturing the stories behind the lyrics and melodies. They are the interpretation flowers and pistachios in the eyes of their friends.

people who like to listen to light music are usually meticulous and meticulous.

they are as careful as hair, calm and calm, mild-mannered, but independent.

people who like rock music, insideFull of passion, when the melody sounded, will follow the dance body, rocking heartily.

they are informal, generous and magnificent, and can lead a vigorous, free and easy life.

people who like to get up early to listen to music are emotional people who can find the interest of life, know how to please themselves and release their emotions.

they attach importance to emotion, understand romance, and are rare people of temperament.


get up early to grow flowers and grass

there are many friends around me who like to grow flowers and recommend them.

the first task after getting up early every day is to play with the flowers and plants at home, either pruning branches and leaves, or watering and fertilizing, so that the flowers and plants are full of vitality.

looking at the green plants with luxuriant flowers and leaves, they are full of joy.

people who love to raise flowers and grass must be people who love nature and love to take care of their families.

picking wild flowers by the fence, I accidentally saw Nanshan.

in their view, flowers and plants are the finishing touch in the reinforced concrete world, which can not only improve the home environment, but also bring the aura and vitality of nature to the home.

they want their homes to be green and refreshing.

it is not easy to take care of flowers and plants, from a seed to a seedling to blossom and bear fruit, at least a few months, at least a few years.

coupled with the fact that each kind of flowers and plants have their own temperament and planting methods, people who can manage flowers and plants successfully are down-to-earth and persistent doers.

they are tranquil, patient, work hard and wait for the flowers to bloom.


get up early, meditate, meditate

people who get up early to meditate and meditate will find an undisturbed space to sit still, empty all noisy consciousness in the brain, focus on their own breathing, observe their own thoughts and feelings, and accept reality calmly.

Scientific research shows that when we start meditating, a calming hormone is produced in the brain, which has the same effect as a tranquilizer.

meditation allows people to better manage their emotions and control their attention.

many of the bosses we are familiar with are fans of meditation.

such as Apple founder Steve Jobs, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, NBA star James, etc., they all have the habit of meditating, spending 10-20 minutes meditating at a fixed time every week.

people who get up early and meditate on meditation are more calm and stable.

they are not happy with things, not sad with themselves.

live an easy and enlightened life and are more willing to accept who you are who is imperfect but real enough.

such a person is a person with a clear mind and great wisdom.


get up early to make a plan

everything is done in advance, and if not, it is wasted.

when we want to do something, it's important to plan ahead.

well-known business tycoons Li Ka-shing, Buffett and Wang Jianlin are all good planners.

they arrange the day's schedule every morning, when to do morning exercises, when to read books, and when to have meetings and business trips.

large and small events, priorities, will be listed on a list, clear at a glance.

anyone who can get up early to make a plan knows that a good plan is half the success.

make a good plan, the direction of action will be clearer, reduce blindness, improve the efficiency of doing things, and improve the quality of life.

We often say that when you make a decision, you move later.

people who get up early to make plans are all thoughtful and gully-minded.

they are resourceful, far-sighted and logical, and there is always an alternative to make sure they are foolproof.

through planning, they can make their lives unfold the way they want, and become the designers of fate.

if you want to get to know someone quickly, take a look at the first thing he does when he gets up.

the way he starts the day, where he spends his time and energy, his character and future are hidden.

get up early to exercise, make a big breakfast for your family, make plans for yourself for the day, get up early to read, meditate quietly, or listen to music, clean up, take care of flowers and plants.

No matter what kind of person you are and what kind of choice you make after getting up early, you can live a good life in the morning.

the Miracle of getting up early says:

"all miracles in life happen before 8 o'clock in the morning."

, from now on, let's create miracles together.