The law of Panax notoginseng turns out to be the most comfortable relationship

The law of Panax notoginseng turns out to be the most comfortable relationship

Respecting each other's differences is a lifelong practice.

as the saying goes:

"three points for yourself, seven points for people; three points of seriousness and tolerance for friends; three points of faith in fate and seven points of self-reliance."

"Sanqi Law" is not only applicable to life, but also to the relationship between people.

if you want a comfortable and long-lasting relationship between people, you must understand the "Sanqi Law":

speak clearly, seven points tacit understanding;

three points of communication, seven points of tolerance;

respect three points and cherish seven points.

speak clearly, seven points tacit understanding

in life, everyone has his own position and angle.

sometimes, when two people don't agree with each other, there is no need to agree with each other. Sometimes, two people are relatively speechless, and they don't have to be speechless to talk.

you don't have to get everyone to agree and understand you, and you don't have to please anyone.

learn to walk among people who understand you. You don't have to invite everyone into your life, and you don't have to break into circles that don't belong to you.

there is a saying:

"the best tacit understanding in the world is not that someone understands what you mean or what you want to say, but that someone understands your every look and breath."

there are misunderstandings and contradictions. Three points depend on plain speaking and seven points on tacit understanding.

those who understand your joys and sorrows and know that you are cold and warm must be those who take the initiative to put themselves in your shoes.

three points of communication, seven points of tolerance

whether it is love, affection, or friendship, if you want a long-term and stable relationship, you need to communicate in time and tolerate each other.

Life is not a battlefield, there is no need to compete.

between people, one more understanding will lead to fewer misunderstandings. Between heart and heart, if there is more tolerance, there will be less disputes.

there are some things you need to endure, not anger; for some people, you need to let go, don't investigate. It doesn't matter if you suffer some losses in your mouth, but what if you give him three points.

there is no perfect person in this world. The more you experience, the more you understand that if there is no tolerance, no matter how good the relationship is, it will be tit for tat. No matter how good the relationship is, it will be a stranger and scattered around the world.

be more tolerant of others, know how to observe others' difficulties, tolerate their mistakes, do not criticize others too much, and know how to leave steps for others, in fact, they are leaving a way back for themselves.

A family, the more tolerant it is, the more happiness it will be.

between husband and wife, the more tolerance, the stronger feelings;

among neighbors, the more tolerant they are, the better they get along with each other.

the more tolerance among friends, the longer the friendship.

learn to lose your temper, communicate with each other, tolerate each other, and avoid embarrassment. The most valuable love is always consideration and action.

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respect three points, cherish seven points

Goethe said, "it is difficult to find two identical leaves in a tree, and it is also difficult to find people with identical thoughts and feelings in a thousand people."

the most comfortable relationship between people is: I understand your position and you respect my differences. But even so, it doesn't affect our relationship at all.

respecting each other's differences is a lifetime of spiritual practice.

when we get along with others, we should not only respect each other, but also know how to cherish.

everyone you meet in life has its own cause and effect. Some people give you joy, some people teach you to grow, some people just pass by.

our friends and loved ones come and go. We have met many interesting people and lost many of our once intimate friends.

there are many people who can accompany us for a while, but too few people can accompany us to the end.

when you are alive, no one will accompany you unconditionally. Even your own shadow will be absent on a rainy day. It is providence to meet you, and you are lucky to have it.

A lifetime is not long, and a good relationship has nothing to do with money or status. Only when you know how to cherish it, you deserve to have it for a long time.