The love history of "the ugliest actor" has been exposed: he once guarded the vegetative person's first love for 10 years, married twice but did not have children, and now lives like this.

The love history of "the ugliest actor" has been exposed: he once guarded the vegetative person's first love for 10 years, married twice but did not have children, and now lives like this.

Only Zhang Ye knows how difficult it is to get to where he is today.

A piece of good news went viral on the Internet some time ago.

in the movie Dear, Zhang translates Sun Haiyang, who plays the role of Han Dezhong, and finally finds his abducted son 14 years later.

Zhang Ye also excitedly posted Weibo to congratulate Sun Haiyang and his family on their reunion and wish there would be no crutches in the world!

when I saw the film, my uncle was deeply impressed by Zhang's acting skills. He really performed the ordeal of a father who lost his child and despaired of reality, but still had to live on.

in 2015, Zhang won the Golden Rooster Award for Best supporting Actor for "Dear", his first professional award in the entertainment industry.

at the award ceremony, he could not hide his excitement and modesty and said:

"I just picked up a leak, and they may be an encouragement to a poor man."

before becoming famous, he was not liked because he was "ugly". He was praised by countless people as "no talent for acting" and "being an actor is a dead end." only Zhang Ye knows how difficult it is for him to get to where he is today.

born in Harbin in 1978, Zhang Ye's parents are both teachers and his family is very poor.

Zhang, who aspired to be the "second Luo Jing", applied for the Beijing Broadcasting Institute in his second year of high school and got the first good result in his professional course in the province.

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full of confidence, he made up his mind that he would not be admitted to the Beijing Broadcasting Institute, and despite his parents' opposition in the college entrance examination, he only filled in a volunteer.

this childish act cost him dearly.

Zhang failed the list, and failed for two years in a row, becoming an unemployed youth.

looking at my son's depression, he seems to have lost his mind.

Zhang's parents gritted their teeth and borrowed money from the students' parents so that their son was admitted to the Harbin Repertory Theater Troupe at his own expense.

is also this wrong decision, so that Zhang Ye found what she really loves-acting.

A year later, Zhang Ye went to Beijing to apply for the PLA Academy of Arts and the Central Academy of Drama, but was not admitted.

when he was confused, his parents once again supported him to be admitted to the comrade-in-arms drama troupe of the political Department of the Beijing military region at his own expense, starting his nine-year military career.

after a difficult examination, Zhang finally has a stable place to settle down, but it doesn't mean that his future is bright.

the real test of fate lies ahead.

the average-looking Zhang translator was also chosen as one of the ugliest three people in the group, so he got the nickname "donkey face".

what is even more fatal is that Zhang Ye did not show too much talent in the performance at that time.

watching his teammates enter the play for a second, but his limbs are stiff, he can't get into the play, and Zhang Ye often doubts himself whether he is the material to be an actor.

listen to everyone around you say:

"Zhang Ye has no talent for acting" and "you are dead when you act!"

Zhang, an obstinate translator, doesn't believe in evil. On the contrary, he has to fight hard.

in order to make a living, he does everything related to actors.

he has acted in sketches, recorded radio plays, taken notes, and even worked as a screenwriter for ten years before he finally had a chance to turn around at the age of 28.

in 2006, knowing that director Kang Honglei was going to cast for the Soldier assault, Zhang was determined to seize the opportunity and wrote a 3000-word cover letter.

Director Kang Honglei discovered Zhang's ability to translate from his previous walk-on role, so he gave him the role of "Shijin" monitor.

it was not easy to take a turn for the better, but the regiment was unwilling to let people go: "you can film if you want, unless you change careers."

for the actor's dream, Zhang had to take off his nine-year-old military uniform.

in the Soldier assault, squad leader Shi Jin cried until he choked up at Tiananmen Square before retiring, which made countless audiences cry into tears.

as a matter of fact, the scene translated by Zhang was also crying for himself, and his report on his change of job was approved on that day.

in order to act, he gave up his identity as a soldier, and his heart was hard to give up, and it broke out completely at this moment.

once played Shi Xiaomeng, who abandoned his girlfriend for profit in Beijing Love Story, Zhang Ye is actually an infatuated man in real life.

although it is not allowed to fall in love in the repertory troupe, he still falls in love.

under the threat of "being caught and fired", Zhang Ye talked about secret love with his first girlfriend and had a sweet date in places such as stairways, canteens and classrooms.

because he often had to avoid the captain's arrest, the love affair was thrilling.

however, they were finally separated.

his first girlfriend is very good-looking, talented in acting and well-off, which is very different from him.

when the woman's parents saw Zhang, they could not hide their dislike of him.

"he doesn't look like an actor or an accountant of a brigade. His face seems to make people sit down, but he still sits carelessly."

under the hindrance of the woman's parents, they separated.

however, a year later, a sad news came that his first girlfriend was rushed to the hospital in a car accident and became a vegetable.

ZhangRushed to the hospital, looked at the first love lying on the bed, and shouted to her, "I'm coming."

his first girlfriend, with her eyes closed tightly, shed a teardrop, but did not wake up.

Ten years later, Zhang Ye's first girlfriend died.

this regrettable love has become an everlasting miss in Zhang Ye's heart, and he can only see her in a dream for the rest of his life.

for relationships, Zhang yearns for a stable and long-term marriage.

he said: "I have been too drifting physically, at least my heart should not be too fragmented."

he married twice, the first marriage was a walk-on stage before becoming famous, because his career was not good, the two got together less and divorced more, and finally chose to break up.

in 2006, Zhang Ye finally found a real home, holding hands with Qian Linlin, a CCTV hostess who was 6 years her senior and had a marriage, and the two had been in love for 15 years.

although they did not choose to have children, they raised seven cats together and lived a low-key and happy life.

Zhang admitted that he had many shortcomings. For example, he said he was self-abased, was not very talkative and was not good at communication.

but this kind of self-abased person often accumulates energy that can explode during acting, so he is well aware of his faults but is unwilling to change them.

in the impetuous entertainment industry, he tries to keep himself awake and be on guard against other people's praise, just not to forget his original ideal and ambition to be a good actor.

in my Leader my Troupe, Zhang plays the crippled Meng Wan. in order to make himself more suitable for his role, he requires himself to be lame at all times on the set.

experienced people all know that if there is a disability in the legs, if they do not exercise for a long time, they will gradually shrink and become thinner than normal legs.

during the 172-day shooting cycle of the play, Zhang's left leg was 2 centimeters thinner than his right leg after shooting, so that now he has a problem and is prone to limping.

in me and my Motherland, Zhang Ye plays the role of scientist Gao Yuan, who is praised by the audience for "acting skills that cannot be hidden by wearing a mask." he can make the audience cry just by looking at him.

in order to show that the character is terminally ill from nuclear radiation, Zhang Ye insists on not eating staple food for more than 20 days and eats only one cucumber per meal. He is simply desperate to collapse to a pale face.

when filming "one second", Zhang Yimou ate only a small amount of vegetables and kept on running every day for the sake of Zhang Yimou's "need to see cheekbones". He lost a full 20 jin in a month.

in order to get close to the state of the local people in the desert, although there is makeup artist special makeup to help, Zhang Ye still runs in the hot sun of 42 degrees surface every day, tanning himself. In the end, even Zhang Yimou does not recognize him.

No wonder Yin Tao said, "he is a drama madman." Chen Kaige would say, "Zhang translates the heart, the play is bigger than the sky."

from the comments of insiders on him, we can see that he is serious about his career as an actor.

although he has taken off his military uniform for many years, he is still strict with every work as a soldier, so that he can live up to the expectations of every audience.

he really entered the circle at the age of 28, won his first professional award at 37, and Zhang Yue, 43, was shortlisted for Best Actor for "on the Cliff" and became a hot candidate for the award.

with so many excellent works, he dared to proudly say, "I am an actor."

I think actors with such strength and integrity are the actors needed by this country and this era, and they are really equipped with Grand Slam actors.

, I hope he will continue to be popular.