The new function of Wechat is online: congratulations to those who are clean in moments!

The new function of Wechat is online: congratulations to those who are clean in moments!

Goodbye to the past and let the future come.

recently, Wechat has been updated quietly, adding more than 20 new features.

enable "care mode", text and buttons are larger and clearer; video calls support blurred background; upgrade personal privacy permissions, etc.

has even added the long-awaited voice message pause feature.

but the hottest discussion is the new feature of "deleting friends in batch".

it is undoubtedly more efficient and convenient than a single deleted friend before.

our buddy list has grown several times over time.

in addition to family and true friends, there are more and more leading colleagues, purchasing agents, barber shop Tony, pet shop owners, and even pancake vendors downstairs.

some people don't even have notes.

Wechat no longer seems to be your private domain, but there is an influx of people who intersect with your life.

sometimes, when you look at a three-digit or even four-digit avatar, you can't say a word of greeting.

Don't overestimate your relationship with anyone

there are only one or two people who can chat with each other with the lengthy Wechat communication list.

even friends who used to talk about everything, the frequency of contact has gradually changed from day to month or even year.

this is how adult friendships go and lose all the way.

in the constant alienation to sort out the relationship between each other, do not disturb each other or quietly leave has become the final tacit understanding.

the farewell of adults is always so peaceful, but they know each other very well.

I have seen such a question on Zhihu:

"if a person doesn't reply to your message, should he not send it to him again?"

one of the highly praised answers hit the nail on the head:

"it is impolite to knock on an unopened door all the time. Not replying is a reply in itself."

in many relationships, silence often heralds the end.

my friend Ah he has been with her ex-boyfriend for seven years, from the campus of youth to the beginning of society.

after graduation, Ah he stayed in the first-tier city to work hard, and his ex-boyfriend returned to his hometown to take the civil service exam.

although he is in a different place, Ah he believes that the relationship over the years can support each other.

but did not expect that less than a year, the ex-boyfriend has been tired, often busy, do not reply to the message, do not answer the phone.

after repeated questioning, I learned that the boy had already accepted the blind date arranged by his family.

at the end of the relationship, the two broke up calmly.

worried that the common social circle will bring embarrassment to each other, A he never goes to the classmate reunion, nor does he appear in the situation of possible intersection.

as for how he was doing after that, and whether he was married or not, Ah he had no intention of asking.

since we have chosen to end and do not disturb each other, it is the best way to be well with each other.

the real farewell is silent

the world is impermanent, gathered and scattered innumerably.

you suddenly find that someone's moments have been visible for three days, and someone has deleted you unilaterally.

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people who are familiar with are drifting away, and I can't help feeling a little more sighing and regret.

"good things in the world are not strong, colorful clouds are easy to disperse and glass is brittle". Life is like a pocket, which can only hold a certain number of things.

sometimes two people walk around, and with their different fates, the people around them are bound to change.

one does not ask, one does not say, the intersection fades, and then it breaks up.

in ex 3, Meng Yun and Lin Jia have been in love for five years and have gone through the most difficult period together.

but after Meng Yun's business picked up, Lin Jia broke up.

on the day of the breakup, Lin Jiajin went in and out to get her luggage and walked back and forth from the living room to the bedroom several times, but Meng Yun pretended not to care.

in the end, instead of making a noise or venting, Lin Jia went to the door and said "gone" and gently closed the door.

all leaving with great fanfare is a bluff, and those who really want to leave are always quiet.

some time ago, a colleague invited all members of the same group to drink milk tea at the end of the day, and the atmosphere was cheerful.

but left quietly the next day before everyone arrived, without saying hello.

looking at the neat and empty workstation, I suddenly realized that I was not asking for leave or being late, but that I would never see you again.

just as Sanmao said:

"We left suddenly and we didn't have time to say goodbye. It's all right. We'll never say goodbye. "

the loss of habits is the norm of adult feelings.

I'm glad you could come. I'm not sorry you left

as we come into contact with more and more people in life and work, we need to add countless Wechat friends.

it is normal for some people to stay and others to delete and leave quietly.

people who no longer want to intersect with you choose to take the initiative to launch, in fact, it is also a respect for you, there is no need to bear it in mind.

make good use of "batch deletion" to delete people who are not familiar with or have no reason to exist on a regular basis, so as to simplify and improve the quality of your circle of friends.

Wechat is your private domain, loyal to sharing and being shared, unrelated people will only make you miss the important information you care about.

those who leave, just let him go, and keeping the most intimate relationship is the right choice.

people who are willing to continue to be friends with you will not remain silent all the time.Whether Fang deleted you or not, it is better to sort out the relationship around you first.

every relationship in the world is the same as food, with a date of production and a date of deterioration.

when you get it, you should be happy for its freshness, and when you lose it, you should be calm for its efforts.

Farewell is to meet better. As for those who can't let go, stay in the past.

, congratulations on the cleanliness of yourself in moments. Let's say goodbye to the past and let the future come.