The stupidest thing in human nature: take yourself seriously, take your connections as a big thing, and take the platform as your skill.

The stupidest thing in human nature: take yourself seriously, take your connections as a big thing, and take the platform as your skill.

Without a clear self-awareness, it is easy to go astray.

Wen Qian

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in the Records of the philosopher's words and deeds, someone asked Thales: what is the most difficult thing?

he answered in five words: know yourself.

indeed, the stupid thing we often do in this world is that we don't see ourselves clearly.

take yourself seriously

Mo Yan once said that a person should know his own position, just like a person knows his own face, this is the most sober self-consciousness.

Mo Yan rose to fame and was sought after after winning the Nobel Prize for Literature.

eight years later, Mo Yan returned with his new work "the late ripening Man." in an interview, he said modestly: "after the Nobel Prize, I am not lazy."

Liu Cixin wrote in "three bodies": weakness and ignorance are not obstacles to survival, arrogance is.

people who are too self-righteous, their horizons are confined to one-third of a mu of fields, and they can't see that there are mountains outside the mountains and there are people outside.

those who know how to lower themselves will not be annoyed by arrogance or stand still because of arrogance.

they knew full well that on the steps on which they were standing, there was a group of people in hot pursuit, and a group of people far ahead.

Cui Yongyuan once talked about an experience when he was young in "have something to say".

when he first became the host, he was young and frivolous and instinctively regarded himself as the protagonist on the stage.

I feel that everyone comes to the studio for him, and his words and deeds will influence the audience's joys and sorrows.

as a result, every time he appeared, he dressed up carefully and prepared all kinds of golden sentences in advance to be used to "fight a crowd of scholars."

but in the end, it was found that the audience did not pay so much attention to him, which hit him deeply.

he gradually realized that people did not come to see him, but to see the interviewer.

at the thought of this, he was surprised and quickly adjusted his state of mind to position himself as a supporting role.

in this way, he found the state that the host should have.

the water becomes the sea because it is good, and the mountain becomes its own peak without striving for height.

Don't be arrogant or impetuous, and keep an empty cup mentality in order to be stable and far away on the road of life.

regard networking as a big deal

have seen a joke:

when Sun WuKong first popped out of the stone, he could only play with a group of monkeys; after learning his skills, he could make brothers with the Bull Devil King.

before arriving at Leiyin Temple, he clasped his hands and saluted the Bodhisattva. After becoming a fighting holy Buddha, he sat on an equal footing with the Bodhisattva.

Sun WuKong's story is probably a portrayal of reality: what level you are, you will have what kind of connections.

but many people can't see through this.

they work hard on all kinds of relationships, but in the end they are just a name on the list of others.

they curry favor with big names in various industries, but when they ask for something, they get a lot of closed doors.

this really responds to a rather heartbreaking remark: those who are particularly eager to get to know others are often the last people they want to know.

as the old saying goes, Lingshen is often surrounded by dragons, while Wugao has its own Phoenix habitat.

if you are worthless, no one will care about you in any circle. Only when your value is greater, the magnetic field will be stronger.

recently, a photo of Cao Dewang's wine bureau has become an uproar.

at the Entrepreneur Development Annual meeting Dinner, everyone is busy raising glasses and exchanging business cards, hoping for more friends and more ways.

only Cao Dewang was different and sat down to eat as if there was no one else.

doesn't he need to make some connections and make friends?

No, he just doesn't need to network in this way.

as an influential figure in the business circle, there are countless companies that want to cooperate with Cao Dewang.

as the world's largest supplier of automotive glass, Fuyao has built factories in five states in the United States, and the governor of Ohio personally commended Cao Dewang. Once in an interview, Cao Dewang said bluntly that many governors were his good friends.

he has more connections than you can imagine.

what we often talk about is actually an equal exchange of interests. If you have the ability to hold umbrellas to protect others from the rain, others will pave roads and bridges for you.

there is no need to sigh that human feelings are as thin as paper, which is the essence of communication between people.

if you are as humble as dust, no one will pay attention to you; if you are high, a lot of people will flock to you.

the network is like a net. only when you cultivate yourself and become strong, can you weave the net wider and stronger.

use the platform as a skill

the Washington Post once did a social experiment.

in the subway station, a busker is playing the violin.

he played a world-famous song, and only six people stayed briefly and received a total tip of $32.

but this violinist is no ordinary busker. He is one of the best musicians in the world, Josha Bell.

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two days before the experiment, Josh Bell performed the same music at the Boston Theater, where tickets cost $200 but were still full.

this society is so realistic that when you leave the platform, you are nothing.

but many people always mistakenly regard the success of the platform as their ability.

some people work in the top 500 companies in the world, and when communicating with people, they often say the name of the company, showing a sense of superiority everywhere.

some people work in large Internet companies with generous pay, enjoy all kinds of benefits, and think they can rest easy.

but whether you are a high-ranking manager or a skilled technician, have you ever asked yourself a question:

when you bid farewell to this company and this position, can you find a satisfactory job smoothly?

host Bai Yansong once said: "Let a dog on CCTV every day, you can become a famous dog." But you know, without the stage of CCTV, it may not be long before it will become a country dog. "

at work, what others admire is not you, but the platform behind you.

only those who are strong and sober will rely on the platform to take it to the next level, and they can forget the big platform so that they can be on their own.

recently, there has been frequent news of layoffs from some big Internet companies. In such a cold winter, everyone is worried, but a friend of mine is thinking of resigning.

I hastened to stop him: "other people are worried about layoffs all day, so you'd better turn on the safety bolt yourself."

my friend said disapprovingly, "it doesn't matter, there are always job opportunities."

the reason is that my friend himself is skilled and capable, and he will consult him on technical problems that others cannot solve.

the weak regard the success of the platform as their ability, and the strong regard the platform as a training ground.

in the final analysis, the world is judged by its ability.

when you leave your position, if you can really fight with your own skills, it is the real capital.

there is a Spanish proverb:

"self-knowledge is the rarest knowledge.


without a clear self-awareness, it is easy to go astray.

, correct your mindset, find the right position, and become a better self.

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