There is a kind of bravery called "turning the page".

There is a kind of bravery called "turning the page".

Briskly turn over those misunderstandings and sadness.


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Mo Yan said in "Life and death fatigue":

"the world is like a book, turning the page over. People should look forward and dig less into the past. "

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in reality, we often feel unhappy, mostly because we are trapped by complicated things.

is always pessimistic rumination, remember to forget, calculate the past, it is difficult to escape from negative emotions.

but the more I think about it, the more I can't solve the riddle.

it is better to open your mind, let the past go with the wind, blow away puzzles and grievances, and then generously welcome lightness and happiness.

forget other people's misunderstandings

when I graduated from college, because of a circle of friends, Bing Bing and Xiyuan, who were originally very close, suddenly lost touch with each other.

unexpectedly, as soon as she lay down, she received the news that she had passed the interview, so Xiyuan posted a message to share her feelings on moments.

when Bing Bing saw it, she felt that Xiyuan was deceiving herself. She was obviously prevaricating without rest. The "good night" sentence was perfunctory and didn't care about her mood and situation at all.

the next day, Xiyuan got up early to correct the report and sent it to Bingbing, but there was no thank you, and she didn't even answer the phone.

in this way, Xiyuan felt that Bingbing was unreasonable and vexatious, and Bingbing felt that Xiyuan was hypocritical, and the two had been out of touch for more than 1500 days.

it was not until they attended the roommate's wedding and sat together again that they finally reconciled with each other.

Bing Bing said, "I was too petty at that time. Now I should have let go of my stubbornness and went to you."

Xiyuan wiped her tears and said, "for such a long time, I am just not willing to turn over the indifferent details, but the time I missed makes me the saddest."

most of the time, we are used to clinging to small things, always unwilling and reluctant.

as a result, however, because of entanglement and haggling, I have no choice but to rub shoulders with people who are worth cherishing.

Emerson said: "instead of blindly guessing, it is better to take the initiative to solve this riddle and have an open conversation with friends. It is a lubricant to promote feelings."

Life is in many ways, and everyone will inevitably be misunderstood. If you keep your troubles deep in your heart, it's hard to get real relief.

it is a kind of tenderness to erase unhappiness, and it is also a kind of courage to choose to turn the story.

do not torture yourself because of entanglement, nor resent others because of negativity, but are willing to accept and cherish it in exchange for sincerity.

remember to return the years and leave the misunderstandings to the past so that you can go on well and move forward simply.

Let go of things that cannot be changed

"Hello, sir, I'm sorry, I just looked down to pick up my phone and accidentally hit your car. I'm in the underground parking lot. Please come and take care of it. "

the car parked in the parking space was scraped off the bumper and I was so angry that I was so angry that I didn't wake up.

"it was a nuisance to have a good weekend and just let him mix it up."

my husband changed his clothes, went downstairs to deal with it, contacted the traffic police and insurance, and sent the car to the maintenance station. He will be back in 2 hours.

No anger, no criticism, and brought back my daughter's favorite strawberry:

"get up and clean up quickly. After eating delicious food, we'll go to the playground later."

I thought my travel plan for this day would fall through. When I heard him say this, I suddenly laughed and sighed that it was really a good state of mind not to be disturbed by trouble.

in reality, we are often swayed by many unpleasant things, disrupt our plans and lose interest.

but in fact, things have already happened, instead of getting in a good mood, it is better to turn over this page and not be burdened by annoyance.

have seen such a sentence:

"I hope you stop worrying about the old things that have happened and can't be changed, let alone internal friction, and focus your time and energy on your goals. If the goal is the sun, there is no need to cling to the light of the firefly. "

since some things cannot be changed, learn to "ignore them".

Don't use your own emotions to pay for other people's mistakes, because it's not worth it and it's not worth it.

Ma Dong said: "as time goes by, we will eventually forgive those who have hurt us."

not to care, is a kind of open-minded; to choose to understand, is also a kind of courage.

do not complain because of bad luck, nor get out of control because you can't change it, but dare to forgive other people's mistakes and dredge the inner "congestion".

remember that if you can tolerate other people's mistakes, you can relax your heart, change your way of thinking, and reap happiness.

resentment settled by relief

some time ago, she made an appointment with her best friend Yangyang for dinner, but her husband stood her up.

and because of this, the two almost got divorced.

I was supposed to have hot pot in the evening, but I was already on my way. Yangyang received a phone call:

"my mother's net doesn't work. I can't connect it. The old lady is in a hurry. You can eat first or another day."

hearing her husband say this, her mood changed immediately:

"isn't it just a net? When can't I fix it? Even if you don't help,Why do you always make a mess? "

the more Yangyang thinks about it, the more aggrieved he complains over the phone:

"when decorating, we said we didn't have time to take care of it; when the baby was born, we didn't come and take a look at it."

as a result, he talked more and more and poured out the grievances he had forged with his mother-in-law over the years. My husband finally couldn't stand it and hung up the phone directly. Then he didn't go home for a week.

originally, a very pleasant date, in this way, broke up in discord.

sometimes, what bothers people is not the extra words, but the old debts that are often turned over.

but the rest of my life is still long. If you always hold on to unpleasant things and regurgitate your cud over and over again, you will only make yourself more sad, but you won't get any relief.

Grandma's Quotations says:

"if you have anger and resentment in your heart, just say it, no matter whether it is true or wrong, don't keep it. If you stay for a long time, you will grow in your body."

only squeeze out the "pimple" in the heart, will not often be affected by it, disturb the mood, break the relationship.

you might as well, one thing is one thing, try your best to solve it when you experience it, and change the story decisively after the past, with no grudges, no regrets, no torturing yourself, and no harm to others.

it is wisdom to face problems directly, and courage to choose to forget.

do not accumulate resentment because of silence, nor save grievances because of tolerance, but dare to take the initiative to reconcile with the past and let unhappiness go by.

remember that only by clearing the garbage in your heart regularly can you free up memory for love and pleasure.

there is a sentence in "the Spring breeze is not as good as you":

"you shouldn't be too sober. Let bygones be bygones. You don't have to chew it over and over again. Life is not long, and there are not so many important things. When dawn comes, you make money again."

every day we are experiencing is the youngest day in the rest of our lives, for better or worse, we will never come back.

so, remember some good things and flip over those misunderstandings and sadness.

then, fearless of the past, travel light, with love and expectation, bump into the desired future.