To live through hardship is to live, to live through is to live.

To live through hardship is to live, to live through is to live.

A good life is always so hard, and it is always so hard.

Mr. Yang Jiang said in his speech on the 100th birthday:

"in this materialistic world, life is hard enough."

the ups and downs of the world, the ups and downs of joys and sorrows, a lot of wood, rice, oil and salt trivial, human exchanges of helplessness, and trivial bitterness.

A good life comes out of hardship.

when you see this fact clearly, your heart will be much brighter.

things change, human feelings change, and suffering is the normal state of life.

running around like ants, wearing the stars and the moon, everyone has his own swamp.

in the autumn of 1938, Yang Jiang and her daughter returned to Qian's family, who moved to Shanghai.

without her own room, Yang Jiang could not read openly, otherwise she would seem too out of place with her aunt.

so she borrowed a sewing machine and sewed in a steamy pavilion to make clothes for Qian Zhongshu and Yuan Yuan.

on weekdays, she buys the food at home and washes the clothes of the whole family.

she often dyed bituminous coal into a tattooed face, or made her eyes filled with tears, or blistered by boiling oil, or cut her fingers, but she did not complain.

she used to be a book addict, so it's hard for her not to study all day.

but she has been silently learning to do all the trivial things that daughter-in-law bears in her big family, respecting the old and caressing the young, and being patient with all things.

what is more difficult is that for a period of time, Yang Jiang's unit was forced to suspend operations.

it happens that Qian Zhongshu has just returned to Shanghai and will not be able to find a job for a while. without financial resources, it is difficult for the family to even eat.

at this time, she began to make up lessons for the rich lady, but it was a drop in the bucket, and the family life was still stretched.

as a last resort, Yang Jiang found a substitute in a primary school far from home after several twists and turns. In her spare time, she had to write plays to make a living.

Qian Zhonglu, Qian Zhongshu's cousin, said:

"my sister-in-law is like a tent, covering all the people around her, and she will withstand the wind and rain outside."

each of us stumbles along the road of life.

the world is in a panic, only for a few taels of silver. Whose life is not a chicken feather, not being hammered slowly?

tear apart the true colors of life, and you will find that the adult world is already riddled with holes and vulnerable to a single blow.

Lu Yao said: "in this ordinary world, there is no day is calm."

birth, old age, illness, death, love parting, resentment for a long time, can not ask, can not let go.

which adult has never thought of giving up ten thousand times on a weary night, and then cheered up and clenched his teeth the next morning.

there are no miracles in life. Everyone is collapsing and healing at the same time.

occasionally embarrassed, but also great.

some time ago, my friend called me:

"I really can't make it any longer. I'm so worried about things in the company during the day that I have to take care of young and old when I get home at night. I don't even have a chance to catch my breath."

I believe every adult has encountered such a situation.

Life is actually a protracted game.

Yang Jiang experienced countless ups and downs in the latter half of her life.

she has experienced the years when dark clouds obscured the moon.

when she is over sixty, she does all kinds of rough work all day.

when she was arranged to dig the well, she took off her shoes and socks and shoveled the mud dripping everywhere into one place. On the day the well was drilled, Yang Jiang specially brought a bottle of soju to hold a victory party for everyone.

was arranged to wash the toilet, she used her pen-holding hands to clean the toilet and secretly rejoiced that she had time to read without bowing her head and flattering.

in the face of all kinds of experiences in life, she said, "you can read a book or watch it as a play."

this attitude of being neither humble nor arrogant, and the open-mindedness of sitting on the sidelines, made her through the most difficult years.

it was in this difficult period that I completed the translation of Don Quixote in eight volumes.

I thought the pain had come to an end.

but did not want to leave the despair of life and death, hit her again


when her husband and daughter were seriously ill, she dragged her frail body to and from Beijing Hospital and Xishan, where Qian Yuan was located, to take care of two patients when she was over 80.

then witnessed the death of the daughter and the husband.

Yang Jiang said that everyone will have an extremely difficult time, the pressure of life, the frustration of work, the pressure of study, and the fear of love.

if you get through it, life will suddenly open up; if you can't make it, time will teach you how to shake hands and make peace with them, so don't be afraid.

there are always some unpleasant things in one's life, and the key lies in suffering.

it takes a lot of training to cross the single-log bridge of the college entrance examination.

work hard, and if you want to make achievements, you need to overcome difficulties day after day.

Marriage has to endure, hold hands, grow old together, run-in and understand for a long time.

No one is easier than anyone to live this life, and only one can endure it better than others.

he Yajuan said a paragraph in "on the way to pursuing our dreams, we are all the same":

"now I feel tired and uncomfortable, because you are going uphill, but only downhill."Tired.

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however, if you get through it, you will be full of willows and flowers, and if you bear more than others, you will gain more than others. "

is life hard? Are you tired at work? Are you bored with trifles?

all good lives come through so hard, they all go through it this way.

only when you can endure the hardships of hard work can you get back to life.

like the haggard old fisherman in the Old Man and the Sea, he rowed out to sea briskly on the 85th day, even if he didn't catch a fish for 84 days in a row.

although from day to night and then to dawn, there is still nothing.

but whenever he wants to give up, he always motivates himself: "I can last as long as it lasts."

finally, at his insistence, he succeeded in catching a big fish.

those who can live through life are all people who are willing to cross by themselves.

after watching the death of two relatives, Yang Jiang said:

"Zhong Shu has escaped. I want to escape, too, but where to?" I can't escape at all. I have to stay in the world, clean up the scene, and do my duty. "

she withstood the pain of despair and translated Phaedo in Plato's Dialogue, which is Mr. Yang Jiang's cross-border production, and it is also the first time that she has entered philosophy from the field of literature.

in order to reassure her deceased relatives, she also pays special attention to her body.

in addition to a moderate diet and regular life, he also insists on walking 7000 steps at home every day to cope with loneliness and the erosion of time with a healthy body.

it is hard to imagine that an old man who lives to be a hundred years old can still be so calm and detached from the world after being hit hard by life.

Life is a lonely journey.

there are some things that can only be done by one person, some passes can only be done by one person, and some roads can only be done by one person.

there is always a time when you have to suffer.

if you can't get through it, suffering becomes a threshold; if you can't get through it, it's wealth.

the year Yang Jiang died, I saw a problem on Zhihu:

"have you ever thought that Yang Jiang is neither a saint nor a great man? what makes her touch the hearts of people all over the country?"

there is a high-praise answer at the bottom, which is engraved in my mind:

"Yang Jiang answered us with her life-long behavior: that is to face the suffering of life calmly and calmly."

in fact, there is no skill to live a good life, and the only thing you can do is to endure it slowly, just like her.

when you boil thorns into flowers and sufferings into poems, you will eventually encounter the life you want.

if you meet with the abyss, please believe enough:

Human affairs, as long as the vitality does not die, even if it is temporarily suppressed, there will be a day of rise.

, when you go through all the hardships, the rest of your life will be smooth.