We all like to say fake good night and never really sleep.

We all like to say fake good night and never really sleep.

Staying up late is so addictive.


she told me to stop saying good night to her.

I asked why.

she said, "after that, you still won't sleep."

I know she's unhappy, but every time I say "good night", I think I'll close my phone and close my eyes the next second.

but it's easy to happen something inadvertently late at night.

inadvertently continue chatting,

inadvertently swipe moments,

inadvertently open Masters blabla …

finally unwittingly glanced at the time, one or two o'clock in the morning.

startled and panicked into bed.

when I swore secretly that I must go to bed early late, I suddenly remembered that I said the same thing last night.


she asked me what I was doing staying up at night.

I thought about it very carefully. In fact, I was browsing on moments, watching official accounts, and chatting nonsense.

she asked me again, can't these things be done during the day?

I thought about it and shook my head-- day and night are different worlds.

during the day, the circle of friends is full of links about work, similar delicious scenery, and discussions about the same hot spot.

you can meet a lot of people, but for some reason, your impression of people is so vague that everyone feels the same.

people are polite and positive, expressing their views on their work, making fun of their experiences, and occasionally one or two jokes.

these are so exquisite that I can't help but wonder if they will look like another one.

are they really happy when they send a picture of their work together?

are they sad when they tease the failure?

and only in the middle of the night will you let your guard down.

then I can see clearly who is lost today and who is happy today.

everyone says that people in the middle of the night are very hypocritical.

Yes, it's really hypocritical.

but people late at night are more real than during the day.


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the last time I go to bed this week is three o'clock in the morning.

at that time, I had just finished taking a cold bath and looked out from the balcony. All the lights in the dormitory opposite were turned off and it was dark, except for the 24-hour convenience store downstairs.

I actually enjoy this picture.

it makes me feel like I'm getting along with myself.

every minute of the day is about someone else.

the crowded flow of people on the subway, quarrelling with friends, coming back with the teacher and boss, even if I go to dinner, I have to nag the waiter.

when reviewing during the day, my mind is always distracted.

but staying up late to review is often much more efficient than during the day, and sometimes the later you are, the more you feel that the world is left with only yourself and the books in front of you.

in fact, we rarely get a chance to be quiet alone.

the world is so noisy and fast that during the day, we are always forced to think about what to do next.

only in the middle of the night do we have a chance to get along with ourselves and think about what we have done.


I wonder if you have ever been to a convenience store late at night.

you are the only guest in the store. You take down the coke from the container, quietly go to the clerk, pay for it, and then go out.

the sound of the whole process, only that how much money and "drip", no crowding, no chase, no restlessness, very quiet.

my friend said that his only "way to relax" is to stay up late.

I think that's why many people are addicted to staying up late.

the easiest time in life is late at night.

regardless of the profligacy of the cost, no one forces you to do anything, everything is done inadvertently.

one of my favorite words is: a short escape is actually building up the courage to face it.

staying up late to browse moments or playing games is a brief escape from the complexity of life.

this is the fundamental reason why we like to stay up late-late at night is the last small leeway in the complexity of life.

just don't forget, wake up and keep facing it.

good night.