What is husband and wife? this is the best answer.

What is husband and wife? this is the best answer.

​ is willing to have a pair of people all their lives and snuggle with each other for a lifetime!

what is husband and wife?

some people say that they are two people who quarrel all their lives and are never separated.

it is also said that they are two people who have experienced love and deduce the affection of their relatives.

No matter what you say, husband and wife are actually two separate individuals who become a community with a shared future in the process of seeking common ground while reserving differences and merging with each other.

regardless of poverty, wealth, health or sickness, we all love, cherish and support each other.

from green hair to white head, from weak crown to ancient thin, never give up.

husband and wife are like glue when they are young

some people have divided marriage into three stages. The first stage is the glue within seven or eight years of marriage.

with the remaining temperature of passionate love, with the vision of a better life in the future, such as glue, it is taken for granted.

but it is not easy to do so.

after entering the marriage, all the things in the nature of the couple will be exposed to each other at a glance, and everything that they try to hide when they are in love will eventually be revealed in the marriage.

because the other person is no longer what he or she imagined, acceptance, tolerance and understanding are very important.

friend Ye Ye and her husband Xiaomo have been married for 6 years, but they are still as good as when they were passionately in love.

Ye Ye has a bad temper and often has a temper with Xiao Mo for trifles.

but every time Xiao Mo chooses tolerance, no matter right or wrong, he always tries to make Ye Ye happy.

gradually, Ye Ye also put away his bad brand.

Xiao Mo is usually busy at work, often because of overtime, many important days do not care to spend with Ye Ye.

although Ye Ye is a little lost, she seldom complains. She knows that it is not easy for Xiao Mo to earn money to support her family.

therefore, no matter how late Xiao Mo comes back from work, Ye Ye will turn on the light and wait for Xiao Mo to come back.

A bowl of delicious noodle soup and a cup of hot milk are her warmest concern for Xiaomo.

the ancients said: we can build the same ferry in a hundred years and sleep together in a thousand years.

in the vast sea of people, it is not easy for two people to become husband and wife and become the most intimate and important people in each other's lives.

Marriage is a process of constantly accepting each other's shortcomings, no matter who they are, they all have shortcomings more or less.

as a partner, we should not only see each other's bright spots, but also learn to accept and tolerate each other's shortcomings.

A happy marriage is the truest way to love each other.

even if he is not what he imagined, but if he falls in love, he will have no regrets.

husband and wife share joys and sorrows in middle age

once, I asked a friend, "Why are most marriages between middle-aged couples so difficult?"

the friend said, "but we poor couples feel sadder about everything!"

when you think about it, it does make some sense.

Middle-aged husband and wife, old and young, busy work, not enough money, all kinds of expenses are like invisible mountains on them.

hard work day after day has already squeezed out the feelings between each other, and marriage has become a make-do and make do.

in fact, a healthy relationship between husband and wife is never about living together, but supporting each other and working together.

in the TV series "Thirty", at the end of each episode, there is a short egg story about a family of three.

the wife is the vendor of Fried Baked Scallion Pancake, and the husband is the takeout clerk. They have a lovely and sensible son.

although it is very hard, but very happy.

in one episode, after a day's takeout, the husband, without taking a rest, naturally took over the work in his wife's hands and went out with his wife.

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the two of them talked and laughed, and when they looked at each other, they didn't see the slightest complaint, only love and hope.

they firmly believe that no matter how hard they are, as long as the husband and wife work together, all the difficulties can be overcome.

play, they opened a small shop of their own, and their new home is on the second floor of the store.

they no longer have to live in that small rented house, and life is getting better.

Gorky once said: "Marriage is the combination of two people's spirits, and the purpose is to overcome all the difficulties and hardships of the world together."

it is not easy to run a family. Both husband and wife have unspeakable grievances and grievances, and no one lives more easily than the other.

everyone is fighting for this family, working hard and complaining to each other will only make life more sad.

as partners of each other, we should not only understand each other's difficulties, but also see each other's contributions.

now that we have come together, we should share our joys and sorrows and create happiness together.

after all, only couples who have experienced wind and rain together can really stand the test.

husband and wife are inseparable in their old age

as the saying goes: a young couple is an old companion.

the only relationship in the world that is not related by blood but transcends it is the relationship between husband and wife.

when you are young, whether you help each other or make noise, when you are old, if your partner is still by your side and never gives up, that is the luckiest thing.

in an episode of the Reader, teacher Qiao Zhen once shared his story with his wife Tang Guomei.

since the age of 45, Mr. Qiao has been suffering from severe illness. he has had four cancers alone and has gone from the dead door again and again.

he said:

"what supports me? In addition to faith, there is a person who never gives up on me, takes care of me wholeheartedly and takes good care of me. This person is my wife Tang Guomei. "

in order to take better care of teacher Qiao, Tang Guomei gave up her career and accompanied teacher Qiao to fight against the illness.

every time teacher Qiao gets sick, Tang Guomei insists that she doesn't need a nurse and takes care of everything by herself, including Mr. Qiao's food and drink.

the audience who like teacher Qiao are very grateful to her for taking such good care of teacher Qiao.

but Tang Guomei feels that this is her duty as a wife.

some people say, "between husband and wife, it's easy to call a wife, but it's hard to call an old woman; it's easy to call a husband, but it takes a lifetime to call an old man."

in the noisy and flashy era, the company that never leaves is the most sincere love between husband and wife.

No matter how much romance, it is not as good as consistent companionship.

once saw a group of photos on the Internet, a begging grandfather, bought a cake for his wife's birthday.

my wife was very happy and carefully hugged the cake in her arms.

A sentence made by netizens is particularly moving:

as long as you are around, even if the fate is wandering, never give up.

Little couples who love passionately are sweet, but we envy those old couples who stumble and support each other more.

because that is the real "holding hands and growing old together".

being able to grow old with a loved one is not only a lifetime romance, but also a lifetime agreement.

what does it mean that two people become husband and wife?

in addition to a legal marriage, there is an extra layer of responsibility and obligation.

is a promise to the one you love, and it is also the best appearance of love for thousands of years.

Life is long, and it is a blessing for several generations to be married to a loved one.

in this complicated world, manage a love with smoke and fire, from the beginning of you and me to the end of growing old together.

I think this is the happiest thing in life.

willing, a pair of people for a lifetime, snuggle up to each other for a lifetime!