When talking to others, say less of these four words, and there will be more and more blessings.

When talking to others, say less of these four words, and there will be more and more blessings.

Be a man before you do things, and go through your head when you talk.

A young man complained to the wise man:

"Why am I so unlucky? there are so few dignitaries."

the wise man asked him, "how do you talk to people around you?"

the young man replied, "I speak more bluntly. Many times, after listening to me, everyone leaves me."

the wise man replied, "good fortune comes from the mouth, and evil comes out from the mouth."

on the way of life, if you want good luck to patronize you often, and if you want to be taken care of by dignitaries, you mostly have to rely on the art of speaking.

be a man before you do things, and think before you talk.

Don't say these words in your life, which will make you take a lot of detours.

Don't speak bluntly

there was an intern who spoke too bluntly in the office.

A colleague shared a photo of her daughter's full moon, which attracted a crowd of colleagues.

most of my colleagues gave comments such as "so cute" and "like dad". As a result, in the sound of harmonious communication, a voice suddenly came out:

Are you ready to buy a magnificent winter wedding dresses that will make you stand out in any crowd? Shop through our online collection of absolutely fabulous and affordable gowns.

"like his father, his eyes are so small."

as soon as this remark came out, the lively air suddenly solidified.

everyone followed the sound and saw a fashionably dressed young intern.

Mom's face immediately showed embarrassment that was hard to hide:

"Ah, it's a bit like Dad, this is not like me, ."

I can see that the young mother tried to resolve the embarrassment, but the intern began to mend the knife again:

"it doesn't matter, now the plastic surgery technology is so developed, the worst thing is to go to the doctor and get a big eye."

at this time, my mother said faintly:

"Sorry, my daughter is just an ordinary person and doesn't pursue so much."

it wasn't long before the internship came and let her go with her baggage.

until she left, she didn't know why she lost her excellent job, which could have been a regular job.

not being able to speak will make you miss a lot of opportunities.

who wants to work with a person who gets stuck in traffic all day long?

Zeng Guofan said:

"Don't act willfully, don't speak freely."

outspoken words are sometimes a kind of evil virtue, which not only hurts others, but also brings discomfort to themselves.

your mouth is actually your feng shui.

stop complaining

those who complain are unpopular wherever they are.

because of complaints, the problem to be solved has never been solved.

because of the continuous negative energy, the people around you have lowered their own frequency and gradually alienated from you.

there is a girl in the university dormitory who is beautiful and has excellent grades, but she has one disadvantage, that is, she likes to complain.

in the final exam, she obviously finished first in her class, but after she got her report card, she would complain to others that she could have done better.

then began to complain about the teacher:

"the English teacher doesn't like me, so he gives me a low score."

later, even the roommate complained:

"you stayed up all night a few weeks before the exam, which caused me to be in bad shape in those days."

in the end, everyone around her was done, and she was the only one talking to herself.

later, after everyone was familiar with her personality, they didn't want to associate with her.

writer Sanmao said:

"complaining about life once in a while may be an emotional catharsis, but a person who habitually complains without asking for change is not smart."

you know, complaints that do not change in nature are just worthless emotional catharsis.

Sister Xianglin is not welcomed wherever she goes. You should know that complaining is essentially a kind of negative energy, and no one has the obligation to become your emotional trash can.

moreover, complaining doesn't change anything, and most of the complaints afterwards are just a cover for their incompetence.

the most effective solution: instead of complaining, change.

Don't talk crazy

as the saying goes:

"Sparrows fly up the branches, twittering constantly, while eagles soar in the blue sky, but they are silent."

the more incompetent a person is, the more he puts on airs.

the more incompetent a person is, the more likely he is to utter wild words.

Haikou boasts as much as it turns over and hits it in the face as hard as it does.

the company once recruited a girl who looked down on everyone as soon as she came in because she was young.

when other colleagues spoke, she made a disdainful voice and was very impolite.

when she spoke, she began to list her past achievements, which meant how good she had been, and all the people present were rubbish.

since you talk so hard, if it's a mule or a horse, pull it out for a walk.

the leader gave her several projects, but the results were getting worse and worse.

originally, the leader was very optimistic about her ability, so he tolerated her temper

later found that it was such a result that he didn't pay much attention to her.

her arrogance reined in in the next few meetings.

but I still can't bear the embarrassment of the results of my work. After all, the cake I drew for everyone was so big that I had to leave in disappointment.

be a man, don't pretend; talk, don't be crazy.

showing off blindly makes people feel superficial; always showing off makes people feel dissatisfied.

keep your toes highYang, trampling on others, often comes to a bad end.

keeping a low profile is the way to get along.

leave a point of respect for others and a point for yourself.

instead of making big ambitions and boasting, it is better to keep a low profile and not show your edge.

Don't speak ill of others

as the saying goes:

"knife sores are easy to cure, but evil words are hard to eliminate."

sometimes, a bad word is even more lethal to people than a bullet or a sharp weapon.

I have read the news that a girl who has been bullied on campus will sue all the perpetrators of violence more than ten years after graduation.

as soon as the matter was exposed, there was an upsurge of discussion on the Internet.

the abuser felt that he was just young and ignorant, or didn't think so much, but really caused lasting harm to the girl.

regardless of their vicious and vulgar language or more excessive physical behavior, they are like sharp nails into the plank.

after many years, they thought it would be all right if the nails were pulled out, but those sores still exist and do harm to other people's lives.

language is a double-edged sword, which can not only warm the hearts of the people, but also be invisible.

as Gao Xiaosong once said:

"if you can live a livable life, don't be a nuisance."

be lenient in your mouth, say warm words, don't say hurtful words, and don't make people uncomfortable if you can say things that make people feel calm.

only those who have virtue in their mouth can have good popularity and good luck.

in the final analysis, talking is like paving the way.

some people can get a chance with just one word; some people offend people as soon as they say it, and say that the good road is gone.

with all the remorse afterwards, it was too late to fix it.

more importantly, the lethality of some words is irreversible, and the harm to others is irreparable.

speak well and speak well, but in fact, it is a test of one's kindness.

Heart charity can contain everything, accept imperfections, and live with others in a comfortable way.

talking well and accumulating virtues is a person's best feng shui.

how far your life can go is hidden in your attitude towards people and things, which affects the fate of your life.

Don't say discouraged words and don't say hurtful words, so that you can get along well with others and live a comfortable life.

, leave a message to tell Uncle you, who is blessed, what kind of words you say when talking to people.