When Zhou Xun made his New year's resolution public, 140000 netizens liked it: "if you live like this, you will win!"

When Zhou Xun made his New year's resolution public, 140000 netizens liked it: "if you live like this, you will win!"

Take advantage of the trend of the times, wings forward, wings flying high.

what are the key words flashing through your mind about Zhou Xun?

is it "National Goddess", "three Gold Award Movie Queen" or "Childe Zhou" and "Brother Xun"?

starting at the age of 17, she won the Best Actress at the Paris International Film Festival at 24:00 for "Suzhou Creek" and won both the Golden Horse Award and the Academy Award for "if Love" at the age of 31.

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even if you switch to TV series at the age of 48, you can still show a phenomenal work "meritorious deeds" with a score of 9.1 and Xiaomin's family, which is a hot search in two or three days.

in the environment of the top stars in the entertainment industry, Childe Zhou is still sober, serious in acting, meticulous in his work, not a professional background, but can make every role vivid in front of the audience.

as she said: I am what the director needs me to be.

despite many honors, she kept a low profile and was affectionately called an "ordinary citizen of Zhou" by netizens.

the upright and low-key Childe Zhou looks like the opposite of the entertainment circle, a clear stream that has not been immersed in the culture of the food circle. She devoted herself to her career, only to explain what an "actress" is, and just to be herself.

as she summed up her career on Weibo: put your heart into the play, give the character life, and work hard to achieve the people's brand.

and this brand is highly resonant with Zhou Xun in soul-Wuling.

Wuling Motors announced Zhou Xun as the global brand spokesman in September 2021.

Why can Zhou Xun hold hands with Wuling?

as one of China's top actors, Zhou Xun has appeared on international screens many times, and has been loved by domestic and foreign audiences of different ages, and her international popularity is also evident.

as a national automobile brand born in 1985, Wuling always takes the needs of the people as the driving force of innovation and strives to accompany every family to live a better life.

in the era of comprehensive upgrading of consumption and youth of generation Z become the main force of consumer groups, brand transformation and upgrading and continuous breakthrough are the only way.

together, Wuling's fighting spirit is highly compatible with Prince Zhou, a model worker in the industry, which can not only establish a comprehensive international image, but also convey Wuling's diversity and high quality to the world.

in the early years, people's understanding of Wuling was still "Qiuming Mountain God car", but now it has developed into an all-round enterprise that "leads innovation" in the passenger car and new energy vehicle market.

it is known as the "national brand" by virtue of its excellent product power and reputation performance.

but Wuling's goal is not limited to this, to go global, so that Chinese car brands can shine on the world stage, let the world be convinced by "made in China", is the heart of Wuling.

Zhou Xun grew up from a small stage to a well-known domestic film and television circle to serving as a United Nations goodwill ambassador, she continued to pursue a new life experience, born upward.

Wuling is a car company that knows what it is doing, and Zhou Xun is an actor who knows what he should do.

the temperament of such a fit is the opportunity for them to hold hands.

to present the charm of Chinese intelligence to the world and open up a higher dimension is Wuling's position for its future.

Zhou Xun's international recognition and popularity can be said to be the icing on the cake for Wuling. Wuling is already on its way to go abroad and embrace the world.

Zhou Xun's closet contains numerous coveted awards:

Golden Horse Award, Golden Horse Award, Golden Rooster Award, hundred Flowers Award, Magnolia Award.

and Wuling is not the "best protagonist" in domestic brands?

in September 2020, SAIC GM Wuling became the only automobile enterprise honored by the "National Advanced Collective of Anti-epidemic COVID-19 epidemic".

in the 2020 public welfare ceremony held by Phoenix New Media, Wuling won the "Special Award for Anti-epidemic";

Global rated Wuling as "the most socially responsible car company in 2020";

People's Daily rated Wuling as "Ten successful cases of Social and Economic Digital Transformation in Science and Technology War";

Wuling has also become an excellent case of "industrial poverty alleviation" guided by the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council and the people's Daily.

and so on, a variety of titles, few people know, because Wuling is stylish but not awkward, excellent but not pretentious. Wuling has been booming upward, but it is "bowing its head like an ox."

it always practices the belief that "Wuling will build whatever the people need" and explains in cross-border products that "a mask manufacturer who can't make screw powder is not a good car brand."

Wuling mask "send only but not sell"; Herm è s in the world's top selling Hongguang MINIEV; snail powder; creative snail noodle zongzi.

Wuling seems to be doing its job improperly, but in fact, every cross-border circle steps on the needs of young people.

as always, to meet the needs of the people, always play with the people, in all brands are talking about the "young" environment, Wuling has never derailed.

A younger, fashionable and approachable Wuling is quietly taking shape in people's minds.

from the original unadorned car company, to the countless cross-border "everything can be Wuling", to the new momentum of joining hands with Zhou Xun to move internationally, Wuling has subverted the imagination of the people again and again, constantly moving in the direction of rejuvenation, diversity and globalization.

the coruscating change of Wuling is not just following closely.The trend of youth is also affecting young people.

perhaps young people 10 years ago would have been proud of owning a luxury car, but now it would be trendy to post the Wuling Hongguang MINIEV, which sells for only tens of thousands of dollars on social platforms.

the light of domestic goods Wuling and the national goddess Zhou Xun share the same stage, which is not only a dream shining into reality, but also a picture that young people are happy to see.

to help everyone who pursues their dreams to realize their own value, so that more families enter the era of car ownership ahead of time, Wuling has done it.

the people's Wuling is well deserved.

2022, Wuling released a New year's video and launched a new chapter of "Wuling has you as a tiger adds wings" with Zhou Xun.

the video is full of the atmosphere of the year of the Tiger and the elements of the New year, and it is also integrated with the local characteristics that make people care. The beautiful picture is refreshing with Zhou Xun's natural temperament.

and the last illustration of the year of the Tiger in the video is also very distinctive, and the all-inclusive illustration elements are also worth exploring.

koi, lanterns and coins echo each other, heralding the coming of the New year and the new journey of the New year.

the tiger symbolizes the year of the Tiger, and also symbolizes the majestic "Light of domestic products" Wuling. The golden wings are Wuling's innovative products and countless people who support and trust Wuling. They will jointly promote the expectation of Wuling "Feitian".

Snow flakes and skier skaters mark the coming of the Winter Olympic Games; there are even space stations and rockets soaring in space, symbolizing the future of China's science and technology; iconic urban construction industries such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guilin are suddenly painted, symbolizing China's vigorous development.

the iconic elements of New China are shown incisively and vividly in front of us, which makes us feel the unconcealed national pride.

looking back at Wuling's brilliant achievements over the years, it seems no surprise at all. It tells the needs of different people, achieves what they like, and shows endless possibilities.

the reverie space left by Wuling to the people is infinite.

I believe that Wuling in the future will eventually live up to the expectations of 25 million users and take advantage of the trend of the times to move forward and fly high.